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[SOLVED] Two Factor Authentication No Longer Works?

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I've been using two factor authentication (2FA) with time-based tokens for WHMCS with the Symantec VIP Access App for quite a while, but today when I attempted to log in to update WHMCS from v. 8.0 to 8.1, my code was rejected and I had to use the backup code.

I went into the admin to reset 2FA for my account, and my App immediately recognizes the QR code, but WHMCS gives me the "The code you entered did not match what was expected. Please re-scan or enter the code and try again."

I've tried several times, but no luck. The App still works fine with the other sites I use it with.  Is this a bug with WHMCS?

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I figured this out thanks to this article. I actually did look at the documentation, but I didn't find this page.

It turns out the problem was my phone. It's set to get the time automatically from Verizon, but it was three minutes slow! I manually set the time in the phone and was able to get 2FA working in WHMCS.

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