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  1. The easiest way would be to set a new due date for the services (like tomorrow) and then generate due invoices for the client on their summary tab.
  2. That's because you're not looping through it. There's a similar request in this thread:
  3. You need to loop through $service_config_options. They are the configurable options for the service.
  4. Did you remove the module from within WHMCS > Settings > Addon Modules?
  5. The customfields needs to be an array of base64 encoded serialized array. For PHP, you would do it like this: 'customfields' => array(base64_encode(serialize(array("1" => "Google"))), base64_encode(serialize(array("1" => "Google")))),
  6. Updates won't make changes to anything but the WHMCS stuff. Everything that's in between the following lines could be changed: ### BEGIN - WHMCS managed rules - DO NOT EDIT BETWEEN WHMCS MARKERS ### ... ### END - WHMCS managed rules - DO NOT EDIT BETWEEN WHMCS MARKERS ### Everything outside of that block won't be changed by updates to WHMCS.
  7. Increase the value for memory_limit in your PHP configuration. You've currently only configured the limit to 32MB. Set it to 128MB.
  8. You don't put .tpl in the $ca->setTemplate() function.
  9. You can modify the hook or ask the module developer to modify it to not return data if the TLD is one that doesn't allow changes to the contact details. Otherwise, you can create a hook that uses JavaScript to remove the Contact Infromation tab.
  10. It's your registrar module that allows the client to access the Contact Information page. The module should not return anything in the _GetContactDetails and _SaveContactDetails for those TLDs.
  11. That's what these fields are for If they weren't meant to provide the user a way to set their name servers once the transfer completed, then what's the point of even having those fields? Which is why it makes sense to set the name servers on a successful transfer. I don't have a problem with this btw. Hexonet did a great job of cleaning up the process and it gave me the idea of implementing the same feature for our own registrar modules. I did, however, have a problem with it a few years back. WHMCS support could not give me any explanation as to why those fields existed and I also didn't get a clear response as to whether the name servers were supposed to be updated automatically or not. It feels like a legacy thing that was never removed. Nobody knows why it's there or what it does. You're also only able to set the name servers once per order which also doesn't make any sense. But hey, if you ask WHMCS today why those fields are on the order formular, they're most likely going to tell you that it's so registrars has the ability to update the name servers after a successful transfer.
  12. You'd think it was supposed to happen automatically but it isn't. I have no idea why WHMCS even allows the customer to enter the name servers when ordering a domain transfer. Hexonet has modified their Ispapi module to allow for a name server change once the domain has been transferred.
  13. I can't believe this has to be said so often but @brian! is no longer active on the forums. You can search for a developer to do the work for you: https://whmcs.community/community/137-service-offers-requests/ - it's most likely going to cost you a few bucks.
  14. I'm know, but that was not my point. There's nothing you or anyone of us can do about it though. It's been a problem for more than a year and WHMCS staff are well aware of it at this point.
  15. It's ModSecurity, There's nothing you can do about it. Except upload the code to a third party service such as Pastebin.
  16. This related to an entirely different issue. What is the exact issue that you're facing?
  17. That is definitely not the case. The WHMCS staff must have misunderstood you. If WHMCS is attempting to charge the client's credit card, it will only charge the due amount - if the client has already paid 5€ of a 20€ invoice, the client is charged 15€. It has been like that ever since I can remember. The credit needs to already be applied on the invoice, though.
  18. Modules on your WHMCS installation can include hooks as well. Check your error logs when those messages appear. They should tell you which script is causing the issue.
  19. It depends on how you're checking. If you're creating a custom page that the user can interact with, you can use CurrentUser. <?php use WHMCS\Authentication\CurrentUser; $currentUser = new CurrentUser; $client = $currentUser->client(); $activeProducts = $client->services->where('status', 'Active'); If you need to use the API, you can use GetClientsProducts: https://developers.whmcs.com/api-reference/getclientsproducts/ I don't think the API has a way to filter by status, though, so you would need to loop through all products to find the active ones.
  20. @Agnel Perez Adding that to your configuration.php file will disable all hooks from loading. It's not something that should be used in production - it's to be used as a way to debug issues. If your website works just fine with all hooks disabled, your issue is located in one of the hooks you use.
  21. That's not normal. Have you made any changes to the admin area? Either in the template or from hooks.
  22. Not sure I follow... That dropdown doesn't do anything unless it's clicked. Does it automatically show the options when you view a page?
  23. Use one of the admin area output hooks: https://developers.whmcs.com/hooks-reference/output/
  24. I think Kian is referring to the fact that the admin already knows the clients' name, email, address, phone number and potentially other personal information. The only way I would ever think of using a module like this is to set a temporary password for the user (if they no longer has access to their email account for example) and then force the user to set a new password after logging in.
  25. The module allows you to specify a password. Not just send a password reset request.
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