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AlfnyHost: Security Login for WHMCS

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What is Security Login?

Security login adds an additional layer of security to your client area. If the user failed login attempts x times then the user remember his password and successfully login he need to enter a second passcode that will be send to his email this will make sure that the user is him and he is the one trying to login to his account and it's not another guy trying to get the user account.



Why do you need it?

Password can be guessed. So security login gives you additional security to stop guessing the password x times for example you set the security login for 2 failed login attempts and the user try to login to the client area 2 times and failed then the user remember his password and login to the client area the security login will prevent the user from accessing his account and send him a passcode if he enter the passcode he will be redirected to the client area.



How it works?

After activating the security login go to the module settings and configuration also you can edit the email template to suit your needs. Now go to the client area and try to login with a fake password but be sure to use an email that is in use then try to login to the account you will then see the security login page it will send you a passcode that you need to enter so you can get access to the account.



Product Page



Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4


Project Features


Enable/Disable Module

You can enable or disable the module from the module settings


Failed Login Attempts

You can set the number of failed login attempts from the module settings


Passcode Number

You can set the how many number for the passcode from the module settings


Email Template

You can edit the email of the security login form the module email template



The module have English and German language you can translate the module to your language by adding your language to the module language folder


IP and Date

If the security login record any failed login attempts it will send the IP and Date to the account owner



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We just finished updating the security login module to v2.0.0 to work on WHMCS v6. Note that v2.0.0 only support WHMCS v6 or later if you need the module to work on WHMCS v5 you can use security login v1.0



Update module to support WHMCS v6

Fixed small bugs

Updated the templates files for WHMCS v6


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