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Security Pack Module - Login tracks and alerts, email 2FA, login IP limits, country restriction, content protection and more.

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Security Pack WHMCS Module

Our Security Pack WHMCS module is a must-have for any WHMCS user looking to step up their security game without the hassle. With easy tracking of who logs in and when, instant alerts for unusual activity, and extra protections for your account, it's like having a personal security guard for your site. Plus, you can even decide who gets to access your services based on where they are in the world. Simple to set up and effortless to use, our module ensures your peace of mind, letting you focus on growing your business. Choose Security Pack because your safety and convenience should never be compromised.

Main Features: With this WHMCS module, clients can restrict logins to specific IP addresses. They can also turn off the password reset option for their accounts, manage login notifications, and enable email two-factor authentication (Email 2FA).

All Features:

  • Login History: Enhance your WHMCS security by logging all client and admin login activities. This feature allows both clients and admins to view their login history directly from the client area, providing transparency and an additional layer of security. Includes options for:

    • Show History: Clients can view their login history in the client area.
    • Admin Logins: Logs admin login history as well.
    • Auto Delete Logs: Automatically deletes login history logs older than a specified number of days to maintain privacy and reduce data storage requirements.
    • Auto Delete Logs Days: Configure the number of days after which login history logs are automatically deleted.
  • Login Notification: Sends email notifications to clients and admins upon login, enhancing account security by alerting users of unauthorized access attempts. Features include:

    • Client Login Notification: Options for disabling, notifying all logins, or alerting new device logins only.
    • Admin Login Notification: Similar to client notifications, with the ability to notify all logins or new device logins only.
    • Enabled Default: Login notifications are enabled by default but can be disabled as needed.
    • Allow Disable: Clients can choose to disable login notifications in their client area.
  • Advanced Security Options: Offers additional security measures that clients can opt into for enhanced protection, including:

    • Disable Password Reset: Allows clients to disable the password reset functionality for added account security.
    • IP Security Limits: Clients can restrict account access to certain IP ranges, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.
    • Disable Free Email Signup: Disallow clients to can use free email providers to signup.
  • Email Two-Factor Authentication (Email 2FA): Adds an extra layer of security by requiring a code sent via email to complete the login process. Configurable options include:

    • Code Length: Set the length of the 2FA code.
    • Valid For: Specify the time frame within which the 2FA code must be entered.
  • Content Protection: Protects your WHMCS content from being copied or displayed in unauthorized manners, with features like:

    • Disable Right Click: Prevents right-clicking to protect your content.
    • Disable Copy/Paste: Prevents copying and pasting from your site.
    • Disable iframe Display: Blocks the display of your WHMCS site in iframes on external sites.
  • Country Restriction: Controls access to your WHMCS site based on the geographic location of the user, allowing for increased control over who can access your site. Features include:

    • Country Restriction: Enable or disable access based on country.
    • GEO Providers: Choose the providers for geo-location information.
    • Restricted Countries: Specify which countries are not allowed to access your site.
    • Whitelist IP: Define specific IPs that are always allowed access, bypassing country restrictions.
  • Multilingual Support: Module is fully multi language.

  • Seamless Integration: Compatible with any WHMCS template without the need for template modifications.

Each feature is designed to provide enhanced security and control over your WHMCS environment, ensuring both you and your clients enjoy a secure and reliable experience.


Order Security Pack WHMCS Module Now!


Pricing Information

  • One-Time:
    • Price: $29.00 USD
    • Note: This is a one-time payment for encrypted version with no recurring monthly or yearly fees.
  • Full Source Code:
    • Price: $250.00 USD
    • Note: This is also a one-time payment, with no additional charges in the future. To purchase the source code, please open a support ticket through our website.

Additional Feature Request:

  • Are you looking for a specific feature or have an idea to enhance this module? Reach out to us! We'll happily add it for you at no extra charge. Our commitment is to continually improve our modules without additional costs for our clients.

Contact Us:

  • Please feel free to contact us if you need more details or have any question.








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