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  1. That's funny, mine still says this: Your PHP version 7.0.24 is supported by WHMCS. Your PHP version is actively supported by PHP for both bug fix and security releases. Which of course is not strictly accurate as since PHP 7.2 stable was released right on time a couple of days ago, PHP 7.0 is now in a "critical fix only" mode and is no longer in active support. Hope WHMCS are enjoying their nap. Added: Oh, I see you're the other side of the dateline from me. So I guess my admin panel, together with everyone else's, will throw a similar warning tomorrow when it gets to be December 3 (2 year anniversary of PHP 7.0 release) over here. Perhaps a warning about unsupported PHP versions being displayed to 100% of users will encourage the release of at least PHP .7.1 support in WHMCS.
  2. WHMCS Cron Job Activity Email

    Yes it is, pretty much worthless. If only they had spent the time they used to stuff their logo in there on considering how to actually make the report more useful to users... Instead we have chase around all over the place to find what got suspended, terminated, cancelled, what failed etc. There was frequently actionable information in the old cron report, now it's just fluff.
  3. You're seeing this as some sort of an oversight on the part of WHMCS, when the lack of current Windows support is actually deliberate policy. They used to support Windows and at some point in the last several years took a decision to cease doing so. It should still work at the moment, does for us, but don't be surprised if you can't get any help with more complex problems as you go on. We own our own equipment and so can't readily switch our WHMCS server to *nix on their whim, but for sure if I was starting out I wouldn't choose a Windows box for WHMCS, as sooner or later you're going to come up against something that doesn't work and you'll be completely on your own. That's fine, there's already too many people in this space.
  4. So when PHP 7.2 stable drops on November 30 we'll be three versions behind the latest. Nice.
  5. Live Chat plugin, recommendation?

    Wasn't that the whole point of the integration with WHMCS? Isn't it just "yet another chat app" without it, or is there some other useful/unique functionality remaining?
  6. life-time license?

    From the perspective you described, there isn't really any difference between monthly and the no longer available perpetual licensing. They both call back to the WHMCS licensing servers, so in the event WHMCS close shop then you are s.o.l. either way. The system is somewhat resilient in that it will survive up to about a week of the licensing system going down completely before it actually fails at your end, so minor network glitches should pass unnoticed.
  7. Not sure why WHMCS would decide to remove useful functionality like that. If a customer has a couple dozen random domains we can convince him to transfer, he's soon going to change his mind if he has to enter them into the cart one at a time. Way too much trouble, he will just leave them where they are. Also after doing a domain search for a transfer domain (i.e. comes back as already registered), switching to the "transfer" tab reloads the page causing the domain name that was entered to be lost and need re-entering. Again makes more work and less likely the client will bother. This doesn't really sound like "a more intuitive and optimised user experience" to me
  8. Regarding New Pricing Model.

    OK, found the feature request thing: https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/stripe-payment-gateway-module That "announcement" from a month ago has about as much substance as the prior offerings, we're working on it, it's in progress, it's a bit difficult, sheesh. You guys are supposed to be software developers, if you actually wanted to it could be written, tested and released by the end of the week. But all we get is more foot dragging.
  9. Regarding New Pricing Model.

    Well I can't think of any other reason why for FIVE years you'd pass over Stripe, one of the most popular payment processors in the US and long ago integrated into pretty much every shopping cart out there, while merrily promoting your own affiliate income based solutions here: http://www.whmcs.com/partners/ I don't know where the Stripe "feature request" is now, the embarrassment that was the feature request system seems to be nowhere to be found these days, but it's good hear that after claiming to be "working on it" for years, you now have actually started working on it. But of course there's no guarantee of when 7.1 might be available, whether Stripe will definitely be it or what might happen to tokenized client data already used with the existing ServerPing Stripe mod, so while it's a bit less vague than previously it's still not much help for planning purposes
  10. Regarding New Pricing Model.

    You would think so, but I believe they will continue to stall on native Stripe support for as long as they can, because they make good affiliate income pushing you towards other solutions while Stripe support just means development hours expended for no financial return. Follow the money. On the plus side, I heard they are soon going to be offering a discount to Plesk users, as they get far fewer features and no new features compared to users of the cPanel integration. The tiered pricing structure is designed to more accurately reflect the value users get from the product.
  11. Stripe support

    Probably because EVO payments offer an affiliate scheme, while Stripe doesn't, so WHMCS make $$$ from referrals. Which is nice for them but, as is often the case, not in the best interests of their users But I wouldn't have any reservations about using the third party integration from jclarke, it's properly supported, frequently updated and free unless you opt for support (which I do, although I don't need it). Better service there than at WHMCS.
  12. Yes, there is a WHMCS V6 compatible version available for download.
  13. This from a long time user perspective. Until fairly recently the Plesk modules were a disaster area with lots of bugs, flawed functionality and complete disinterest on the part of WHMCS when it came to sorting any of this out. That they could not care less is probably not a complete surprise given their current ownership, but they still do promise Plesk integration and so it should work. It's significant that the Plesk module is now written by Plesk/Odin and supplied direct to WHMCS for inclusion in the product, and with that change and some time having passed it does actually appear to finally work as advertised. It's not perfect, nowhere near as comprehensive as the cPanel module and it will take a long time to get things fixed if something does break (because it's not a big priority for Odin and WHMCS simply don't care, they just pass the buck), but for the moment the functionality it does have is fairly bug free. Could be a lot better, but it's OK.
  14. Programmes to compare 2 files

    Beyond Compare for Mac is nowhere near as good as the Windows version; until it is Araxis Merge is a fine choice
  15. Nice job, been using the beta for a few days and pretty happy with it so far. Way more workable on an iPad. I'll throw some feedback into a ticket for you, after I've had a couple of weeks to play around with it, but it's pretty solid as it is. Thanks.

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