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Manual Renewal Required To-Dos being created

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After the update to 8.2 we are seeing to-dos being created saying manual renewal is required but only for VPSs. To-Do contents look like this:


The order placed for $HOSTNAME has received its next payment and the automatic renewal has failed<br>Client ID: $ID<br>Product/Service: $PRODUCT_NAME<br>Domain: $HOSTNAME

This is what we see for domain renewals when they don't complete successfully at the registrar. However this hasn't previously occurred for renewals of regular products.

There's nothing in the module queue about it and the renewal date was successfully updated for the services and there's no entries in the activity log about the services. There shouldn't be anything else required to renew successfully that I can see.

Thoughts on where we should look to determine why it thinks this renewal has failed?

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8 hours ago, UnwilfulExpenditure said:

How are they created in WHMCS? 

Seems like when the invoice was paid, WHMCS created the to-do entries, much like it does for domain registrations when the module command is unsuccessful. However in those instances there's always a module queue entry for it as well -- there isn't for this because there is no module command for renewals of servers.

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Hey @WHMCS John

Ahh, found the reason in the activity log. I had checked previously but was looking to specifically for errors. Checked timestamps this time and the error found was because of cron troubleshooting run by WHMCS staff at the time (when they temp renamed the module):

Required Product Module 'solusvmpro' Missing

So the module error it refers to was a lack of the module entirely which will not occur again since I found the real code problem in that module and fixed it. Problem solved.

(Also the email wasn't sent due to a coincidental and mostly unrelated temp blockage of the SMTP port in the server's firewall).

It would definitely be handy to include the error shown in the activity log within the description of the to-do entry as well 🙂


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11 hours ago, WHMCS ChrisD said:

@websavers thanks for letting us know! I'll note that down, also in regards to the cron error, Solus have released a Hotfix you can download from https://support.solus.io/hc/en-us/articles/4403091523730

Thanks @WHMCS ChrisD! Yes, that's a more complete solution to my submitted/accepted pull request 🙂

Great to see a quick turnaround time on it.

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