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Client Area: Display Balance


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Latest WHMCS using stock six template.


When I add {debug} to the top of clientareahome.tpl a new popout displays TONS of great things... I just want to recycle some of these smarty objects. For example, I wish to display client balance that someone would see in the notification area.. more or less..


The $LANG smarty objects seem to work, mostly. The other ones that display %s do not. I just don't understand.






availcreditbaldesc => "You have a credit balance of %s and this will be automatically applied to any..."

youhaveoverdueinvoices => "You have %s Overdue Invoice(s)






Here is a snippet of some example code, that I snagged from the debug popup window.


clientAlerts => Array (5)
 creditCardExpiring => "Your credit card :creditCardType-:creditCardLastFourDigits expires within :da..."
 domainsExpiringSoon => "You have :numberOfDomains domain(s) expiring within the next :days days."
 invoicesUnpaid => "You have :numberOfInvoices unpaid invoice(s). Pay them early for peace of mind."
 invoicesOverdue => "You have :numberOfInvoices overdue invoice(s) with a total balance due of :ba..."
 creditBalance => "You have a credit balance of :creditBalance."


- - - Updated - - -


Do I really need a hook, to display an already existing smarty object that is being loaded? Just seems redundant and inefficient. If the data is already being display...I should just be able to recycle the same {fancy.tag}.




- - - Updated - - -


I did a global search for the one tag, and found something helpful in five template.


{if $clientsstats.incredit}
<div class="alert alert-success">
   <p><strong>{$LANG.availcreditbal}:</strong> {$LANG.availcreditbaldesc|sprintf2:$clientsstats.creditbalance}</p>


I mean, it delivers results.. that's always good! A step into the right direction. So basically, I'm using {$clientsstats.creditbalance} to get the results I desire.




OOOOO I think it just hit me... the period symbol extends the smarty object! That's actually brilliant... :evil:

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just for completeness, and in case you are unaware of the other options, sentq posted a sidebar hook to show the credit balance in the client area...




and if you wanted to show it as a homepage panel...



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