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  1. Yes, that's exactly what is going on here and the way WHMCS now works. Don't expect changes this side of the apocalypse.
  2. Well, you need only inspect the bustling 8.3 Beta forums to fill yourself with confidence. They have been there for a whole month, with thousands of visits, but zero bugs reported, so obviously there are none. Thus, throw it out to GA. What could possibly go wrong?
  3. I don't think ResellerClub is anything to do with Oakley Capital, are they not a part of the EIG sh*tshow? But if they were it would be a pretty serious conflict of interest to be offering free WHMCS & cPanel (because if you are WHMCS & cPanel then you can) if you buy their junk hosting.
  4. No, I don't believe that it will. The problem there is not the volume of support requests they have to field, it's an attitude problem which comes from the top. Starting with their self-styled caped crusader "Head of Support". The fish rots from the head.
  5. No, they didn't forget about you at all, they explicitly identified you as a member of a class that was generating little or no revenue for WHMCS and set out to change that. They have admitted that officially in remarks like this from the CEO: You can't just pay occasionally, you have to pay all the time, even if you already bought the product outright. Heaven forbid you should only pay for what you actually get, they want more and more and more. This is what being owned by vulture capitalists gets you. They think they can't lose with that policy, either they continue to receive the same zero dollars per month from you, or you capitulate and pay monthly. I believe that the actual result is they will make less, with the "intermittent access" payers like me refusing to go monthly on principle, and the reputation damage from a lot of disgruntled customers hurting them more widely. You don't want the core of your business enmeshed with a company you can't trust, and you can no longer trust WHMCS.
  6. All we get is spam through ours anyway, tons of it every day 🤬 Enabled the WHMCS captcha for a while (the blue numerals) and it actually got worse, not prepared to use Google reCaptcha spyware product so we have to live with it. It was convenient, but really the best solution is to not use it and code your own. Actually, thinking about it, that extends to the entire product.
  7. It's a fallacy that the number of upvotes or creation date has anything to do with the probability of any given feature request being adopted. Experience has shown that new features are selected based primarily on the affiliate income potential for WHMCS with a sprinkling of random minor tweaks that nobody asked for to make them look like they are providing value. The feature request system is basically there to keep you preoccupied reading/posting/commenting/voting while WHMCS carefully lifts your wallet out of your back pocket, unnoticed.
  8. They don't want to hear your comments, or mine, that's pretty clear. How to say "go and kick rocks" in 1,441 words.
  9. Correct, although if you take the advice of one of the embedded tweets and just search "adobe cancel fee" in your favorite browser you'll find people talking about this all over the place. I don't mean to make this thread about Adobe, just observing that WHMCS seem to be emulating them. "Plunderstorm" indeed 😂
  10. You can find more satisfied Adobe clients here, together with a handy dandy graphic showing how it all works: This is currently trending because evidently Adobe are now charging fat cancelation fees for people to extricate themselves from their software rental scheme. Much talk of piracy in the face of morally bankrupt organizations such as these https://twitter.com/search?q=adobe I suppose I should be happy WHMCS haven't charged me yet, for the privilege of having our owned license made unusable.
  11. You mean you contacted WHMCS about something in their system that didn't work properly and they gave you bad information? I'm shocked. Shocked, I tell you. For what it's worth I had the same outcome when I tried with my domain. Or maybe that's just because our lifetime owned license isn't worth anything any longer 😐
  12. Adobe might be an object lesson for WHMCS. We used to run the full suite of Dreamweaver/Fireworks/Freehand/Flash/etc right back to the early 2000s. Would buy the discounted version upgrade every few years to stay somewhat current. But when Adobe came along they soon decided that wasn't enough for them, they wanted us to update every year and soon came their subscription model to make sure even light users like us were paying all the time. The outcome? We immediately ditched all Adobe products and never paid a dime in subscriptions. I have an old Creative Suite CS4 edition on an old computer if I absolutely must use it (once a year?), but otherwise everything has been easily replaced by a handful of capable and inexpensive Mac apps. I like them better and have never looked back, don't miss any of the Adobe bloatware. They are dead to us. Adobe don't appear to gone out of business as a result of this mistreatment of their long standing, but low-paying, owned license holders but I don't doubt that it has cost them a lot of those users, damaged their reputation for potential new users and greatly fortified the competition.
  13. Me neither 😐. They don't make much out of us, just occasional updates but equally we don't cost them anything either; we don't use WHMCS support because it's utterly worthless. With our owned license we have several choices now: * keep with the current version and stay running PHP 7.2 for ever. Obviously not sustainable, but little alternative for now as our access to updates has been removed without notice. Our install is old enough to not even qualify for security patches. * throw away our owned license and start renting the product we already paid for lifetime access to, cost increase from $0 to $$$$. Except for fixing security shortcomings in their product it doesn't offer anything much for the money, just the aforementioned useless support and some useless features designed to generate more affiliate income for WHMCS. There's nothing in there that reduces our costs or increases our sales. * go somewhere else after ten years. That's a lot of work, but looks like the most likely eventual outcome. I don't know who they think their customers are, but with an economic downturn and this global virus nonsense we're struggling here. Our clients are small businesses that are downsizing, quitting, retiring, going bankrupt. Constant downward price pressure from predatory VC-funded big box hosts, upward pressure on everything else, power, cooling, hardware, labor etc., and apparently billing software. Our prices are lower now than they were 15 years ago when we started and we're still the high-priced player in our space. Show me some other products that cost less now than they did in 2006. Prices to long-term clients stay the same of course, as is customary in this industry, that's one reason we prefer owned licenses as we have little room for 2021 costs when we are charging 2006 prices. I expect we could find more money for WHMCS if they insist, but it's not coming from a big money pile, it's going to come from chopping something else here or at the expense of my kids. And WHMCS doesn't deserve it. We're not going to make sacrifices for a company that actively wants to bleed us of every dollar we have, and then some more. I don't expect a partnership, but I at least want to work with companies that are somewhat on our side, support our cause and treat us with a little care and respect. WHMCS is not such a company.
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