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How to create a credit note

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Hello All,

Someone please can help me with finding how to create a credit note to cancel an invoice please ?

the invoice has been sent  to the  client containing a wrong amount .Now the  client are asking for a credit note .

I cannot find how to create a credit note 

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Hi Rania,

We don't have the ability to raise a credit note in WHMCS so your options are to either Cancel the invoice or to add credit to the the account and pay it off with that

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20 hours ago, Rania said:

I cannot find how to create a credit note  

there is a free addon that can create credit notes...



A simple module that allows admins to credit / refund invoices.

The module adds buttons to the WHMCS invoice edit page. You can refund an invoice and easily navigate between it's corresponding credit note.

The module does this by duplicating an invoice, setting it's status to "Paid", and then inverting all the amounts to negative. Finally it adds some data to both the original invoice admin notes as well as the credit notes admin notes, this is to be able to easily keep track of which credit note belongs to which invoice, and vice-versa.

  • Open an invoice. You should see a new button, "Credit invoice". When pressed, a new invoice will be created.
  • The new invoice will contain the exact same line items, but with reversed amounts ($10 becomes -$10).
  • You will be redirected to the new credit note, where you can send the invoice to your client (standard WHMCS way). It is also possible to navigate between the original and the credit note by pressing the button.


a "Credit Invoice" button is added to the Invoices page in the admin area...


on the PDF invoice, the only change is that some text is added to the "Admin Notes" section of the output...


... similarly with the HTML version of the invoice...


depending on your country, and their invoicing/credit notes laws, you may need to edit the html and/or PDF invoice templates to make them look less like an invoice and more like a credit note.

there are commercial addons in Marketplace that can create credit notes too... there's also a 4-year old feature request, currently marked as "Planned" - but no idea how long it's been in the planning stage, or if it will ever leave it. 🙄

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