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Create Random coupon automatically after order

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i'm finding some points to start to understand if possible make to generate from whmcs a coupon code after order payout to send automatically ( for example with cron ) to client that bought a certain hosting product .

The situation would be that client buy a hosting product "A", whmcs create automatically a coupon code ( with autogenerate code ) with some specific options setted ( for example time to use, max uses, expiration date, billing cycles, applies to only some product and so on ... ) then sent it in email template automatically with the cron to the client.



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      Can I change the WHMCS Checkout Flow?
      So WHMCS asks for Domain Name when someone is purchasing a product. I want it to ask the domain name but at last step/after the payment is completed.
      Is it possible to do that? A tutorial or help will be much appreciated.
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      Sorry if this has been asked before but i can seem to find any solution for it!
      I am looking for a way to display a "Network Status" icon/ css on the home page of my website based on the WHMCS network status rss feed (https://portal.whmcs.com/networkstatusrss.php).
      The concept is to have the icon/css auto change when one of the following network issues are opened rather then having to change it manually.
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      Is there any way for me to add a custom product  on WHMCS that only serves the purpose of sending a quote request to me? 
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      Thank you for any advice and assistance. 
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    • By Ardeshir
      WA module will add additional notification for your clients using Whatsapp Messenger. Module source code is unencrypted. Feel free to view and open possibility to self-customize.
      Some notifications which are currently available:
      Login Alert Password Reset Invoice Information Payment Confirmation Payment Reminder & Overdue Notification Invoice Cancellation Service Activation, Suspension, Reactivation and Termination New Client Registration/Greeting Ticket Notification to client and admin/support team Account Anniversary  
      Additional capabilities:
      Notification when Mobile Phone used for notification is offline Reminder to recharge if battery is low Autoreply (if not using WA Business) Separate autoreply message template for unsubscribe keyword Forward incoming message to another Whatsapp number Notification Template can be set for dual language (for local language and general/english)  
      Send Invoice PDF to your client's Whatsapp (optional add-on) API Call to send Whatsapp Message from other application Available in two modes: Realtime (using remote SQL), or Pooling mode (can be used without remote SQL)
      Compatible with WHMCS v7.10, v8.0 and 8.1
      WHMCS Whatsapp Notification Module - Developed By BUANA dotnet

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      Hello 😀
      On my website we avaliable  some test products for X time. The problem is that I'm having a big amount of fake accounts with e-mails like (me1@gmail.com, me2@gmail,com and etc) so I would like to force them to validate the e-mail before be able to do a order. Is there any configuration, module or hook for it?
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