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  1. ionCube24 might give you some better error reporting than standard IonCube. Also of course check if you've an error_log as that might give you a clue as to why PHP_FPM is disappearing.
  2. I personally don't mind the Twenty-One theme. It's too basic for an out-of-the-box install perhaps but that's good. It's easier to customise than Six. Child theming, is going to be a massive time saver. Glad to see the back of Six and BS3. But yes, how many times have we asked for a roadmap.
  3. Which version of PHP? Also check which version of Ioncube loader you're running. I've had similar errors with other software where the ioncube loader hadn't been upgraded but the user had moved to PHP 7.4. It worked fine on earlier versions of PHP or when they upgraded ioncube.
  4. They *HAVE* learnt from Wordpress. The new child theming system is lifted almost identically from how Wordpress does it. You have a main theme and your custom mods are done in the child theme. It's what we asked for 7 years ago. https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/whmcs-child-themes-in-wordpress-style-to-make-upgrades-less-work
  5. Be still my beating heart. WHMCS 8.1 beta just arrived with Bootstrap 4 support and child theme support. Downloading now.
  6. That gives them a day for discussing implementation with customers & developers, alpha builds etc. I'm intrigued at how they're going to implement it without breaking compatibility with existing themes and modules.
  7. We'll see. I'm trying to be optimistic. It's difficult in these times of pandemics, brexit and opaque WHMCS development. Hopefully it'll arrive alongisde Blesta adding Bootstrap 4 support (it's in their v5.0 beta sprints) so I don't have to get my head around using two different versions of Bootstrap finally..
  8. Update: Bootstrap 4 support coming in WHMCS 8.1. https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/bootstrap-4-support#comment-20785
  9. Have you updated your Antler template? There's been a few releases for 8.x compatibility. https://themeforest.net/item/antler-hosting-provider-whmcs-template/23139614
  10. 20 minutes? It's 120 seconds in modules/widgets/Badges.php. It's not changed in v8. You can edit that as it's not encrypted. The cached data is stored in tbltransientdata with an expiry date. I've not tested this but I would guess changing these two variables would help for you. protected $cache = true; protected $cacheExpiry = 120; Maybe just setting $cache to false.
  11. It's always done that. It does it in v7. Clearing the module queue doesn't invalidate the cached badge on the dashboard.
  12. Now they've said it in terms of v8. 🙁 Edit: They have mentioned a new admin theme though in the blog post their original v8 tweet referred to.
  13. Mentioned that myself already. You can lay a lot of idiocy on the British (I'm British), especially lately, but I'm not sure that design pattern is collectively our fault. 😀
  14. 7.10 introduced price sync with domain registrars but unless I'm missing something, there's no automatic update for existing prices for renewals. This was first requested as a feature 7 years ago - https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/bulk-auto-recalculate-option and you currently have to work around the issue with a hook or use a 3rd party addon - https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/4017-auto-recalculate-prices Nerdle's ENOM price sync used to also do automatic renewal price updates also.
  15. Would love to see an overhaul of themes so that we're not stuck with an old version of Bootstrap. Ideally, removing the dependency entirely so you can switch in something other than Bootstrap should you wish to. Also child themes ala Wordpress so upgrades can be done to a main theme but custom changes are isolated. An easy way to create and edit custom pages. Ability to edit and re-order the menu in the client area. Splitting of updates to WHMCS into streams for security updates and feature updates. Better responsive mobile layout in the admin area. Consistent use of OBVIOUS buttons & links in the client area. The number of times I've had to explain to clients they can click on the line in the table, anywhere, but no don't click on the URL...
  16. You don't trust your programmers? Find better programmers and/or nail them to a contract.
  17. Current v7 releases as per discussions in the place where feature requests go to die.
  18. Bearing in mind the dev teams current view that sticking with Bootstrap v3 is fine (it's not) and that everything is templated (it's not), it would seem unlikely we're going to see new themes before WHMCS v8. Hopefully they're addressing theming fully in v8 (child themes, de-coupling their code from specific frameworks, publishing their SASS/LESS and uncombined JS source on github etc...) making life easier for 3rd party theme designers. It'll be disappointing if we're still stuck with Bootstrap v3, untemplated output stuck in encrypted code and monolithic themes. And if they are doing those in v8, some decent forewarning to prepare would be useful.
  19. Check that the correct card payment template, css and javascript is being loaded. I had a similar report and the client's browser was loading the old cached javascript file. Getting them to clear their browser cache resulted in the new card payment template being displayed.
  20. IIRC it will only appear if the client has active hosting accounts. Try logging in as a client with active accounts.
  21. Try switching debug mode on in the admin screen before a search. A successful result should have the source of the CSF web page in the debug text area and in that should also be the IP you're searching for. Check you've got the required curl modules installed in EasyApache if you've no output there although IIRC it throws an error if curl isn't working.
  22. At the moment, the ServerPing module seems to work if you're not using CXS. There's one possible, if somewhat unlikely scenario where it won't unblock. That being that if your client's IP is on ConfigServer's blocklist AND you have IP reputation blocking on in the firewall (CSF). And if you're not running cxs, there's no way to remove your client's IP from that blocklist. The removal has to come from the IP from the server that added the client's IP to the blocklist. Admittedly, you may think that's a good idea still as if your client was blocked on someone else's server, you might not want them on yours but it might also block people using VPNs or recycled IPs from mobile users. Some of the other modules stopped working when cPanel deprecated and removed the XML API access in v74 btw, which is a pity as I much preferred the GK_root AutoUnblock module. The ServerPing module uses JSON.
  23. Part of the problem with this and other unblockers is that if you run ConfigServer's exploit scanner, cxs, it has a new-ish feature which reports the IP back to ConfigServer. It then ends up on their bad IP reputation list. These plugins remove the local block but if you have the reputation block list setting on it remains blocked in that. It therefore looks to be unblocked in the client area and admin as it's been removed from csf.deny but remains blocked in iptables as part of one of the CXS_ chains. You have to manually remove it from iptables or use the cxs --Rremove to remove it from their list. It takes about 10 minutes to repopulate. It's a pity but at the moment it's a choice between these plugins working or the more secure IP reputation blocking.
  24. I'm doing a bit of digging into the various unblocking modules. I used to use the GKroot AutounblockCSF module. It was reliable for years for me. I think, looking at the code it stopped working when cPanel deprecated support for their XMLAPI PHP interface using XML in cPanel 74. The API is still there using JSON so I'm having a look at reinstating that module using JSON instead of XML. How long the JSON interface exists I wouldn't like to speculate. The ServerPing module uses the JSON XMLAPI interface also but I can't get to work reliably. Often it just seems to remove the entry from csf.deny but not from the firewall giving the impression to the user it's unblocked when it isn't. Restarting csf/lfd manually usually gets it working again. I'm not sure if it's because I'm using clustered CSF. But in any case, being able to email in to unblock@ with AutoUnblockCSF is a feature I quite like and my customers appreciate so I'm back looking at the GKroot module. The other possibility I looked at for these modules not working is that they use http authentication. I don't know, yet, if that is being stripped by cPanel's PHP-FPM. I've had this before with customers running REST API access to Wordpress, Magento etc. You have to enable pass through for the headers with a custom httpd conf file.
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