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  1. Hello, i have this problem which i think appeared after the upgrade from WHMCS v7 to v8: i have a hook at /includes/hooks/invoice_date.php that modifies the final invoice date to be the actual time of marking the invoice paid, instead of the proforma generation date: <?php function proformainvoicepaiddate($vars) { $invoiceid=$vars["invoiceid"]; update_query("tblinvoices",array("date"=>"now()"),array("id"=>$invoiceid)); } add_hook("InvoicePaid",0,"proformainvoicepaiddate",""); ?> The hook works but it's getting triggered after the PDF invoice email is sent to the client. So the WHMCS sends the email to the client, then the hook runs. The client gets the invoice with the wrong date (the proforma first generation date) and only after this, the hook changes the date on the final invoice. This way in WHMCS i get one date for the final invoice and the client receives an email with a different date for the same invoice. This is illegal in my country. Can you please help me find a workaround for this, i mean getting the hook triggered before the email is sent to the customer? I know now there is a hook-point called EmailPreSend that runs prior to any templated email being sent but i don't know how to implement it, i am not a PHP programmer. https://developers.whmcs.com/hooks-reference/everything-else/#emailpresend Any help here, please? Thanks.
  2. Hi Brian. Nice work! Can you also include the number of active clients and the number of active services to that hook? Thanks.
  3. well, the WHMCS logo fooled me. I thought the module was from WHMCS or at least recommended by WHMCS.
  4. Yes, I am using v7.x. Changing NameSpinning to Standard Whois solved the problem. The NameSpinning was selected because it says "Recommended". 🙂 thanks Brian.
  5. Hello, i tried with whois.nic.pro and whois.afilias.net, both in the whmcs/includes/whoisservers.php and whmcs/resources/domains/dist.whois.json The same problem, in the WHMCS admin area i have "The domain pieseauto.pro is already registered" In the client area side I have: "Congratulations! pieseauto.pro is available!"
  6. Hello, today one of our customers ordere a .pro domain name from our website. The domain appeared to be available and if i do a search on the whmcs client side it still shows as available. In fact the domain name was already registered. The WHMCS admin site whois shows the correct status but the client side shows wrong status. Anybody knows how to solve this? Thanks.
  7. ok, i got the variables i need, i think it's $productinfo.name and $productinfo.description now what i have done looks like this: {if $filename eq "cart" and $pid eq "30"} (Product 30 name - Product 30 description) {elseif $filename eq "cart" and $pid eq "32"} (Product 32 name - Product 33 description) {elseif $filename eq "cart" and $pid eq "33"} (Product 33 name - Product 303 description) ... ... ... {/if} how can i setup the script so it takes the values automatically? like {if $filename eq "cart" and $pid eq "$pid"} ($productinfo.name - $productinfo.description) thanks.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion Brian. it works like this: {if $filename eq "cart" and $pid eq "30"} text here {elseif $filename eq "cart" and $pid eq "31"} another text here {elseif $filename eq "cart" and $pid eq "32"} other text here {/if} - - - Updated - - - now i would like to refine a bit this code. how can i get the product name variable like this: {if $filename eq "cart" and $pid eq "$whatever_the_pid_is"} $product.name here {else} other text {/if} do you know what is the variable for product name? thanks.
  9. after searching in the forum i found this: {if $filename eq "cart"} enter some thext here... {else} bla bla here {/if} any ideea how to use this for cart.php and differentiate by product ids? {if $filename eq "cart.php?a=add&pid=30"} text here {elseif $filename eq "cart.php?a=add&pid=31"} another text here {elseif $filename eq "cart.php?a=add&pid=32"} other text here {/if} thanks.
  10. Hello, our SEO guys told us our WHMCS has duplicated content at cart.php. for example: cart.php?a=add&pid=30 has the same content as cart.php?a=add&pid=31 and cart.php?a=add&pid=32 and so on. is there any way we can change that by adding a different little text depending on the pid number? Anyone knows how to achieve this? Thanks.
  11. man that's so wrong. just got a call from a client, a very nervous client that he received a text message from us at midnight and the account was suspended at midnight and he couldn't do anything about it. can someone please suggest how to setup crons so they don't suspend account at midnight? thanks.
  12. Hello again. It happened again, the cron ran last night at midnight and again this morning at 8. there are no other crons setup as root. the root has only the regular linux/cpanel crons, the midnight cron does only the suspensions and nothing else, it does not even send the "WHMCS Cron Job Activity" mail. again, the crons are just these: it seems WHMCS runs suspension the first minute of the first day which has no skipped AutoSuspensions. instead of doing this at 8 AM on that day. and i think this is wrong. is it a bug?
  13. i disagree: the autosuspensions don't run Mo to Fri at 00:00 but at 8 AM. this is what's confusing. i will setup the crons as you told. thanks.
  14. Hi ChrisD. i am not happy. I want WHMCS to execute suspensions and terminations mo to fri at 8 am. how can i achieve this? what is hte purpose of the cron schedule in WHMCS admin which is set at 8 AM ? why is it working at 8 AM on weekdays but not on Sunday? thanks.
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