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  1. WHMCS Chris

    Setup WHMCS on Server that Will Host Accounts

    Hello, Have you submitted a ticket with us so we can take a look? http://www.whmcs.com/get-support Thanks!
  2. WHMCS Chris

    Spam Account Keeps Registering

    Hello, As it's been noted, this particular user is attempting to exercise an old vulnerability that has been corrected for some time now. Unfortunately, without deeper seated solutions, mitigation of this comes at a cost. If you'd like to mitigate this without the below proposed, you can lock sepecific client fields such that the user cannot modify them after registration: http://docs.whmcs.com/Other_Tab#Locked_Client_Profile_Fields This would effectively turn this on for all clients of course. The alternative, would use mod_security which most standard mod_security rules already perform blocks against AES_DECRYPT calls, such as AtomicCorp or TrustWaves. Example: https://www.atomicorp.com/products/products-comparison.html Ultimately, if you're running any sort of web application you should have some level of server side protection enabled. Be it grsec kernels, mod_security, etc I'm going to close the thread at this time to allow this to be the last response for any other individuals experiencing the same problem. If you want to reach out and discuss server level protection a bit more please feel free to send me a PM and I'll be happy to assist.
  3. Hello, This is being caused by EOL versions of PHP and the change in how filter_flag_ipv6 changed in versions newer than PHP 5.3.6. Updating PHP would resolve this.
  4. Hello, This is shown in the ticket view(between the reply box, and the stored replies), highlighted in a light blue. It's only shown if someone selects a related service of course.
  5. Hello, The primary concern is that PHP5.5 deprecates MySQL support (http://www.php.net/manual/en/migration55.deprecated.php). This is a functionality that WHMCS currently relies on.
  6. Looks good - looking forward to checking it out.
  7. WHMCS Chris

    Monthly Lease No Branding - Also hosted?

    Hello, Currently not - we are an installed application. However can recommend a variety of hosting providers that can host this application for you.
  8. WHMCS Chris

    Accessing WHMCS Starts Download Instead of Opens Page

    To me, it sounds like a server side issue with PHP. Are you able to load PHP pages elsewhere?
  9. WHMCS Chris

    Can't modify staff account

    Can you submit a ticket? I'm unable to reproduce this -> please provide your ticket ID as well so i can go in and look for it. Thanks!
  10. WHMCS Chris

    Can't modify staff account

    Hello, There is an administration password you must enter to confirm the action you wish to take is accurate. It is above the submission button.
  11. Hello, I've created a sticky post for this -> http://forums.whmcs.com/showthread.php?81110-Case-3325-v5-2-12-Credit-Cards-not-processing-correctly&p=346230#post346230
  12. Due to a bug in the latest release, there have been a number of users experiencing credit cards not processing correctly when using the weekly retries option. This does not affect users using the attempt only once or attempt captures daily processing options. We expect to release a maintenance update next week which will include a fix, but in the meantime we are providing a hot-fix due to the nature of this issue via the forums to allow you to patch the issue in the current release. Applying the Patch To apply the patch, download this zip file CCWeeklyRetriesFix.zip, unzip and upload the file contained within it to the /includes/ folder of your WHMCS installation. This is applicable only to 5.2.12 If you have been affected by this, and as a result have some invoices which have not been attempted, we have a solution for you to attempt captures on those invoices once you have applied the patch. To do this, navigate to Setup > Automation Settings and in the Process Days Before Due setting, enter a negative value of -1. You can then proceed to attempt captures via the option on the admin homepage and this will attempt to capture due invoices as if it were yesterday. You can repeat this for values of -2, -3, etc... in the Process Days Before Due setting field in order to run the captures for previous days also. Once you're done just remember to set the Process Days Before Due value back to what it was before. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.
  13. WHMCS Chris

    IS WHMCS Support CLOSED?

    Hey guys, Support has this patch readily available. The hold is due to wanting to release another update with a number of maintenance updates as well. We anticipate this next week, however it may change of course. There's another thread that correlates to this issue which we've described how to obtain the patch.

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