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  1. You chose to focus on one idea and not the POINT of the original post so here it is in large print to clarify. " Why bother with a template engine anyway? " Try reading ALL of a post.
  2. @WHMCS John I really hope you guys are getting with the trend. The "smarty" thing is about at end-of-life and being the leading web host billing app, you should be caught with deprecated vendor systems. This article titled "Once upon a time there was Smarty!" from WAY back in 2008 was written by a developer who used and wrote a book on the Smarty template technology, yet by the time of the post he had already left it and suggests that it is just a bulky and unnecessary engine. https://hasin.me/2008/01/05/once-upon-a-time-there-was-smarty/ From the article Come on John, get the team up to speed with modernity. I know it would be quite a lot of changes but it is worth the time. Heck I'd even volunteer my time to get it done. Blesta is threatening to steal your flame!
  3. The Banner Manager has become a valuable tool within the CMSE Framework. It will create multi-media and multi-object banners that will stimulate user action Set an image as a background and place a floating layer with text and other HTML elements. Set a video as the banner content and lay a button anywhere on the video. Add multiple banner content types and display randomly per page load to give the sensation of change. Display banners as slideshow. Stimulate user action by placing the contact form widget in a banner item. Banner Edit Banner List
  4. Yes it is worth it. Obviously you don't know how to use JSON. The array is processed once and stored in a reusable variable so there is no excess resource. hundreds of table columns will cause resource drain and lag. It's the key reason WordPress and numerous top website systems use JSON to process data which would otherwise require excessive tables.
  5. It doesn't matter what you want to do programmatically. It can be achieved with hook functions. You don't need to access the core coding.
  6. Use the provided programming hooks and API. No need to hack the core system. See https://developers.whmcs.com/hooks/hook-index/
  7. There only needs to be a single error file with a conditional that output the notice based on the response code. This will help to reduce clutter. Too many files that seem unnecessary. {if http_response_code() eq 404} show 404 message {elseif http_response_code() eq 503} show internal message {/if}
  8. The configoption columns 1 - 24 are a bit of a mess and would certainly serve well as a consolidated json encoded single column. I tested the method and it works well. Of course it would require core code changes, but isn't that all part of delivering efficiency! Example configoptions => json_encode(['config1' => 'value1', 'config2' => 'value2']); therefore eliminating 23 columns and provide a simpler method for implementing future options by simply adding the form fields only and no additional DB column. The same is true for tblpricing.
  9. Not at all unclear. The shortcodes can be used globally in any textarea, so product details can indeed be placed in posts and posts can be placed in product detail pages Place a product in a post or a custom HTML widget [product="7"] - show title, price, add cart button and image if exists [product="7" title="1" image="1"] - show title and image only [product="7" addcart="1" price="1"] - show add cart button and prices. Only the text detail will not be included simply because the title links to the detail page. This image shows the shortcode insert plugin for the TinyMCE editor which makes it easy to place product shortcodes
  10. Yes there are shortcodes for various product data output [title] - the product name [image] - show an image if one is attached [price] - single or 1 month price [priceall] - all price variations [pricetotal] - all price variations including total price + setup fee [addcart] - show add to cart button [group] - show link to product group [text] - show the text detail There is also a shortcode to insert 1 or more products within another product detail page to stimulate purchase based on relativity or other factor. [product="4"] Or a group with basic product values [group="2" product="title,price,addcart"]
  11. Easily insert a dynamic javascript countdown clock to stimulate an action by users. Used to indicate day and time left before a sale or any promotion ends. Can be placed in pages or custom HTML widget. Using the TinyMCE shortcode insert plugin to easily place the code into a post or widget
  12. Easily place contact forms anywhere on any page to stimulate user action. Just place a shortcode string within a post, product detail, category page or custom html widget. [contactform="mail:websitedons.com" department="Billing,Support,Sales" labels="0"] The email parameter is the only requirement. Disable field labels with the value 0. Create select options with a parameter of values separated by commas. The parameter's name is used for the select field label so it can be any text string eg: what do you want="Money,Food,Pleasure"
  13. Not clear why the method is "weird and confusing". Banners are yet another post type and this is the norm for any post type, in that 1 image is entered per post instance. The difference is that the banner type is not displayed as individual pages, hence the need for an output widget which collects data and display as instructed in one or multiple positions/sidebars on one or more pages. The below image shows single instances of banners with separate database row ID within the same banner category. The banner display widget requests an array and output 4 as instructed. This allows the click and impression tracking function to record per banner item. The widget can select banner items from 1 or multiple categories or by specified IDs.
  14. The blocks are responsive. At VW 800px they are arranged vertically and fullwidth. There are some tweaks being added to make the display more distinct, like defined color title bars. We'll probably implement WHMCS methods to make them sortable, AJAX reload, minimize and close.
  15. True. It posed a few challenges that were tabled while other models were being completed. The TinyMce plugin needs to make database connection to gather various data to create selection lists and make it developer friendly to allow a user to add their options. Currently it works to insert objects but it's not extendable. This will soon be implemented and added to the test site.
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