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Slack Notifications Not Working - Permissions issue?

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I have set up my app on my Slack account, but I noticed the instructions provided at https://docs.whmcs.com/Configuring_Notifications_with_Slack seem to be out of date from Slack's current permission system.  There are now separate permissions for the app and user levels.  I set the permissions for both the app and user to include the three it suggests at the above link, however nothing is coming through to Slack upon triggering the rule.  

I am getting the following error in the Activity Log: 

Notification sending failed for Rule ID 1 - Error: An error occurred: invalid_arguments

Unfortunately it does not tell me which argument(s) is/are invalid.  I have tried using both the App OAuth access token AND the User OAuth access token in the Notifications setup of WHMCS, but I still get the same error regardless.  


I have one notification set up for when a support ticket is created, and another for when the status is changed on a support ticket.  Both rules fail with the same error in the activity log. 


Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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I turned on the module logging and tried fiddling with the app permissions on Slack.  I can seem to get one of two responses in the module log: 





What really confuses me, however, is that both the WHMCS instructions for Slack configuration AND the module log say "chat:write:bot" is a required permission, however it appears this permission no longer exists in Slack.  I can only find chat:write in the drop down list of available values.  



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