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Twitter feed aren't showing up

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Hi guys,


Lately we've started using CloudFlare, and as soon as we changed the name servers and actived CF for our domain, the Twitter feed stopped working. Well, it's there and all, but it's not showing the latest Tweets (see the attachment).


However, after a long talk with CF (went on for about 13 days) they've insured me, that it hasn't ANYTHING to do with them - and weirdly enough, the problem is still there if we revert everything.


Does anyone have a clue on what can cause this? The feed is rather important for us...


Have a nice day,


25-06-2013 10-11-41.png

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I see there isn´t much support here, should I open a support ticket?

not about this - whmcs are aware of it as it hasn't worked since the start of July (IIRC), so you'll just have to wait for v5.3 which should fix it... though I would guess that it's unlikely to be released this month (assuming the beta hasn't gone to the testers yet).

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  • WHMCS Support Manager
In latest version (5.2.7) fresh installed still doesn´t work am I correct?

The v5.2.6 and 5.2.7 releases addressed specific security concerns only, they were not general bug fix releases. This is currently slated for resolution in the upcoming v5.3 release.

Opening a support ticket would not help in this matter as we are already aware of the issue.

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It seems like a relatively simple item to fix, but then again I don't have to fix it. When can we expect to see 5.3? What ever happened to the commitment to a 6 week update cycle?


I'm sure it is an easy fix if its just some API changes but then again making an entire release just to fix this one minimal thing seems rather pointless (Having everyone upgrade etc...).


Can't wait for 5.3 though, has it gone to beta testers yet?

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I bought this software five months ago and I can't believe the amount of patches that have been released in all this time, and still a simple twitter feed cannot be operational.

Does anyone know if there is more than one -1 hour per week- programmer working in whmcs?

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