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  1. Do we have any idea when 8.5.1 will be released. I don't want to upgrade now to 8.5 only to have to update to 8.5.1 a week later. I would rather wait.
  2. I agree that he is very difficult and I did push him to pay it but I still feel that the system should be fixed. It should NEVER take the last due date for the new merged invoice. It should either pro-rate the services and add this on as an additional cost as @Bigol'tastynuggets stated or it should always take the earliest due date.
  3. So true! 😆 It can be frustrating when you have something that could really change WHMCS or improve it and it just gets passed over.
  4. yes, that would also work to bring the other services in line with the last due date by allocating a pro-rata amount but the alternative is just to make the due date the earliest instead of the latest. Yh, feature requests just go in to a black hole void and almost NEVER get implemented.
  5. Ask your colleague to merge a few invoices in his dev environment that have different due dates. he will see that the new due date on the merged invoice is set to the LAST due date of all the services. Then ask him to see if he would be happy with the client only paying that invoice on the NEW due date seeing as though the other services will now be suspended because they werent paid for. It's crazy to think that this is normal.
  6. The solution would simply be to set the due date of the invoice to the earliest due date out of the services in the list. That would make the client see that there are services that need to be paid now and paying the invoice with other services on the invoice that are due later is just a consequence of requesting multiple services to be merged in to one invoice. but setting the merged invoices due date to that of the LATEST due date from all of the services on the invoice is a big problem for the services that are due earlier. It messes with them badly. Yes, he is a bit of a nightmare and I did suggest that he adds credit but he refused outright and said that it was not the solution. He said I must get a better system!
  7. Hello, I never really used to use the merge invoices feature until recently where a client has been asking me to merge certain invoices together in to one. What I have come to notice about this feature is that if you have 4 or 5 services that are all merged together, the due date that is now set on the new merged invoice is always taken from the service that is due last and not first. So for example, if we have the following services: Service 1 - Due on 5 March Service 2 - Due on 14 February Service 3 - Due on 9 February Service 4 - Due on 6 February Service 5 - Due on 3 February Now you merge these invoices in to one invoice as per the clients request and the new invoice becomes due 5 March instead of 3 February. This is a problem because the other services are actually due earlier. The intention of the request from the client to merge them all is because the client asked to merge them all so that only one payment can be made. But recently I was faced with a client that asked me to merge a bunch of invoices together. He then saw that the due date was only 5 March not 3 February so he refused to pay the invoice now to settle the services that are due much earlier. So sent the client a polite text and mentioned to the client that he needs to pay it now as the other services are due much earlier than Service 1 and if he doesn't pay it now, the system would see that these services had not been paid and that they were going to be suspended. The client call me in an absolute rageful vengeance and accused me of trying to force him to pay the invoice earlier than its due date. I tried my best to calm the client down and explain the situation but he was having NONE of it at all. So to keep the client happy, I had to go and manually override the suspension dates of each service to be 5 March to avoid further chaos from the client but this should NEVER be the case because I should not have to give the client a free service just because an invoices due date was not set correctly when merging. Is this the standard practice of WHMCS to set merged invoices due dates to the service that has the latest due date? If this is the case then I am VERY worried about using this feature going forward. Is there a way to rather use the service with the earliest due date as the due date instead so that if the client queries why it is due now, I can explain to the client that it is because of the specific service that is due now and if he wants that one split out to settle it now, we can do that. I hope I explained things clearly Thanks in advance
  8. Sure but it just feels like this is not the best solution to a problem like this. The dashboard should have a separate timout to the rest of your scripts running in a location. I guess it's just my opinion though.
  9. Hello, One thing that frustrates me endlessly about WHMCS is the short timeout session when logged in to the dashboard. After a while I will do a search on the top right and then it tells me that my session has expired. Refreshing the page refreshes the session without having to login again but this can be a real PITA. After doing some research on google, other people have also complained about this and was just told to increase the php session timeout setting on the hosting account but then this will apply to ANY PHP script session running on my hosting account. If I'm not mistake, this specific php value is the session.gc_maxlifetime value. I do know I can set a dedicated php.ini in my whmcs directory ONLY but then any custom plugins that have automated tasks will have the same session timeout. Not that it is a big deal but I don't want to set a 3hour timeout on my php sessions just so that I don't have to refresh my whmcs so often. Is there really no way to implement a session timeout just for the whmcs dashboard only?
  10. Hi All, I have run in to an issue. I have a client who purchased SpamExperts as an addon to one of her hosting packages. She has since moved her account on to a VPS server which means the shared hosting package needs to be cancelled. The problem though is that she wants to keep SpamExperts addon as she uses the spam facility but this addon is linked to the hosting package which needs to be cancelled. I need to convert this addon to a separate product so that the client can continue to use the service without interruption. I have other clients who bought SpamExperts as a standalone product and not an addon so I know it is possible but I do not know how to convert an addon to a product. Any suggestions?
  11. Ok, I see now what you are saying. It's a little misleading. I clicked the "Release Notes" within WHMCS where it told me about the update and that's where it took me. I didn't bother to look at the heading at the top. thanks for the clarification.
  12. Exactly as the title says, I see that 8.1.1 has been released and I normally am quick to implement a maintenace release in order to ensure that all bugs and patches are implemented and relevant. Don't get me wrong, I love it when new features come along but according to Wikipedia, a maintenance release is a release of a product that does not add new features or content. See: Maintenance Release However, upon looking at the release notes for 8.1.1, I see the following new features are being implemented: New Twenty-One Client Area Theme Updated Templating System OAuth2 for Email Importing Automated User Deletion Disable Outgoing Mail Now I am aware that along with this release, there are a number of fixes as well but should the above be included in 8.2 perhaps? Just wondering here as some of the above new features seem to be pretty big features such as a whole new templating system and an entirely new theme. Your thoughts? Am I completely off the mark?
  13. Hello I am reselling VPS servers and these servers can either have cPanel or DirectAdmin as a panel choice. So I'm trying to create a welcome email that will display the cPanel URL details or the DirectAdmin url details based on whichever panel they chose during checkout. I have the following choices for the client: DirectAdmin Personal DirectAdmin Lite DirectAdmin Standard cPanel (5 Accounts) cPanel (30 Accounts) cPanel (50 Accounts) So if the client chooses any of the DirectAdmin options, then display the DirectAdmin content and the same applies for any cPanel option chosen to show the cPanel info. I have the following code: {if $service_config_options|strstr:'DirectAdmin'} DirectAdmin Access ============================= http://{$service_dedicated_ip}:2222/ {else} WHM Access ============================= http://{$service_dedicated_ip}:2087/ {/if} But everytime I try sending the email, I get this error: So I'm not sure what could be wrong with my syntax because it looks ok to me. Anyone have any ideas??
  14. TBH I gave up on this. I went the old route of making a complete copy os SIX and just performing a search and replace on all files to make sure the name was now the custom template. I then made all my changes as needed. I dont want to waste my time on this ridiculously bad coded Parent-Child relationship that WHMCS put together.
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