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  1. aegisdesign

    Cancelled Domain Renewal Invoice

    Not sure. I've still got it enabled as the redemption period billing is useful. *sigh* Does anyone actually charge for grace period renewals? I've not come across a registrar who does. (ENOM, NetIM don't) Or is it just specific TLDs
  2. aegisdesign

    Cancelled Domain Renewal Invoice

    This new feature needs a rethink. The inability to offer free grace period renewals without the invoices being cancelled is causing us regular headaches and lost customers.
  3. AutoUnblock CSF may be discontinued but the last version is open source so perhaps another developer could pick it up from GK~root.
  4. aegisdesign

    Cancelled Domain Renewal Invoice

    @ScottN Yes. Exactly as you describe. I thought the whole purpose of the feature was to do as you want; to cancel an invoice after the grace period. But, from the response from WHMCS Support it implies a fee is required for this to work as we'd like it.
  5. aegisdesign

    Cancelled Domain Renewal Invoice

    I'm hitting this issue too since 7.5.1. I've got Grace/Redemption handling enabled. The Grace period is set as 30 days and the fee is zero; I'm not charging if someone forgets to renew within the grace period. Invoices are getting cancelled when the domain expires. I have to go in an mark the invoice unpaid. I don't think this feature is working correctly. Surely if I've set a grace period of 30 days, the invoice should remain unpaid for 30 days?
  6. aegisdesign

    integration to sell .se and .nu domains

    One of the things I noticed today on .se domains is that the Additional Domain Fields only seem to be available to edit at ordering for the client or in WHMCS admin. A client can't go in to their domain whois settings and edit the additional fields afterwards. For me, this manifested as a domain we'd transferred in probably back in WHMCS 5.x, which had details at the registrar (we use NetIM) but that weren't showing in WHMCS v7.3 Admin (blank). When the client wanted to transfer out, it failed because of a missing id/vat no and they had no way of editing their details. Or did I miss a client area template change somewhere along the way?
  7. aegisdesign

    v7.2.1 Errors

    Check that your error_reporting really is set to 0. I was getting an Oops error so I explicitly set error_reporting to 0 in configuration.php. However, I was running PHP in php-fpm mode (FastCGI probably has the same problem) and if you look at the phpinfo() output it was ignoring what I had set in configuration.php and also in a local php.ini and using the servers master value of E_ALL! For me, it caused the cart to throw an exception (it passes a null to a foreach) and a couple of 3rd party modules barfed out too. I'm deftly sidestepping the debate as to why WHMCS now throws so many exceptions into the Whoops handler and why their developers haven't spotted their coding errors by running with E_ALL on in development/beta testing to weed out these.
  8. aegisdesign

    Version 7.2 Breaks 3rd Party Support Module Usage

    I had a similar issue on testing the beta. It wasn't until I noticed you had to click the small recycle icon next to the dropdown selecting the rewrite method that it worked. In the beta at least it wasn't writing the .htaccess file when you saved the settings, only when you clicked the icon. I don't know if they fixed this as the .htaccess was already in place when I upgraded my test environment to 7.2.1.
  9. aegisdesign

    Market Connect Prices

    No, it's not just you. I'm UK based also. With potential exchange rate fluctuations it's just not viable for Weebly and SpamExperts. The margins are too tight and in the case of Weebly, you'd be mad as a client not to go direct to them. SSL certs are potentially ok but you can get them cheaper elsewhere and you can sell non-Symantec SSLs which might be a definite requirement if Google pull support for them.
  10. aegisdesign

    Updated to 7.2.1

    Looks like you have the wrong templates. Check you've updated your 'six' theme. If you're using your own theme then you need to modify it to match the changes (quite extensive changes) in 7.2's 'six' theme.
  11. aegisdesign

    Themes for v6 also working for v7?

    To be fair, Github is a relatively recent event if you've been using WHMCS prior to v6. I speak from experience of diff'ing and merging templates from v3 onwards and trying to glean from the release notes what has changed and how it relates to your custom theme branch. When I started, my theme was quite different to the one provided by WHMCS but over the years, having to merge changes into your design, you end up not diverging too much or you're spending days doing an update. IMHO, it'd be much easier if there was a base parent theme for the release and custom themes were merely overrides like Wordpress does child themes or Prestashop does it's themes. ie. you have a support/templates/base/ folder and a support/templates/my_custom_theme folder WHMCS then looks for say header.tpl in my_custom_theme and if there is none, gets it from base. That way, if the auto-updater updates templates, you get the new template updates in base but your custom changes are still used. For a long time WHMCS was stuck on a really old version of bootstrap which meant the themes were using old bootstrap syntax. Merging it in with a site design based on an up to date version was a nightmare.
  12. aegisdesign

    VATMOSS & EU VAT changes

    Thanks brian! I'm not sure that thread answers it but yes, WHMCS Ltd are in the same situation whereby they're selling digital goods into other EU states and will have to change their accounting to comply. I'm VAT registered so I'm just going to have to suck up the extra admin for MOSS but this just seems to be likely to kill off small hosting companies, enforce VAT registration or at least stop them selling intra-EU.
  13. aegisdesign

    VATMOSS & EU VAT changes

    I'm wondering how WHMCS or anyone else is dealing with the changes in intra-EU sales coming in to force in January 2015? The change is that instead of charging VAT at the rate of the seller's country, it's at the buyer's country. There is no threshold so if a UK company selling hosting to someone in the EU is not VAT registered they will have to charge VAT to other EU states, account for it and submit accounts to every country in the EU they make a sale into. Or, in the UK at least you have to register for VAT, sign up with MOSS (Mini One Stop Shop) and submit EU VAT returns to MOSS and they sort out paying each country. You can read a very good summary about it from a UK perspective at http://rachelandrew.co.uk/archives/2014/11/25/how-small-companies-and-freelancers-can-deal-with-the-vatmoss-eu-vat-changes/ Presumably this requires quite a change in WHMCS in how VAT rates are applied at checkout, how sales tax reports are generated and in retaining data on the purchaser for the 10 years mandated by the change in law. And yes, before someone says it, it's utterly ridiculous for small businesses and freelancers.
  14. aegisdesign

    Admin summary ajax not working

    We had this also. In order to get the System Overview widget to appear we had to also enable the Orders Overview widget. I didn't dig much further but I would guess the javascript isn't getting loaded unless the Orders graph is loaded first. For us it's ok but I imagine other companies might not want their pure support staff looking at the orders stats.
  15. I use the Bootstrap based default theme mixed in with the older Portal theme and my own custom bits. Most of the files other than the header/footer work just fine copied into Portal so you get much nicer Bootstrap style forms, the Portal style client area and not the awful default theme client area and navbar. I am however about to entirely switch to a custom theme based on the Bootstrap 3 based code that Shaun Reitan is maintaining at https://github.com/ShaunR/template-bootstrap & https://github.com/ShaunR/orderform-bootstrap and would encourage others to do so. For that matter it would be great if WHMCS Ltd also switched to use ShaunR's work since there Bootstrap Default is years out of date.

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