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WHMCS ended their distributor program

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Hi All

Check where you get your WHMCS licence from as i just got this notice from where i get mine from


Notice - 20th March 2013


Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond LicensePal's control, WHMCS ended their distributor program with immediate effect and therefore we are no longer able to sell WHMCS licenses. We must emphasise WHMCS had no issues with LicensePal's business practices or customer service and we have held a good relationship with them since their program started seven years ago. This move has been driven by WHMCS wanting a direct relationship with clients.


Existing leased license owners will be transitioned into being billed directly by WHMCS over the next month and a half. Between now and 04/15/2013, WHMCS has provided a coupon code that will provide you a 50% discount on your first month of service. To take advantage of this coupon code, visit http://www.whmcs.com/order-now/ and on checkout enter the code 'licensepal50'. A new license key will be provided once the order has been completed and you will need to update your WHMCS installation with it. For all leased licenses still active with us on 1st May 2013, they will automatically become paid licenses at WHMCS and no further action would be required on your part. We will be emailing all existing customers with this information over the course of the next month.


We will continue to offer our range of other software including cPanel/WHM, SolusVM, ClientExec, and much more, at our usual discounted prices with the support you enjoy. In addition, we will continue to offer installation, integration and upgrade services for WHMCS.


If you have any queries, please open a support ticket.


Best regards,


Jay Shah

Managing Director

LicensePal Limited

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I do hope LicensePal are still able to stay strong after the loss of WHMCS business. For those that only require 1 key LicensePal is the go to place.


really hope they rework the way reselling keys work for hosting providers. Hostgator etc have it fine as customers have direct whmcs.com/memebers access.

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dont think this is it as LP sell CP licences. personally i think this may have been a factor in their decision http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1188595 but we can only speculate until an official statement from WHMCS


I agree it is kind of weird though I can think of reason for cPanel to do this: Recoup money invested into WHMCS more quickly, increase revenue so they can invest into "fixing" the problems (lack of support available etc...) among other things.


I don't think we'll ever know even with an official statement though, I assume the most they will say is the same in other words from the LicensePal email (They want a "direct relationship" with clients) so we'll probably all be speculating until time ends :).


Though cPanel does have a different approach directly, primarily dealing with distributors for monthly licenses and doing pre-paid directly etc...


While I can't say for sure but I'd assume WHMCS was a big part of LicensePals business so its sad to see them lose that relationship with WHMCS, hopefully their own product (ArcticDesk) will help them out more :). This is the second product they've lost right? First Kayako ended their relationship / distributor program a couple years back, now WHMCS.

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This is the second product they've lost right? First Kayako ended their relationship / distributor program a couple years back, now WHMCS.


Personally I think Licencepal will struggle as yes losing Kayako was a blow to them, but they would not have sold as many keys as WHMCS (I think this would of been their top seller) ArcticDesk is not yet ready on their site as yet

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Reseller program must still be in the works for ArcticDesk. Maybe LicenseCube was good for LicensePal as if I recall correctly when LicenseCube was launched with all those products LicensePal started to add things themselves (I guess to stay competitive?) - If they didn't do that then where would they be now :).


Then again Blesta v3 is in the works, I assume that will be somewhat popular and looking at the reseller packages its a good profit margin, ArcticDesk will be profitable for them so maybe struggling now but potentially a bright future.

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There's really no need to speculate that cPanel has a hand in this for recouping investment or otherwise. It's purely a business decision to allow WHMCS to support the users of it's software better, and more efficiently, rather than having to direct support through a third party provider further aggravating an end user.


WHMCS is working to improve every aspect of it's product, and providing world class support directly is absolutely one of those aspects.

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an official statement has been released here http://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?70247-WHMCS-to-Discontinue-the-Distributor-Program&p=303871#post303871


i especially like


Eliminating the discounts that distributors were being given, that allowed some users to benefit from the same product at a cheaper price, allows us to invest more into the product development which you will see reflected in the more frequent software releases which we committed to earlier this month alongside the release of our latest update, additional staff and many other goals that we have set ourselves for 2013 & 2014.


Yes i got a discount from Licencepal, but this discount allowed us to pay for the WHMCS live chat Addon, so we may have to discontinue this addon, so WHMCS will still lose out

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Yes i got a discount from Licencepal, but this discount allowed us to pay for the WHMCS live chat Addon, so we may have to discontinue this addon, so WHMCS will still lose out

If your margins are so thin your business would suffer to that degree from the loss of a small discount on the main license fee, your business plan may need to be reviewed. Costs increase, for many aspects of providing hosting, and minor things like this should be planned for. We generally weigh the cost of maintaining monthly leases vs owned versions, and whether or not we prefer direct or distributor pricing and the support either provides. In almost all cases, buying an owned license directly from the creator is the more viable option. It may cost a bit more, but in the end the hassles are fewer, and changes in procedure don't affect you much at all. But that's me. ;)


If this move helps to pay for better support and more frequent/reliable updates to the core software, I applaud the decision. It makes sense from many angles, not the least of which is a more favorable user experience overall.


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Does your year to year working budget not have a fluid amount of around $120 available to use? You are talking about an amount around that value aren't you?


As my costs that the budget is set for have never increased for several years, i removed the extra fluid amount 3 yrs ago when i directed these funds to another project.

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Its not that our margins are thin. I set the budget year to year and these funds are placed in a separate account to cover these expenses

So your business model is to set a rigidly fixed amount of expenditure, and if anything comes up to upset that balance in that fiscal year there's no room to adapt? In my own businesses, there are things that crop up that are unplanned. Servers break, software prices increase, unforeseen needs like printers, external printing costs, postage rate increases and more. To not allow for any of that seems excessively strict, and why I mentioned your business model.

If it works for you to be so inflexible, so be it.


Or were you just blustering against WHMCS for changing their licensing practices and hoping to convince them to change because you would no longer buy that addon?

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I have budget set for each element of my business, such as




business licences (this also includes WHMCS)

office expenses





As no business licences had increased in several years then i diverted the extra float funds elsewhere 3yrs ago and never reinstated this. normally when any of my business licences are going to increase i am usually informed months beforehand, so can re adjust any budgets for when these increase.

I have just finished (last week) doing my budgets for the next fiscal year

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