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  1. @WHMCS John, @WHMCS Nate, @brian! all the other participants in this thread: Work like a charm! Thanks a lot! Case closed.
  2. Good news, thank you a lot! I've rolled back to 7.4.2 in the mean while. I guess it can take a day or two to get this resolved?
  3. @WHMCS John I've already sent the requested WHMCS files to you in PM.
  4. @Remitur Thanks for this info, that is not the case here. No errors in console window, I'm using the default, unchanged WHMCS template.
  5. I'm definitely not the only one with this issue. I remember a while ago, I had a similar issue with a module, then it was just a permission tweak to solve the problem. We are waiting on WHMCS to update us as they have joined this thread.
  6. Well, I'm waiting on WHMCS John as last resort for a resolution. Hopefully he can pull this in the right direction.
  7. Thank you for this suggestion. No change after applied this suggestion. Still 19 seconds to load.
  8. No change, fresh v7.5 installation over the 7.4.2 database with added line per above, returns 19.7 seconds loading.
  9. Update. Installing/upgrading with a full v7.5 WHMCS installation over my v7.4.2 data base, without any third-part addon modules or hooks, gives 19.2 seconds loading of https://www.domain.x/cart.php?a=add&domain=register
  10. If needed, where to submit them? I can't open a support ticket as I'm using a reseller provided WHMCS license.
  11. HINT: A CPU usage goes through the roof every time a https://www.domain.x/cart.php?a=add&domain=register is accessed: CPU Usage 49 / 100 ( 49% ) Can that say something?
  12. Wondering if this performance issues after upgrading to 7.5 should be considered as an issue, bug or similar? Maybe it is something related to server config, but wouldn't the previous WHMCS version have such problems as well? Any idea on how to get WHMCS developers to look into it?
  13. Did that. No change. No options. I guess I'll need to roll back to 7.4.2 instead until this is fixed.

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