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  1. Heya! That's not an error from WHMCS itself, that's an error indicating an error in your PHP configuration. Your php.ini is calling for imagick, but imagick may either not be installed or incorrectly configured. WHMCS does not use or require imagick to be active, so you can either remove it from php.ini or if you use it for other software you can forward this error to your server admin to have imagick/php.ini repaired.
  2. WHMCS William

    PayPal billing error: IPN Handshake invalid

    Typically this will indicate a charset issue, but you've already seen to that. Is this happening on all payments you've attempted, or only subscriptions? Any subscriptions made with the old charset in place will need to be cancelled and re-subscribed. If it's happening for all payments and you've double checked the charset on both ends, I would suggest submitting a ticket to our support desk so we can take a look and get this resolved for you.

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