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  1. Yeah, I'm aware of that module since before. I think I'll switch over in the near future to it actually. Btw, if using the myworks PayPal billing agreements module, does it inherit the WHMCS PayPal module "limitation" of only sending the payment to PayPal accounts primary email?
  2. WHMCS support responded that "all (WHMCS PayPal module) payments will be sent to the primary email address on the PayPal account. This behavior is by design." Case closed.
  3. Yes, let us see what WHMCS support will answer. I gave them a lot of data in regard to this issue. Will be back.
  4. We misunderstood each other apparently as that doesn't have anything to do with the receivers PayPal account secondary email address. Not the buyers, but the facilitator's secondary email address in the PayPal account. Simply, I can't collect PayPal payments if the WHMCS PayPal module 'PayPal Email' field use the SECONDARY email address.
  5. It's unchecked. But I just can't simulate a successful WHMCS payment to the second email address in business PayPal Sandbox account. Even if the email address is confirmed. Very strange. I know that PayPal CAN accept payment to a secondary email address. Not sure if there's any WHMCS PayPal limitation for that?
  6. Can someone actually confirm that WHMCS PayPal module in live mode WILL work with a NON-Primary PayPal address? ?
  7. Hello, This is one more thing I can't test from PayPal Sandbox facilities. In short: I'm NOT using the "automatically return to website" after payment facilities. That means that customer needs to manually click on the "Return To Merchant" button. If I'm using several email addresses in Paypal for different scripts and business When payment has been done and customer is clicking on the "Return To Merchant" button - will PayPal take customer to latest payment source - OR - will it take him back to the URL assigned in "Website payment preferences >> Auto return for website payments" (alt. at Instant Payment Notifications IPN tab)??? Second Problem arises I guess as PayPal can't have more than ONE IPN, so nevertheless, I need to manually handle all the incoming transactions anyway? In case of such setup, I mean. Do I miss the point? I would really appreciate any suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello, I'm trying to get this setup to work with PayPal Sandbox account, but it seems not accepting payments from WHMCS IF the email address is not the primary one. Sending payments to PayPal sandbox primary email address works as it should. Can someone please confirm that IT IS possible to send a payment from WHMCS through a PayPal module but to a NON-PRIMARY email address in PayPal? Thanks in advance.
  9. It turned out that the cPanel newly introduced module mod_evasive cause the problem. By enabling the module modified DOS counts, everything works again. Or, disabling the module do the trick as well. Case closed.
  10. Yes, it works. If you ever want to double check if Hotjar tracking is installed properly, you can try these steps to verify manually which are outlined here: https://help.hotjar.com/hc/en-us/articles/115009509288-Verifying-Installation
  11. Wonderful! Ok, let's hope so. Thanks.
  12. Yes, but nothing happens. Can't see in the console that something is odd. Waiting on their support to act.
  13. Yes, did that several times. However, can't get Hotjar to verify installation. I'll try to reach out to their support.
  14. @inteldigital I'm using the same code, the page layout is not affected now. But I can't get Hotjar to verify it though.
  15. Whatever I do, the code break the layout of the whmcs template. Do you mind sharing the code format you've been using, please?

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