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WHMCS for event ticket sales?

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Slightly out of left field but has anyone used WHMCS for selling tickets to an event or series of events?


We have spare desks in our office that we rent out as hotdesks. These we handle through WHMCS. However, we want to do a weekly 'jelly' where we allocate free desks on a first come, first served basis.


I can create a stock controlled product of say 10 tickets but then I'd have to terminate them at the end of the day and the following week I'd have to create another stock controlled product. Or is there another way?

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I remember, Fixing issues with a whmcs installation that was focused on a less than desirable market - IPTV. Once I realised what it was, I did not do the work! My morals are a little higher than whmcs's (Who forced those rascals over at whmcssmarters to use legit licenses so they can get those piracy dollar dollar bills y'all)  Annnnnyway, They did actually have a 24 hour trial module and I always meant to create one for storage account sales but never got around to it before these price increases and probably never will as I'm changing billing systems. 

So yes, it's possible I assume one would create a hook to kill trial products on the daily cron run as the easiest method , Or you could get a little more adventurous! If you have this new fangled premium support they have launched - you could certainly ask them! I believe they're using the extra money generated from this 3 month warning of a massive price increase to improve support....... so maybe they've hired someone competent already?  Onc thing I'm absolutely sure of - Most of the regulars who helped people here with writing hooks and when they had issues are fed up and have left/are leaving because of the actions of whmcs so getting help in here is a little difficult unfortunately 

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You could use stock control with auto termination / fixed term set to 7 days or however many days you want.  Then when it terminates and if stock control works this way, a spot will become available.   I have not used stock control before, so unsure if once a service terminates if it opens a spot in that product. 

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11 hours ago, UnwilfulExpenditure said:

Very helpful recently Steven! Hoping for the free moderator whmcs license? 😛 

ha, just my nature -- if i got paid just to post here and WHT it would be a good job for me.   😉 (wait i guess i sorta do get paid by my self....hmm) Though, me be no mod here. 


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