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  1. The good thing here is that I want to prevent the use of the promo code on new orders so it will work 🙂 Thanks Brian. Will see if it works.
  2. Yes, I don't waste my time anymore with feature requests because I have seen that the bulk of user requests simply never get implemented. 😞 Unfortunately this removes the entire option of ever implementing future promo codes in a different scenario so that's a no go. This could work but I wonder if it's possible to only implement the hook if the customer enters the promo code that I want to ban him from using. Like say if I have promo code 10discount and the client enters that, then the hook executes. Anything else the hook ignores. i.e. something like if (!empty($vars['promocode']) AND ($vars['promocode'] = '10discount' ) { This feels like the best option. This should be possible right? I prefer not to fiddle in template files so I'll give this one a skip.
  3. Hi, I have a scenario that I allow my clients to get a discount on the number of hosting packages they buy. So if the client buys more than 10 packages, he gets a 10% discount across all his packages but the discount only applies on renewals and not initial purchases. I don't advertise this promo code because I don't want every TomDickAndHarry using the code. So I manually apply this promo code myself after the client has purchased the hosting package and his order is activated so that upon renewal, the new fee is applied. I know it is very manual but I don't have another way of automating this without writing code as the system has no feature for only applying the discount on renewal and allows only ADMINS to see the code. The reason that it is only applied on renewal is because I am already giving the client a FREE DOMAIN for the first year and one the recurring years, they have to pay for the domain and so I only want to apply the promo code for the renewal. So 2 problems come in now: 1. When the client is being invoiced, the promo code is revealed on the invoice line description. Now the client knows the promo code that is meant to be kept hidden 2. The client now uses this code on his next new hosting purchase when he is not actually allowed to circumventing my entire discount process. The best case scenario is to have a feature on the Promotions page to only apply the discount if the client has more than x amount of packages and also only on renewals regardless if the client knows the code or not. But I know thats asking too much So..... 1. How do I restrict the code to ONLY be allowed to be applied by the admins or 2. Simply HIDE this code from the invoice line description never revealing this code which sort of solves the problem. Thanks
  4. bluesteam

    How to create a credit note

    In all honesty, this should not even be a feature request at all. It should be standard!! And as far as I can see, the link to the feature request that you posted is over 4 years old. There is no point in bothering to vote at all if WHMCS doesn't care to add such an absolutely obvious feature that is part of every other billing system in the world except WHMCS.
  5. Name changes should be allowed in the event that the user get's married or they change their name or whatever. The tracking of the action is usually linked to the user id. That is normal and understandable. If anything is ever deleted, it should be done by an admin who has super user rights. No other user. So that should not be a problem either. If an ADMIN deletes a user then it should say ADMIN and there should only ever be 1 SUPER user on any given system. but regarding records that are deleted ALONG with deleting a user? I'm not so sure that is accurate. I doubt WHMCS will delete log entries or actual credit entries or any other entries when a user is deleted. I suspect that the entries will remain in place linked to a user ID that no longer exists but the entries will still be there. I agree, more info is needed on the "Manage Credits" interface.
  6. I assume that this screenshot above is from version 7.8 RC1 which shows that credits are STILL allowed to be added using the Credit Facility that I show below because in your screenshot above, it still shows the "Manage Credits" link there. That means that this statment "credits added by admin will be only with invoice, Create Add Funds invoice" is incorrect. Now I don't know if the button "Add Credit" has been removed because I don't have a vopy of 7.8 RC1 up and running but I assume the button is still there which means that even in version 7.8, they are allowing manually added credits. The moment that the manually added credit is allocated to an invoice, there is no corresponding invoice generated to reflect on the Account Statement Report which now shows a NEGATIVE value. The only way to correct this is to create a negative value invoice so that it offsets the negtive amount reflected on the statement. See below.
  7. bluesteam

