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  1. Hello, Has anyone else run in to this problem when using MarketConnect and checking your Income Reports? The reports are not including the MarketConnect fees for each service that we purchase. It only includes the payment gateway fees but not the fees we are charged when purchasing the Services. These service fees should be included in our Income Reports. Anyone?? B
  2. I couldnt have said it better! I am surprised that WHMCS is taking this "ruling with an iron fist" approach to these categoris. anyhoe...Iwill just stick to your original solution for now. It's not the end of the world. thanks again Brian 🙂
  3. Thank you Brian 🙂 It works when the page first loads but falls apart the moment the client clicks on a category and then deselects the category. But it will do the trick for now. WHMCS really dropped the ball on this one....and they aren't going to pick it up it seems. Thanks for the tip on the Domain pricing. I will definitely be using that.
  4. Hello, I find the domain checker extension categories useless to say the least! I know that my clients pretty much NEVER even understand what a ccTLD is or a gTLD etc! So they don't even KNOW to click those buttons to show the domain extension they are looking for so my clients just get confused! Now, the problem is that what WHMCS considers POPULAR doesn't include my own countries tld extension so now when the client is looking for the cost of my countries tld's they can't find it because they don't think for themselves that they need to click a certain category to display the tld to get the pricing! So what they simply do now is enter garbage.tld in to the search field and see what the tld costs in the search results rendering the whole cateories options useless and ifthey happen to enter a domain that actually exists, it doesn't show the price. So the only way around this I figured is to enable ALL the options by default to show ALL tld's when the page loads. Is this possible and if so, how could I do it? Thanks
  5. bluesteam

    MarketConnect does not fully automate SpamExperts

    On the topic of additional SpamExperts storage licenses in the event that clients need more storage, this is the final stake in the ground from WHMCS MarketConnect Support: Original Post of Support Ticket WHMCS MarketConnect Support Reply My Reply WHMCS MarketConnect Support Reply My Reply WHMCS MarketConnect Support Reply WHMCS MarketConnect Support Came back to me My Reply WHMCS MarketConnect Support Reply My Reply You might be happy with that approach but you still haven't told me how I am supposed to charge my client and what the steps on my side would be to maintain this additional license. You're forgetting the email archiving that isn't enabled by default! not to mention the false advertising stating that everything is 100% fully automated and it's not. So yes, I am planning on moving away the first chance I get and other's have even stated that to enable it is simply stupid. So there you have it, more claims that additional storage can simply be added under the FAQ and yet it's not the case as we have to log a ticket directly with WHMCS or SpamExperts to obtain additional licenses. So many claims that MarketConnect is automated and Wonderful and then this! Stay away from this platform people! While the concept is amazing, it just doesn't live up to it's claims.
  6. The default SpamExperts welcome email is used for the addon purchase. Yes it lists the addon in the order summary on the invoices. but I don't want to add that info on the invoice. The client would not even read it. It needs to be in the welcome email.
  7. Correct, the problem is this. the welcome email goes out without an issue. BUT...if the client purchases Outgoing Filtering and Email Archiving as addons, then the supposed "FULL AUTOMATION" (that does not actually exist with MC), does not enable the Email Archiving automatically and it does not configure outgoing users or set the SPF record. I want to inform my clients that when they purchase the Outgoing or Archiving that they need to log n to their dashboard and enablethe archiving as well as create the outgoing users. so this will have to be based on the fact that they have purchased the actual outgoing or archiving addons.
  8. That would require that I actually activate the order and I would prefer not to. That is why I created a custom one. You are correct. but what is does NOT show are any variables pertaining to the addons of that product in question. addon variables are non-existent and it's the addon variables I'm trying to get access to. Correct, turning in to a complete bugger!
  9. Ok, So I managed to create a fake order on my test account for the SpamExperts product. I then tested my template and lo-and-behold, that $configuration_required variable? NOT THERE! So that doesn't help me again! sigh....how the heck is one supposed to know what all variables are available if they don't tell us. sheesh! this is like farting against thunder!
  10. So I created a test template and simply added {debug} with some random text. I went to the test account I have on my WHMCS and went to the blank product for the test account and sent an email using that template. but I notice that again, not all variables are shown. For example, on the SpamExperts Welcome email template, there is a variable called $configuration_required but on the test hosting product, when viewing the debug info, that variable is not listed. So I suspect the debug will only show the relevant variables to that specific product type when viewing the debug info. I have to now find a way to add a dummy SpamExperts product and send another test using that test template to see if my theory is correct.
  11. Wow! Thanks Brian...Crazy that in order to know what we can use, we have to jump through hoops, do backflips and sell our firstborn... appreciate the help. Will try your suggestion
  12. Hello, This might seem obvious to some but for some reason I can't find the full list. I am looking at creating some custom email templates and need to use conditional variables. The table below showing the Available Merge Fields does not include ALL possible variables available. How would I know WHAT variables are available to me that are not in the bottom table to use in the template? Thanks Brett
  13. bluesteam

    MarketConnect does not fully automate SpamExperts

    This is also my experience so far. people seem to favor a paid product.
  14. bluesteam

    MarketConnect does not fully automate SpamExperts

    I don't question the merits behind a program that says that if you sell more you get better pricing. not at all. I completely agree with that but for small business and new players, it's difficult to get in the game when you can't compete with the bigger players. My point was just that with MC, you don't have to go through the admin and trouble to make those agreements and debate and fight for that $1 or $2 for a cheaper price. It is definitely convenient to the reseller to just automatically have those agreements in place with very little effort. So my point is that there is a place for MC for the smaller resellers. Well, it is a direct conflict but that doesn't mean they have to stop their current agreements with their current resellers. They obviously just don't care or don't see it as a problem. but again, we should be talking about the false advertising of MC. not the existence of MC.
  15. bluesteam

    MarketConnect does not fully automate SpamExperts

    You sir are a gem in the rough! Thank you for pointing this out to me. I could not find it. For the life of me I searched but couldn't find anything. I think Google has a cold on my PC! 😛 I think it's interesting though that they still include those modules after making direct agreements with WHMCS. It is at the end of the day a direct conflict. One thing that you are not mentioning though is that in order to resell those products directly with the vendors and get the cost pricese available to you as a resellers you have to sign up with their reseller/partner programs and commit to selling X-amount of products in order to keep those special price rates available to you. I admit that I haven't gone in to researching each reseller/partner program for each vendor but I suspect that this is how it's done. You are welcome to correct me if I am wrong but you don't have to do this with MC. You automatically get the better pricing through MC. Personally I don't sell Sitelock because I think its a useless product. Regarding the use of the word Symantec, it was purely because that is the logo that is thrown around on MC. It's symantics for Symantec at the end of the day. See what I did there 😉 LOL You are correct in saying the SSL certificates are becoming a questionable product to sell but then I wasn't only referring to ssl certificates. I was referring to the entire product suite of MC. It was purely academic to mention SSL certificates but there is profit to be made from the other platforms as well and I stand by my point of reselling is reselling at the end of the day. I can't judge WHMCS for doing exactly what I do. But please lets try get off the topic of whether MarketConnect should exist or not. The topic of this post is all about the false advertising of it. not the existence of it.

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