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Ability to specify individual domain contacts

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Hello, I've been a WHMCS customer for 12 years and I'm writing this message to report my discomfort with WHMCS and their lack of interest in correcting the problems.

Basically the domain name registration process at WHMCS is bullshit and the problem is that no one at WHMCS cares.

- It doesn't allow to define different owner/admin/tech contacts to a domain, all must be the same by obligation, why? Simply because WHMCS has decided that it has to be

- We register several domains in one order and all domains must have the same contactID, we force the customer to generate different orders, why? Simply because WHMCS has decided that this is the way it has to be

- We talked to WHMCS at CloudFest, they understand our problem... And even after 3 years! everything still works that badly.

How is it possible that such a basic functionality as domain registration is so obsolete?

How is it possible that after notification by ticket the answer is: This is just the way it is
It doesn't show the slightest interest in escalating the failure and being interested in improving the product.

I'm really outraged. I don't understand how a panel that is supposed to be for a hosting company has such a bad domain registration process? I really don't understand.

How is it possible that after reporting the problem on CloudFest for 3 years in a row, this request is still being ignored?

You're going to tell me that I have to make a feature request... Ok, it's been done, for 3 years now!

I opened a new request (for a different topic) 1 week ago and it's still in moderation...

I'm getting more and more disgusted with this panel...

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Hello @jmginer

Thank you for this thread, I will come back to you with further information in due course, in the mean time, with the topic you have opened is that a feature request topic?

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