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  1. No no no, I totally came up with that on my own, I swear 😜
  2. @brian! there's just one issue with how you're getting the amount of items in the cart - it also grabs any item that you're currently putting in the cart (on the confproduct page) before adding them to the cart. This can be done to get the correct amount: add_hook('ClientAreaSecondaryNavbar', 1, function(MenuItem $secondaryNavbar) { $orderfrm = new WHMCS\OrderForm(); $cartitemcount = $orderfrm->getNumItemsInCart(); $secondaryNavbar->addChild('View Cart', array( 'label' => '', 'uri' => 'cart.php?a=view', 'order' => '0' )) ->setIcon('fa-shopping-cart') ->setBadge($cartitemcount); });
  3. Nevermind. I was wrong about the update dates. We had already updated on April 22nd. We had another issue, and WHMCS took a look at it. One of the supporters made a lot of changes and moved our current installation to a new directory on the exact date we started experiencing issue. I guess there's a possibility something went wrong when he was investigating. The site was completely offline for more than an hour, and sometimes it gave an error where the database connection could not be established. I'm starting to think he may have taken a backup of the database (just in case), done something that messed everything up and imported a backup of the database - but somehow the backup must've not include indexes for that one table.
  4. See this: (72866, 'admin', '2020-04-27 12:46:23', '2020-04-27 12:46:23', 'xx.xx.xxx.xxx', 'xxxxxxxxxxxx', '2020-04-27 12:46:23'), (0, 'admin', '2020-04-27 13:09:24', '2020-04-27 13:09:24', 'xx.xx.xxx.xxx', 'yyyyyyyyyyyy', '2020-04-27 13:09:24'), After logging in on April 27th, I initiated the upgrade. I don't know the exact time, but it was before 12:00. Logging in after this is logged as id 0.
  5. It definately was the update. I don't know how, though. The last visible admin log in WHMCS was a few minutes before upgrading WHMCS.
  6. Figured I would post in this community, despite we've fixed the issue. On 27th of April, we upgraded to WHMCS 7.10.1. I didn't notice anything immediately, but a few days after my boss said the backend had been loading really slow for a couple of days. With that in mind, I started navigating the WHMCS backend, and it was incredibly slow. Loading the front page took between 5-7 seconds. Just today I was able to dump all MySQL trafic and saw something that started like this: UPDATE tbladminlog SET logouttime = lastvisit WHERE adminusername='admin' AND lastvisit < '2020-05.... This ran for seconds. I couldn't reproduce on our other installations. Checking the table, I could see it no longer had any indexes, primary key or AUTO INCREMENT. A lot of rows had id 0. Deleting all rows with id 0 and setting indexes, primary key and auto increment fixed the issue. I'm really interested if anyone else has had this issue?
  7. According to the Eloquent documentation, I would be able to run the refresh() or fresh() function to refresh my database query: https://laravel.com/docs/7.x/eloquent#retrieving-models This doesn't seem to be possible in WHMCS though. Is there any other way to do it?
  8. When will 3.0.3 be released? I can't download it from your client area 🙂
  9. We're also seeing this. WHMCS sees the invoice as paid, but the transaction hasn't been captured in Stripe. Would be nice if WHMCS would share some words about this.
  10. file_put_contents into a file and save as PDF - that's what we do
  11. We thought about that as well. We just need the exported invoice in PDF, not an email with the PDF attached.
  12. It is related to accounting. We could just export them manually but a) it's manual work and b) all of the invoices are exported in the same file.
  13. If that could've been done automatically, yes. We need something that exports every invoice automatically once it's generated. We managed to get it working using curl with COOKIEJAR option set, though.
  14. I'm trying to setup a way to download invoices to a directory as soon as they're generated (and there's no functionality in the API for this), but I'm just stuck. I haven't figured out a way to log in as an admin yet. I need to authenticate as an admin to have access to all invoices, and then call dl.php to get the specific invoice. Has anyone had any success with this before?
  15. In ticket ID #ECE-874862, I reported an issue (last year) and was told that WHMCS requires strict mode disabled.
  16. It still boggles me how WHMCS can't run properly with strict mode enabled. Strict mode just controls how MySQL handles invalid queries. Instead of fixing them, you just advise that strict mode should be disabled. It doesn't feel right.
  17. You can just open the .sql file and copy the SQL for the templates that you need to restore.
  18. The 'six' template will always get overwritten. That's the default template. It's not a bug. Just create a copy of the six template.
  19. Could you paste your entire viewcart.tpl? I've just inserted this: {foreach $products as $num => $product} {if in_array($product.pid, array(1,2))}it's in there!!{/if} {/foreach} And I get the exact same as @brian!
  20. What does your activity log say? Normally, and error would be output in the logs.
  21. @mihai666g I think you misunderstood @brian!. Your code was wrong. By wrapping all of your numbers in one single quote, it's treated as one number - either wrap each number in their own single quote (array('23','32','45')) or don't do it at all (array(23,32,45)). Did you try using the code he pasted? It's not the same as the code you posted.
  22. Wouldn't the easiest solution to just make you entire signature something like this? Hello [FIRSTNAME], Kind regards Name Surname All your base are belong to us LLC. That should work just fine 😄
  23. They don't want to give an estimat publicly. Another company will come and make a lower estimate, a third will make an even lower estimate.
  24. Doesn't it say anything in your website's error_log?
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