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  1. Hi, With the new update to WHMCS for SCA, does WHMCS Stripe Module now use the new checkout or not? I want to enable chargeback protection but it needs the new checkout to use it. Stripe have asked me for contact WHMCS to confirm. Can someone confirm that this is the case or not? Regards, Ben
  2. inteldigital

    Stripe Changes

    Yeah, they are moving far too slow on this. How are we supposed to implement changes 24 hours before SCA goes live?
  3. inteldigital

    Stripe Module - New checkout?

    Indeed, it just seems odd they wouldn't integrate Chargeback Protection with their Payment Intents API. Surely, most business would use the API rather than just the checkout.
  4. inteldigital

    Stripe Changes

    Hi @WHMCS Lawrence, thanks for responding with the official word. Does this mean we'll be able to use Stripe's Chargeback Protection and would this apply when processing payments admin-side through WHMCS? Or would the client have to make the payment themselves?
  5. Hi guys, I'm using WHMCS with the Stripe module. I know it's been said that WHMCS will be making the Stripe module SCA ready in before the deadline, but will it be using the new checkout (https://stripe.com/docs/payments/checkout). We're wanting to implement Stripe's Chargeback Protection, but it uses the new checkout. I'm assuming the Stripe module is using the legacy checkout? Can someone weigh in on this before we make any decisions?
  6. inteldigital

    Stripe Changes

    Thanks for the advice @brian! I'll bare that in mind, but right now, any hope is accepted. If Stripe decide to shut me down for being non-compliant before the release my headaches are only just beginning 🤣🤣🤣
  7. inteldigital

    Stripe Changes

    Hi John, You've taken a lot of headaches and worry away from me. Looking forward to the release, and being compliant!
  8. Hi everyone, I am completely confused as to why a billing software is unable to take part payment for invoices. Has anybody got a good solution to this for card payments captured using Stripe module?
  9. inteldigital

    Stripe Changes

    As an aside to this, and being at risk of hijacking a topic I came in search of (thank you, by the way, I also got the same email) – how do you guys handle compliance within WHMCS using Stripe? Stripe have recently asked us to confirm our PCI compliance, but of course, WHMCS isn't compliant. How do you handle this?
  10. inteldigital

    .uk Inbound Domain Transfers

    No, I agree. I'm sure it could be implemented into WHMCS, but it would never be implemented by WHMCS themselves, I wouldn't think! You may want to have it custom coded. There's a couple of people on this community that do such things, although one would need experience with EPP, I imagine!
  11. inteldigital

    .uk Inbound Domain Transfers

    Interesting. How would you propose this would be implemented? Assuming you'd have to have access to EPP for a start, but then if you're renewing domains through Nominet you'd have to be a member anyway (unless of course you like being financially raped for £80 per domain). But I think this is more of a custom feature, since it's pretty much focusing on the use of Nominet to run through the list of domains in your account with them and list them inside WHMCS. Or am I misunderstanding? When you have automatic handshake acceptance turned on inside your TAG, you get notified by Automaton every time you have an incoming domain anyway, so unless you're having thousands of these come in every day (which is absolutely possible) you will always know what is happening. You could even code some sort of feature that integrates with your emails to log information from Automaton emails, extract the information from them and list them somewhere you can read them in a formatted sense (an google sheet for example).
  12. inteldigital

    .uk Inbound Domain Transfers

    What would be the use case of such a feature? The domains in your WHMCS would all be on your TAG, assuming? Otherwise how are you supposed to control the renewals?
  13. Hi, Whenever I create an invoice for a client manually, the number is in the 2000's (i've set it to increase 25 per created invoice). Whenever a payment is processed for the invoice, the email that is sent out to the client, the "payment receipt", states a different number? For example, I just processed an order for an invoice. The number was 2534, the client paid and I added the payment to clear the invoice balance, the client was sent an email payment receipt for invoice 62? Admin: Just realised I've posted this in the completely wrong section, please move as appropriate.
  14. inteldigital

    PA-DSS Compliance

    Hi, I'm currently processing payments through WHMCS through the Stripe module. Stripe have asked me to verify my PCI-DSS compliance and now I have to fill out an SAQ A-EP 🙂 My question is, have I royally messed up by assuming WHMCS is PA-DSS compliant, or is there a way round this? I know Stripe is PA-DSS compliant but WHMCS doesn't appear to be listed.
  15. Hi, I'm having a really annoying issue (replicated on 2 different browsers). I recently manually added a client to WHMCS, now every time I go to edit a clients profile for example to change their email address or some sort of data, the existing data (Name, Address etc.) is replaced by Javascript to the previously created clients details, so of course I can't then save the profile as all the information would be wrong! What is causing this and how can I remedy it?

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