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owsAdmin - WHMCS Area Template

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owsAdmin is a template for WHMCS Admin Area using the latest CSS3 techniques, with clean layout and professional style. This theme is ready to get a WHMCS Admin Area up an running out of the box.





Multilevel Drop Down Main Menu - Horizontal Sub Page Navigation - Redesign My Notes Popup Box - Intelligent Search - Cross browser compatible - Fluid Grid layout based on 960.gs technic - Styled form elements.


Home Page Features:


Fancy Boxes Statistics - Styled up to 10 latest Support Tickets Tabs with: (Open, Answered, Customer-Reply, On Hold and In Progress)

Redesign Tabs with: (Recent Activity, Recent User Activity, Upcoming Accounts Renewals - Credits goes to Sparky, Upcoming Domains Renewals - Credits goes to Sparky, To-Do List and Network Status.)


You are welcome to post your feedback for any improvements.


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zoilodiaz - Client area template is something that 90% of the users are integrate the interface with the current style of their main website. From the WHMCS team to some users here can do this for you. Now If you are looking for a custom solution and you need my services then you may contact with me.

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Where can I buy this? And is it easy to install? Thanks, Dave


Very easy to install.


Love the quality of this so much I have already hired him for something else. Will be looking to this person when I change my client side as well.

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Changelog for owsAdmin Template v1.2


Added - Styled Login and Logout pages*. - Optional

Added - Browser page favorite links and option to add new links.

Added - Scroll to Top feature.

Added - View more link from the loving Support Tickets Module.

Added - Home Page Graphics Reports Module"Monthly Signups - Monthly New Orders Income - Monthly Income"

Updated - Main menu grouped some links for less scrolling.

Fixed - Addons page with multiple addons enable, horizontal menu alignment cut-off.


* According to Matt: "There might be issues with the license validation in customizing the admin login page. It could also introduce security issues so it is not something we would ever recommend or allow/endorse."

If you are using a strong password and you have already deferent admin path I believe there is not such and issue, also license validation works fine. But use it on your own risk.

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It's the best WHMCS admin template I have seen and the support from the developer is unbelievable.


I purchased it and requested couple of new features, I got immediate responses and implemented right after.


Highly recommended!!!

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I prurchased this and installed this and then i asked Alex if the whozonline mod widget i had working on the v4 template could work with his template.


Alex asked for the mod files and them implemented the widget into the homepage/tpl of his template to get this working.


so Thank you again Alex.

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I'm finding it hard to find anything to improve on this.


However, one thing I would like: In the header. either above or below the 'Pending Orders' 'Overdue Invoices' and 'Tickets Waiting Reply' box, it would be great if you displayed "Todays Income"


It's the only real reason I would ever frequent the Admin Home Page and to have it in the header would be awesome.



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i bought this template but i think there is a small issue with it: when a Support Operator (not a sales operator) is logged in, he can see a lot of stuff he shouldn't see:

- upcoming account renewals

- upcoming domain renewals

- orders summary

- etc


i don't think a support operator should see all this, in this moment i can't use this template for this reason.

maybe the developer should "repair" this small issue

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