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Geolocation and Locale Issues

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Indeed a long day.  

WHMCS not responding to locale info from Geolocation hooks -- uploaded the new stuff via ftp, all the files there.

Set config.php there to faithfully do the right things, I guess

$countryToCurrency = array(
    'default' => 'EUR',
    'RO'      => 'RON',
    'GB'      => 'GBP',
    'DE'      => 'EUR',
        // NOTE: You can add more below
$countryToLanguage = array(

    'default' => 'english',
    'GB'      => 'english',
    'US'      => 'english',
    'RO'      => 'romanian',

$countryToTemplate = array(
    'GB'      => 'hanco',
    'default' => 'hanco',
        // NOTE: You can add more below
$templateToLanguage = array(
    'english' => 'hanco',
    'romanian'  => 'hanco',
    'default' => 'hanco',
        // NOTE: You can add more below

Do I need to make different templates for some reason for each language in the config.php?   All other Geo files pristine from the latest 2.2.3 release.

But really, zero locale change happening in private window as guest user ... WHMCS responds fine to  logged in users, all correct that way for language, currency etc ... but that's not really the geoip doing it's thing is it?

Are there any variables for the geolocation I can see?   did the {debug} and $var_dumps on templates, all giving completely the wrong locale (forever thinks we're in the UK, no idea why, all en_GB in smarty, everything).

No clue ... no errors in the activity logs (turned on hooks, sql, php)  ... no console errors ...  geolocation_hook.php loading fine,  just that Geo having no effect.

Suggestions where to look?



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