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  1. Es porque el estado ingresado es invalido para mexico (segun el registrador)
  2. I can not see your TLD available when ordering cpanel
  3. Nosotros tenemos muchos sitios web, pero el whmcs lo tenemos en otro dominio, especialmente para poder solucionar tu error. Otro Ejemplo de un colega La web : https://www.tuhosting.com.ar/ Su Whmcs : https://www.thsoporte.com/ No tienes ningun problema, solo te falta ordenarte 😉
  4. PUede ser que la consigas, pero simplemente preguntas a whmcs si es legal antes de comprarla.
  5. nada que ver.. Tienes que agregar el dominio como TLD y configurarlo como proveedor EMAIL porqeu no existe proveedor en .ar de dominios, debes registrarlo a mano
  6. si No, nada que ver.. El pago lo tienes que poner a mano tu como administrador eso si esta totalmente automatizado todo mentira
  7. en la configuracion del cliente, puedes marcar separar facturas por servicios, no lo tendras activado ?
  8. New version here: https://gitlab.com/whmcs-proyects/servers/centos-webpanel
  9. yes No, i dont want to remove the link from ticket, as all i had erased from server, its in a backup server, just in case a customer or staff claims for this attachment, will manually look for it.. just in case... Thats why i want to customize this message, looks creepy like my whmcs is broken. 🤷‍♂️ What a pity ! I will look further and write here if i find any solution. 🙋‍♂️
  10. Hi ! we had been using Whmcs for 7 years, so we removed old downloads files from hosting to save space.. we are designers , so we save almost a Tera of space , keeing only attachment from last 12 months. But if a customer tries to open an attachment in ticket from 2016 for example, it gives the error How can i customize this screen, and translate it ?
  11. I found it !!! I dont have to define ["customtype"] = "invoice" only with this lines works !! $postfields["messagename"] = "Nueva Factura Fiscal generada"; $postfields["id"] = (int)$invoiceId;
  12. Hi, I'm needed to send me an email from api, a template defined in the system related to invoices My API code to send emails works well, but only if you use custom variables, such as subject, body, etc. But I want to send an email template that I have in the whmcs According to https://developers.whmcs.com/api-reference/sendemail/ , in order to indicate to the API that the ID = IS ONE INVOICE ID, I must define $ postfields ["customtype"] = "invoice"; Then there I can say: $ postfields ["id"] = (int) $ invoiceId; // here is my id To be able to send the information related to the invoice. But I just define it: ["customtype"] = "invoice" ["messagename"] = "New Tax Invoice generated"; // this is the system template. the api gives error me 1. Answer: Answer: {"result": "error", "message": "A subject is required for a personalized message"} // 2. Answer: {"result": "error", "message": "A body of the message is required for a personalized message"} // I do not want a personalized message or a personalized SUBJECT. I just want to send my messagename (template) I repeat that i dont want to use custommessage , customsubject or customvars. I just want to send the whmcs template related to the invoice. Suggestions?
  13. I have developed the same module but mine is opensource as mautic Cheers !
  14. cuando creas el servicio elijes que el correo de bienvenida plantilla enviar al activar >> https://screenshots.firefox.com/W8gDYDjVYPkyKwXC/www.paneldecliente.com y el servicio se activa acorde al pago en la otra solapa >> https://screenshots.firefox.com/E0WBIWogrR0hsM3v/www.paneldecliente.com
  15. NO entiendo tu pregunta porque esa es una funcionalidad base del whmcs, enviar emails con los datos del hosting cuando el servicio se activa, es automatico. Quizas la diferencia pasa por cuando activas el hosting, si cuando paga el cliente o cuando entra el pedido, eso lo configuras en cada plan de hosting.
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