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  1. How do I hide Configurable options on invoice? This 4 year old under consideration isn't true is it? https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/configurable-options-on-invoices
  2. I get it and totally agree. I'm a big fan of Box Billing. If you hired a group of programmers or invested 1,000 worth of programming labor that software would certainly put an even bigger dent into WHMCS marketshare. Have you checked out alternatives to WHMCS? I personally am a big fan of WHMCS but I reckon in about 3 to 4 years it'll have MUCH more competition.
  3. Peep these two link... are they helpful? I don't really understand what you want. https://developers.whmcs.com/themes/sidebars/ https://docs.whmcs.com/Client_Area_Sidebars_Cheatsheet If you are looking to add a single-sign-on button for people to log into cPanel, you may need to purchase an addon from modulesgarden and pay yearly renewal fee to use it.
  4. Be careful with what you say @agentblack or you risk being banned. Honesty is not always best policy. Still, you shouldn't overlook the many great features that have been integrated into WHMCS. There is lot's of great things that I'm grateful for.
  5. Removed by community manager, personal attacks are NOT acceptable. It's true...the new forum screenshot looks impressive!
  6. Does this include source code? Can I edit outbound email template? Is the gift card image itself, able to edited? Do you have trial for product so I can test? Thanks and GL with your sales.
  7. I really like this one: http://www.hardsoftcode.com/product/24/whmcs-seo-manager/documentation I just wish it had a few more options to add to the page, like image support and stuff.
  8. Good question. I desire a person who wants to be #1 affiliate and get fat payouts. Also, people from sites like duolingo.com who can read / convert English into native tongue. Mhmm... what else? Ahh... someone who loves to find all the small flaws in the website.
  9. It should take about 5 - 7 seconds for redirect and complete page load. Here are some possible solutions: • Change host because your (overloaded) server is trash. • Upgrade your internet connection • Use stock template and try another checkout - is it still 20+ seconds? • Remove Paypal as a payment gateway
  10. What did you end up settling on? +1 for serverping -1 for modulegarden b/c pricing is greedy pig
  11. $199 a year or $16.50+ a month is mad expensive. After purchase, and the one year expires... is the module locked up and broken?
  12. ...this dude, making forums from scratch!! checkin' this out right now... Are you able to share with me a trial or something so I can launch up and test it out? Looks cool so far! Do you have an upcoming roadmap of things you plan to integrate? How many more development hours do you think are required to get it 100% perfect>?
  13. How do I make it so that when I transfer a product / service, the emails are also transferred to the appropriate account? So for example, I transfer ownership, goto client and look under Email Tab... missing stuff right? /clientsemails.php?userid=***
  14. When are you gonna post a demo? Screenshots just don't do justice. I'm prepared to spend money but I need to test out things like permalinks, how friendly it plays with Adblocks, what the backend is like, how good the search results are, etc..etc.. Looking forward to more updates! Great progress!!
  15. Maybe your not a fan of the WHMCS Project Management Addon... if so, what is your favorite? Do you just stick with Trello, Basecamp or something similar? Is there another addon for WHMCS that you would recommend?
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