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  1. Hi, After upgrade PHP Version 7.3.14 , WHMCS cron job is not running any command. Inside WHMCS there is no activity in log file. WHMCS Health status is showing following: Cron PHP Version Mismatch Your environment appears to be running a different PHP version (5.6.40) for the System Cron than the currently loaded PHP version (7.3.14). This may cause issues running your System Cron. Please guide me how can I fix it.
  2. Hi, After configure direct admin, unable to login direct admin panel automatic from WHMCS client area When I try to enable to display error and log file in WHMCS , getting Forbidden You don't have permission to access this resource. Please guide me how can I fix it.
  3. It is using in invoicepdf.tpl . Everytime maintain invoicepdf.tpl after updation whmcs. Pay To Text would be empty in Setup> General Code - if (date('Y-m-d', strtotime($datecreated)) <= '2016-12-31') is correct but what will be code after the date 2016-12-31 ?
  4. Thanks for guide. But It`s complicated . On update , it is not good that all previous paid invoices updation. Store Client Data Snapshot - is only for client data . This is known as bugs.
  5. Hi, Anyone has solution to protect previous paid invoices .
  6. Hi, I am just sharing you my experiences that is found by me. After change my new Billing address with new Tax no, all existing paid/ unpaid invoices are showing new address with new Tax no. That is major bugs. All existing paid invoices should be unchanged. Just like the Client information.
  7. L1 tax rules are not with the same tax rate. L1 tax rule has 9% & 18% and L2 tax rule has only 9%. So I want to separate column report of L1 tax rule either 9% or 18%.
  8. Yes I am able to report but report is showing values only Tax for rule 1 & rule 2 mix. I want in separate column tax of rule1 & rule2 According to source code , there is following array: $filterfields = array("id"=>"ID","userid"=>"User ID","clientname"=>"Client Name","state"=>"State","tax_id"=>"GSTIN","invoicenum"=>"Invoice Number","date"=>"Creation Date","duedate"=>"Due Date","datepaid"=>"Date Paid","subtotal"=>"Subtotal","credit"=>"Credit","tax"=>"Tax1","tax2"=>"Tax2","total"=>"Total","taxrate"=>"Tax Rate","taxrate2"=>"Tax Rate 2","status"=>"Status","paymentmethod"=>"Payment Method","notes"=>"Notes"); "tax"=>"Tax1" is fetch the data of both levels. tbltax has unique id of every rule of a level.
  9. Yes, in database , tblinvoices has tax, tax2 , taxrate and taxrate2 columns . I require report with tax,tax2 and taxrate2 Containing . Transaction report section has filters. If we use filter for taxrate2 of tax2 , we can get result but I am unable to do this.
  10. Hi, How can get transaction report of Tax Level 1 and Level 2 and rules? Means I have 2 rules in Level1 and 1 rule in Level2 , report should be such as: Level1 Rule1 Level1 Rule2 Level2 Rule1
  11. Hi Mr. brian, Your first given script is perfect that is without custom field. When we add code for showing custom field then full result is not come.
  12. Hi, I know and you should also know about them . Please look here https://whmcs.community/topic/291550-whmcs-global-services-hacked-and-doing-nothing-about-it/ Your script is perfect but require some fine tuning . Main issue is that not showing all records rows.
  13. Hi Mr. brian Another issue in this script. Result is showing suppose total Invoice found 16 but in rows are coming 9 . Means all rows are not coming to display. I tested export csv file that is also showing 9 rows.
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