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We just finished updating the WS Auto Product Upgrade v1.0.1 to work on WHMCS v7.5.x and PHP 7.1 & 7.2

Find out more about WS Auto Product Upgrade for WHMCS

Screenshot: Click Here

Sale Price:
Owned License: $21.99 USD Click Here

Click Here To View All WHMCS Addons By WHMCSServices

Do You Need Custom Development? Click Here

Looking for help with WHMCS?
We also provide WHMCS Themes, WHMCS installation, WHMCS configuration & WHMCS integration services.

Latest Release:
Stripe Balance Widget 1.0.0
Enom DNS Hosting 1.3.3
Bandwidth Graphs 1.5.1
Testimonial 3.2.0
PayPal Advanced Gateway 1.1.1

Coming Soon:
Discount Manager 2.0.0
Intuit Merchant Gateway 1.0.1
Server Monitoring 5.6.1

Our Social Media:
WHMCSServices on Twitter

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    • By Kieran Smith
      Hi All,
      Using WHMCS V7.9.2
      We have a number of our customers setup with card details in Stripe from a previous billing system. I can't see any way to connect those card details to our WHMCS system.
      We really don't want to have to go back to our customers and ask them for their payment details again.
    • By splaquet
      I've been seeing a few processing issues with reporting statuses, on:
       Client > Invoices > Invoice #
      I finally had to double check and compare my local/stipe.com previous 4 weeks data... because it'd be horrible if these statuses were correct!
      here's a few examples of what I've been seeing, on the Transaction History section (bottom of paid invoices).  and these are *all* reporting as being *PAID*.   
      i haven't looked through everything in detail, but they (so far) appear to all be paid.  looks as though the status & descriptions simply aren't matching up in our admin area.  (at least, i hope that's all that it is)
      Date Payment Method Transaction ID Status Description 02/19/2020 15:04                              Credit Card                                                                N/A                        Success Your card has insufficient funds. 02/19/2020 15:04         Credit Card                                               txn_notrealtrxnumber Success Your card has insufficient funds. 02/19/2020 15:04                           Credit Card                                          txn_notrealtrxnumber Success Automatic Payment Attempt  
    • By Kieran Smith
      We've just moved over to using WHMCS as our billing system and we have a number of existing customers who we charge through our Stripe account. I can get their cus_ and pm_ ID's out of Stripe and I would like to be able to add them directly to client records.
      I'm guessing that this has to be done through the database. Looking at our MySQL db, I think that I have to add JSON into the form {"customer":"cus_XXXXXXXXXXX","method":"pm_XXXXXXXXXXXXX"} into  tblcreditcards.card_data
      The JSON appears to have been encrypted as a BLOB . I'm happy writting MySQL queries to inject the data but how do i correctly encrypt the JSON package so that WHMCS will read it correctly.
    • By Web Host Pro
      I'm a little weary with the possibility of auto deleting the VPS servers. Can we disable this so we have to manually terminate any past due accounts? Hopefully with a global settings.
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