    How to create a credit note

    I am still BAFFLED that this is not part of the vanilla WHMCS billing system!!? All billing systems should have this right out of the gate! IMO, The credit system is so stupid as it breaks account statements when adding manual credits! See post I just made...
  8. What exactly is case CORE-13619 all about? Currently, adding manual credits is causing HAVOK with statements and invoicing. I prefer NOT having the manual adding of credits because I have just this week realised that all manual credits that I added over the years NEVER generated an invoice and whenever that credit was used to offset an outstanding invoice, it caused incorrect account statement values because now there is an amount that is in negative instead of showing a positive value because when that credit was applied to an outstanding invoice, it never created an entry in the account statement page to show that credit was deducted. We have now spent the past week going through ALL clients that had credits added to them to add a manual invoice entry that has a negative value to be the same as the credit that was given to the client to ultimately balance the account statement. If we add manual credit to a clients account, then we should be given the opportunity to have a checkbox that states "Create a corresponding Invoice Entry?" to create an AddFunds invoice during this process and additionally we should be given the opportunity to mark it as Paid on the same interface before we click submit. Alternatively it should just do it without asking us and simply asking if we want to mark it as paid and ONLY once it is paid, should the credit be allocated to the account. As it stands now, if you create a manual credit entry, it will create a negative value on your client's account statement after that credit is applied to an outstanding invoice...which is wrong!
  9. I also found that formula and couldnt see how the calculations were done. My wife (who is a Chartered Accountant by trade) and I have been sitting for the past 3hours trying to understand it and NOTHING we do calculates to what WHMCS is calculating. Anyways, what I did was manually work out the credits and create a credit record to remove the overly zealous credit given to the client. I absolutely HATE that WHMCS doesn't create a proper credit note to correct the statement values. The credit system is completely separate to the invoicing system and it feels like this part of WHMCS really falls flat on its face! I honestly need a drink now!
  10. Hello, This is a bit of an interesting problem. My currency is in South African Rands. It seems that the WHMCS system is allocating credit to the client where credit is not due! I'm not sure how to fix this now. Is this a bug or is it something I have done wrong in the process? or what? OUR PACKAGES: Package A costs R649 per year for 3GB Package B costs R999 per year 5GB SCENARIO: Client orders Package B on 1 January with an annual billing cycle for R999 In June, we announce a price increase and storage allocation increase due to the cPanel price hikes changing the package costs and structure to the following: Package A costs R999 per year for 5GB Package B costs R1299 per year for 10GB Naturally, I ran the Bulk pricing updater to issue the new pricing on all the packages and updated the packages on cPanel to reflect the new storage allocations. CLIENT DOWNGRADES The client understandably decides to downgrade his account because he doesn't need the extra 5GB for the extra cost. This DOWNGRADE action has now resulted in a CREDIT of R42.10 on the order placed to downgrade the account. I am trying to wrap my head around the maths as to why this would be the case because the cost that the client originally paid was R999 and the NEW price on the downgrade is ALSO R999. We implemented it like this to minimise the cost impact if clients decided to downgrade but it seems that the system is ANYWAY giving the client credit wher credit is not due! Any advice would be well received. 🙂
  11. Hello, Has anyone else run in to this problem when using MarketConnect and checking your Income Reports? The reports are not including the MarketConnect fees for each service that we purchase. It only includes the payment gateway fees but not the fees we are charged when purchasing the Services. These service fees should be included in our Income Reports. Anyone?? B
  12. I couldnt have said it better! I am surprised that WHMCS is taking this "ruling with an iron fist" approach to these categoris. anyhoe...Iwill just stick to your original solution for now. It's not the end of the world. thanks again Brian 🙂
  13. Thank you Brian 🙂 It works when the page first loads but falls apart the moment the client clicks on a category and then deselects the category. But it will do the trick for now. WHMCS really dropped the ball on this one....and they aren't going to pick it up it seems. Thanks for the tip on the Domain pricing. I will definitely be using that.
  14. Hello, I find the domain checker extension categories useless to say the least! I know that my clients pretty much NEVER even understand what a ccTLD is or a gTLD etc! So they don't even KNOW to click those buttons to show the domain extension they are looking for so my clients just get confused! Now, the problem is that what WHMCS considers POPULAR doesn't include my own countries tld extension so now when the client is looking for the cost of my countries tld's they can't find it because they don't think for themselves that they need to click a certain category to display the tld to get the pricing! So what they simply do now is enter garbage.tld in to the search field and see what the tld costs in the search results rendering the whole cateories options useless and ifthey happen to enter a domain that actually exists, it doesn't show the price. So the only way around this I figured is to enable ALL the options by default to show ALL tld's when the page loads. Is this possible and if so, how could I do it? Thanks
  15. bluesteam

    MarketConnect does not fully automate SpamExperts

    On the topic of additional SpamExperts storage licenses in the event that clients need more storage, this is the final stake in the ground from WHMCS MarketConnect Support: Original Post of Support Ticket WHMCS MarketConnect Support Reply My Reply WHMCS MarketConnect Support Reply My Reply WHMCS MarketConnect Support Reply WHMCS MarketConnect Support Came back to me My Reply WHMCS MarketConnect Support Reply My Reply You might be happy with that approach but you still haven't told me how I am supposed to charge my client and what the steps on my side would be to maintain this additional license. You're forgetting the email archiving that isn't enabled by default! not to mention the false advertising stating that everything is 100% fully automated and it's not. So yes, I am planning on moving away the first chance I get and other's have even stated that to enable it is simply stupid. So there you have it, more claims that additional storage can simply be added under the FAQ and yet it's not the case as we have to log a ticket directly with WHMCS or SpamExperts to obtain additional licenses. So many claims that MarketConnect is automated and Wonderful and then this! Stay away from this platform people! While the concept is amazing, it just doesn't live up to it's claims.

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