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  1. parneta

    WHMCS Admin menu

    When new design and responsive WHMCS Admin menu?
  2. When you have planned to add a module for OpenSRS SSL Certificates?
  3. parneta

    Change domain registrar

    Thank you! I have updated the registrar using the SQL query following: UPDATE tbldomains SET registrar = 'registrarB' WHERE registrar = 'registrarA';
  4. parneta

    Change domain registrar

    Sorry but you don't understand me. I want to change the registrar module of A to B for existing domains ordered at WHMCS installation.
  5. parneta

    Change domain registrar

    How can I change domain registrar (registrar module A to B) used for existing domains? Manually is very hard because I have many domains.
  6. parneta

    Add new tld domains

    Thank you! The issue is fixed increasing post_max_size and max_input_vars parameters.
  7. With WHMCS 7.5, I cannot add new tld domains at Domains Pricing. Do you have a limit to add new tld domains? I have 125 tld domains added. When I want to add new domain, I get the message as added but I cannot see the domain added to set pricing.
  8. parneta

    Admin menu design

    When you re-design the admin menu with responsive and clean design?
  9. In WHMCS 7.1.0, the spotlight TLDs is not working fine. Please see the image for more details. This issue happens when you select a hosting product and register a domain name, but when you register a domain name only (without hosting product) the spotlight TLD works fine. How I can fix it?
  10. Pete, thank you! thank you! thank you! Adding your outbound rule in web.config, it's has resolved my issues with the domain checker and message box in update WHMCS function. I have afraid with new WHMCS versions, Could I will problems with this outbound rule?
  11. Thanks for your information. I'm agree with you, the issue is not an IIS issue! Many PHP applications runs on Windows servers without issues like Wordpress, phpMyAdmin, etc. I believe that the issue is in my php.ini settings. Can you send me your php.ini to compare it? I will apreciate it!
  12. Thank you for your time. My current server API is CGI/FastCGI and the IIS module is FastCgiModule.
  13. Yes but they tell me that the problem is Windows Server only.
  14. Please see the image, the problem is to search the domain, sportlight TLDs and domain suggestion. The result is null or blank.

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