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  1. Thanks Brian I won't use modern then. I have always used standard_cart and will stick with it now that you tell me this. much appreciated.
  2. Thanks Brian. I managed to get it working. It was the way I was using the parent/child relationship. The way the parent/child relationship has been implemented seems quite clunky but nevertheless I got it sorted. It was in the TIP where I figured where I was going wrong: QUESTION: With it being an old deprecated template, which templates are NEW and more "up to date"?? I would hate to do all this work and then the template is removed in future versions or missing features as the versions of WHMCS bring out newer options.
  3. Hello, I hope this is the correct community to post this in. SCENARIO The below is all explained in this documented article by WHMCS: Order_Form_Templates I have created a child order form of of the "modern" order form theme. I have created the theme.yaml file with the following contents as instructed: config: parent: modern I have created an empty style.css file inside my new child order form template. I then logged on to my WHMCS backend and navigated to Setup -> General Settings -> Ordering I selected the new child theme as the Default Order Form Template. PROBLEM Adding ANY css to override the parent styling is not taking effect. It keeps pulling the styles from the original parent style.css completely ignoring my custom css. If I use the browsers developer tools, I can't even see my style.css loading at all. If anyone can explain this I would appreciate it. Thanks Brett
  4. I came here now researching this exact same issue. I'm like HUH!?!??! REALLY??? What the hell is the point of custom fields and asking you if they must be required or not and only visible to admins or not if this is not going to work at all from the front-end. What a load of absolute NONSENSE!
  5. You're a legend! thanks Brian...the problem were those two files left over. I removed them and it is fine now.
  6. Hi, I ran the automatic upgrade. Worked flawlessly. I saw i had some warnings advising me to upgrade to PHP7. So I logged in to my cPanel and see that my host supports PHP7. So I enable PHP7 on my account and everything is working 99% perfectly. The only thing that is NOT working is when I navigate to Setup -> Products/Services -> Domain Registrars. If I downgrade to PHP 5.6, it works perfectly. But not when I enable PHP7. Any help would be appreciated. Here is the snapshot of what I see when I enable PHP7. Screenshot Please help Thanks Brett
  7. Hi, In the whmcs admin interface, under Setup -> Automation Settings there is a note for the cron job that says that the job should be scheduled to run every 5minutes: But when I schedule it to run every 5 minutes, I get an email that says this: So what is wrong here??? Thanks in advance.
  8. Just to close the loop on this. I opened a ticket with WHMCS support and they were kind enough to assist me and point me in the right direction indicating that the problem was with limitations on the reseller account. lifting the limitations of the reseller account resolved this.
  9. seems noone has an answer for me? I guess I'll need to open a ticket with WHMCS.
  10. Hi Chris, I dont have reseller accounts. only normal accounts. Im running 6.3.1 What i can say is that if I got to one of my hosting packages and edit the package and go to module options, I only have WHM package set. I don't set anything else there. I never have. Its always worked perfectly but for some strange reason lately the quotas are not being set. The account gets created, just not the quotas.
  11. Hi, I have been using WHMCS for years now. I have not changed anything on my packages inside WHMCS nor have I changed anything inside cPanel with regards to the quotas of packages. It seems that WHMCS is not setting the quota limits when creating accounts on cPanel. However, if i create an account directly on cPanel, the quotas are set. What could be causing this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Brett
  12. If you are referring to single signon, not all customers know what that is and how to use it. So I just bring myself to agree that it is not required anymore. old school people still lean back on what they know. they know username and password...nothing else....If they cant find it they struggle for the next 30minutes scrounging through their email looking for their welcome email to get hold of the username and password. This should have been something gradually removed and not big bang, its gone. If you're not referring to single signon, then what feature do I not know about? I really appreciate your solution though....thanks.
  13. Thanks twhiting9275, I'll try your solution and come back to you.
  14. WTFeck???? Is WHMCS for real?? Who on their right mind would remove such a vital feature? Someone mustve been on something when they decide that. Thank you for the solution. I'm completely awestruck as I sit here!!!
  15. thats just it, the username is in WHMCS. I can see it from the admin backend but not on the front end anywhere. If I go to services -> my services and click on one of the clients services, I can't see the username anywhere at all. It's happening for all clients. What am I missing???? Am I looking in the completely wrong place or what?? What I can tell you is if I can't find it how the hell will my clients find it if it is in a different place?

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