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  1. It turned out that the cPanel newly introduced module mod_evasive cause the problem. By enabling the module modified DOS counts, everything works again. Or, disabling the module do the trick as well. Case closed.
  2. Yes, it works. If you ever want to double check if Hotjar tracking is installed properly, you can try these steps to verify manually which are outlined here: https://help.hotjar.com/hc/en-us/articles/115009509288-Verifying-Installation
  3. Wonderful! Ok, let's hope so. Thanks.
  4. Yes, but nothing happens. Can't see in the console that something is odd. Waiting on their support to act.
  5. Yes, did that several times. However, can't get Hotjar to verify installation. I'll try to reach out to their support.
  6. @inteldigital I'm using the same code, the page layout is not affected now. But I can't get Hotjar to verify it though.
  7. Whatever I do, the code break the layout of the whmcs template. Do you mind sharing the code format you've been using, please?
  8. + I can actually see the Hotjar code in the page source as-well... ?
  9. I'm using the hook as described, now the Hotjar code doesn't break the template page (raw copy of the six template), but - nothing happens with tracking. I can't get the Hotjar code verified at their admin panel. Now, wondering if this hook only fires up when the client is actually logged into client area?
  10. WHMCS support told me that it can't be related to WHMCS. Rather some kind of a server-side issue. Like mod_security, mod_proxy, File/folder ownership etc. I'm gladly accepting any help and suggestions!
  11. Possible! Waiting on the answer from the support. Will update this thread.
  12. Yes, in fact I did a clean install again. Same problem persist from earlier version: 7.5.0. to 7.6.0. Not sure what to do. Maybe I shall ask WHMCS support for help.
  13. PHP issue fixed. But bundles can't be ordered. I hope someone can assist me on this one as I do not see anything strange in error logs.
  14. Yes, I'm working on that part right now. Hopefully its related.
  15. Hello, Need some fast help to solve this unpleasant situation. After a clean 7.6.0. install, trying to order a bundle, from order form directly, or direct link, return this: --- Forbidden You don't have permission to access /cart.php on this server. -OR- You don't have permission to access /index.php on this server. Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. --- Ordering a product from a bundle separately works just fine. Any idea on what can be wrong? System info: WHMCS 7.6.0 / PHP 7.2 (altough WHMCS shows PHP version 5.6.37) Thanks in advance!

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