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3 hours ago, parneta said:

How can I change domain registrar (registrar module A to B) used for existing domains?

if they're different registrars, then you will have to transfer each of them between registrars - that might cost the equivalent of a renewal fee for each domain, and may also require confirmation by the domain's registrant (e.g your client).

reassigning them in WHMCS is simple enough, but it wouldn't work unless the domains are transferred, e.g reassigning a domain that is currently under eNom to OpenSRS would prevent certain registrar functions working in both the client and admin areas for that domain.

4 hours ago, parneta said:

Manually is very hard because I have many domains.

usually, when a transfer fee is involved, you leave it close to the time of renewal and then make the transfer when the payment has been made by the client... for free transfers, e.g .uk you can do them whenever you like, but they too will still have to be transferred.

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11 hours ago, parneta said:

I want to change the registrar module of A to B for existing domains ordered at WHMCS installation.

if it's two different modules for the same registrar, first you would activate the new registrar module in setup -> products/services -> domain registrars.

then if this was only a few domains, you could change them manually in the client profile -> domains tab and just choose another registrar from the dropdown...


if you have a lot of domains to reassign, then you'd have to use a SQL query to update the database (there's no built-in way to do it that i'm aware of or third party addon either) - obviously, make a backup of the database first before you run any update queries! :idea:

the code will be similar to the thread that you were looking at yesterday - you should just need to replace 'freenom' with the current registrar module name, and 'dottk' with the new registrar module name... if you change one of the domains manually, and then check the values in the tbldomains table, that should give you the correct values to use.

however, if they are modules for different registrars, then what I said originally still applies - just changing the registrar assigned to them in WHMCS doesn't move the domains and won't work.

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