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Seem to be facing the same issue on my WHMCS installation after upgrade to v8.3 in both admin and client area while using the default themes.

@SolaDrive Yes, I do use Cloudflare for Security and Performance, did try clearing all cache, adjusting SSL settings, clearing WHMCS template cache, browser cache and cookies but none of them seemed to resolve it.

I've gone ahead and opened a ticket regarding the same, will share the solution here if I manage to fix this.

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@VirtualHorror If its happening with the default theme its most likely CloudFlare. Put it in developer mode to temporarily disable CF, clear all caches and then see if that resolves your issue.

We had a similar issue with CF displaying the same loading circle, turned out to be a SSL cipher issue. But since this happened after a recent update its possible its WHMCS related.

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  • WHMCS John changed the title to Loading Spinner Admin Area
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Thanks all for contributing to this thread, appreciated.

I can confirm that this issue does relate to the Cloudflare Rocket Loader service.

I've checked out a couple of cases on our desk and disabling this service for your WHMCS installation looks to resolve this in every single case.

You can identify if Rocket Loader is enabled by viewing the Page Source in your browser when navigating to your WHMCS installation then search for the line:


This will be located in the footer area and gives you an indication that this service is indeed enabled for your WHMCS installation.

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Will WHMCS be resolving this in a better manner, i.e. allowing CloudFlare users to re-enable Rocket Loader in an update? I don't currently use CloudFlare, but I would think anything that can speed up WHMCS' page load/TTFB is something that WHMCS should not require one to disable. This discussion alone has me thinking about giving CloudFlare + Rocket Loader a try, but of course I will wait to see how this shakes out.

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  • WHMCS Support Manager

Hi all,

Our core CSS and JS do use a unique v value based on the software version to try and force such caching systems recognize the file contents has changed after updating.  For example:

<link href="templates/blend/css/all.min.css?v=abc123" rel="stylesheet" />
<link href="templates/blend/css/theme.min.css?v=abc123" rel="stylesheet" />
<script type="text/javascript" src="templates/blend/js/vendor.min.js?v=abc123"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="templates/blend/js/scripts.min.js?v=abc123"></script>

Such optimisation, CDNs and caching tools are very powerful, but responsibility for managing the way in which files are delivered from your webserver to the visitor ultimately lies with the admin.

I've located some resources which can help if you're still seeing old JS being loaded:https://community.cloudflare.com/t/when-does-rocket-loader-update-cached-files-in-localstorage/10255/5

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I am having this issue, but only at the bottom of the OAUTH login page.  It's not showing up at the bottom of any other page.  I've confirmed that Rocket Loader is disabled in CloudFlare (it was already disabled).  Also tried Development Mode with no luck.

UPDATE: I was able to work around this by editing the login.tpl file and adding this line at the bottom:

<style>#lightbox { display:none!important; }</style>

Screen Shot 2022-07-03 at 12.28.31 AM.png

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