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  1. Hilarious that WHMCS think 12 months is "Long Term Support". Compare with Canonical, Microsoft and the like who seem to consider ~10 years to be the LTS standard.
  2. Well that was something I didn't know. After over a decade of simply not using the the ticket search because it was completely useless, suddenly everything is now clear. Another inexplicable design decision brought to you by the geniuses at WHMCS 🤬
  3. The WHMCS contact form is convenient, but garbage 🤬; and we got more spam with the WHMCS captcha than we did without it. Utterly worthless. But it's just an email form, it doesn't actually do anything special, simply delete it and code your own form, or embed a commercial one into a new page or something. Works for us, no more dozens of spam messages every day.
  4. There's just so much wrong with this official WHMCS response that I don't even know where to begin 😡
  5. The pre-generated sales pages work quite well and showed an increase in average sales price for us too. But the rest of MarketConnect's SSL service is an overpriced, unreliable and insecure mess so we ditched it. For a while we used the sales pages and sourced the certificates elsewhere, but WHMCS seem to have killed that possibility somehow so we just get a bunch of errors from that now 😐
  6. That's just my point, they are to blame. There are zero benefits to me from them using ionCube. It's only purpose is to guard WHMCS' crappy source code and as mentioned previously that is not my problem. But they make it my problem, leaving me unable to run a current version of PHP (which is quite shocking) and gives rise to all sorts of other issues with unfixable bugs, undocumented 'features', busted licensing servers and so on. Find a way to protect your IP that doesn't negatively impact your customers, people.
  7. Indeed, WHMS have a habit of making their problem into my problem. Licensing is their problem. From my end I could not care less about their licensing and, to the extent it needs to be there at all, expect it to be completely transparent. But the unsatisfactory reality is that I am impacted by licensing server failures, I am impacted by being forced to use obsolete versions of PHP because of their reliance on ionCube.
  8. Yes, I think what he's asking is a definitive answer as to whether the ending of his leased license will result in disabling of the front end, the back end, or both. If it was me (not that I would be paying WHMCS for a leased license when I already have one I bought outright), I'd be considering a nulled version of the software, run on some old, air-gapped server at my location. That way I could easily check things in the admin, run reports etc for a year or two, before finally lighting my WHMCS install on fire.
  9. Yes, that's exactly what is going on here and the way WHMCS now works. Don't expect changes this side of the apocalypse.
  10. Well, you need only inspect the bustling 8.3 Beta forums to fill yourself with confidence. They have been there for a whole month, with thousands of visits, but zero bugs reported, so obviously there are none. Thus, throw it out to GA. What could possibly go wrong?
  11. I don't think ResellerClub is anything to do with Oakley Capital, are they not a part of the EIG sh*tshow? But if they were it would be a pretty serious conflict of interest to be offering free WHMCS & cPanel (because if you are WHMCS & cPanel then you can) if you buy their junk hosting.
  12. No, I don't believe that it will. The problem there is not the volume of support requests they have to field, it's an attitude problem which comes from the top. Starting with their self-styled caped crusader "Head of Support". The fish rots from the head.
  13. No, they didn't forget about you at all, they explicitly identified you as a member of a class that was generating little or no revenue for WHMCS and set out to change that. They have admitted that officially in remarks like this from the CEO: You can't just pay occasionally, you have to pay all the time, even if you already bought the product outright. Heaven forbid you should only pay for what you actually get, they want more and more and more. This is what being owned by vulture capitalists gets you. They think they can't lose with that policy, either they continue to receive the same zero dollars per month from you, or you capitulate and pay monthly. I believe that the actual result is they will make less, with the "intermittent access" payers like me refusing to go monthly on principle, and the reputation damage from a lot of disgruntled customers hurting them more widely. You don't want the core of your business enmeshed with a company you can't trust, and you can no longer trust WHMCS.
  14. All we get is spam through ours anyway, tons of it every day 🤬 Enabled the WHMCS captcha for a while (the blue numerals) and it actually got worse, not prepared to use Google reCaptcha spyware product so we have to live with it. It was convenient, but really the best solution is to not use it and code your own. Actually, thinking about it, that extends to the entire product.
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