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Security Notice Email?

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(realized after I posted I put this in the wrong section of the forums. Sorry, please move)


Did the Urgent Security notice hit everybody's email before it got posted here?


I wanted to make sure it was a legit email before I followed it's instructions.


Dear WHMCS User,




There is a chance that you may have downloaded V3.5.1 at the time when the files were present and so may have inadvertently uploaded them to your server. As a precaution we are asking all customers to check for, and remove, the following files if they are found to be present in your WHMCS folders:


(REMOVED - Refer to email for details)


NOTE: If you used our professional upgrade or installation services to have WHMCS installed or upgraded by us then you will NOT have been affected.







Founder / Developer



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(post should be moved to Client Discussion forum)


I say it is a legit email.


I was affected, but only had one of the files. I had similar named files, but not named exactly as the ones described in the email.


I removed the one file... hopefully no damage was done.



PS. Thank you for letting us know!

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They were sneaky files too. Very similar to real files.

Yes, indeed. I had someone on my account the other day (not because of this, AFAIK) and they hid it in /lib/plugins as functions_xxx.php. (obfuscated the actual name here) So similar it might go unnoticed altogether.

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Wow - this is pretty incredible. I didn't have any of the files myself fortunately.

A big sigh of relief here after checking my WHMCS server. :)


Matt, Please post the MD5 of all file packages so we can be assured of their integrity before installing them to our precious servers! :)

Thumbs up to this suggestion. thumbsup%5B1%5D.gif

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