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  1. Ok, I see now what you are saying. It's a little misleading. I clicked the "Release Notes" within WHMCS where it told me about the update and that's where it took me. I didn't bother to look at the heading at the top. thanks for the clarification.
  2. Exactly as the title says, I see that 8.1.1 has been released and I normally am quick to implement a maintenace release in order to ensure that all bugs and patches are implemented and relevant. Don't get me wrong, I love it when new features come along but according to Wikipedia, a maintenance release is a release of a product that does not add new features or content. See: Maintenance Release However, upon looking at the release notes for 8.1.1, I see the following new features are being implemented: New Twenty-One Client Area Theme Updated Templating System OAuth2 for Email Importing Automated User Deletion Disable Outgoing Mail Now I am aware that along with this release, there are a number of fixes as well but should the above be included in 8.2 perhaps? Just wondering here as some of the above new features seem to be pretty big features such as a whole new templating system and an entirely new theme. Your thoughts? Am I completely off the mark?
  3. Hello I am reselling VPS servers and these servers can either have cPanel or DirectAdmin as a panel choice. So I'm trying to create a welcome email that will display the cPanel URL details or the DirectAdmin url details based on whichever panel they chose during checkout. I have the following choices for the client: DirectAdmin Personal DirectAdmin Lite DirectAdmin Standard cPanel (5 Accounts) cPanel (30 Accounts) cPanel (50 Accounts) So if the client chooses any of the DirectAdmin options, then display the DirectAdmin content and the same applies for any cPanel option chosen to show the cPanel info. I have the following code: {if $service_config_options|strstr:'DirectAdmin'} DirectAdmin Access ============================= http://{$service_dedicated_ip}:2222/ {else} WHM Access ============================= http://{$service_dedicated_ip}:2087/ {/if} But everytime I try sending the email, I get this error: So I'm not sure what could be wrong with my syntax because it looks ok to me. Anyone have any ideas??
  4. TBH I gave up on this. I went the old route of making a complete copy os SIX and just performing a search and replace on all files to make sure the name was now the custom template. I then made all my changes as needed. I dont want to waste my time on this ridiculously bad coded Parent-Child relationship that WHMCS put together.
  5. Dude, my last post was like 2.5 hours before yours stating that I wasn't near my machine so I think that is a big no.
  6. I'm not near my machine now but it's not that the code in the custom.css file works or doesn't work, It's that the custom.css file is not loaded on all pages. At least on my side it doesn't always load.
  7. LOL! I tried that too...even though it SHOULD NEVER be necessary as !important is scoffed at in the CSS world but it didn't work either...
  8. Sorry if my post was confusing! So I am simply trying to make a child theme of the SIX theme. but it just doesn't work!
  9. I tried those things too but they didn't take effect either. I eventually gave up with the parent child and copied EVERYTHING over from six in to my custom template and then ran a search and replace and edited all the files to reflect my new template name. things are working but the parent child relationship is completely borked!
  10. Well I posted it in the dev community as this is related to development and I thought the 8.1 release was not related because since 6.1.x already the parent child relationship has already been implemented since then so I didn't think it was a "new" thing. Yes, I am very sure this happens. I showed screenshots 😉
  11. RANT INCOMING! I'm SO frustrated with this stupid template system! There HAS to be a stupid bug somewhere! I noticed that the common.tpl file checks first to see if there is an existing custom.css file and if there is, it will load it. BUUUTT it doesn't load it on every page EVEN IF the file does actually exists. It's SO FREAKING annoying! And yet it wont load when choosing your domain options but WILL load on the product selection?? What the hell??
  12. Hello, I just cant figure this out. I have created a custom template as per this tutorial: https://developers.whmcs.com/themes/child-themes/ Here is the file structure that I have created. It's simple, I want to change the radio button to a different color so i edited the original blue.png file to the colors I want and then uploaded the new file to my css folder EXACTLY how it is in the parent folder but the image is not overriden. In the above screenshot, you can see it is still loading the image from the parent and not the child theme. And yes, I have applied the new orderform template in General Settings -> Ordering I have cleared caches, I have tried different browsers and even checked the URL on the page that loads. It is still the image from the parent that gets loaded. What am I missing?? Please can someone help?
  13. I think you would need to Google it to figure that out. WHMCS won't help you with coding.
  14. In firefox I dont have to change any settings. it just works. In chrome, nothing I do fixes it. Let me try it in incognito mode wiuth all extensions disabled and I will revert EDIT: Incognito mode doing the same with all extensions disabled.
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