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Register domains for multiple years

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For the domain, gTLD may be renewed up to ten years, while cTLD usually may be renewed for a single year only.
You can issue a custom invoice to your user, and bill even one hundred years of domain maintaining and hosting... but keep attention: are you sure that domains as we know todaly will still exist upon 15 years?
Beside that, the hosting service you sell today will be totally useless five years in the future (as today would be totally useless the hosting service we were used to provide 5 o 10 years ago)


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15 hours ago, HarryAdney said:

Is it possible to configure WHMCS domain registration pricing to more than "triennially". I have a client who wants her domain and hosting to last 20 years!

that's a long-requested feature to go beyond the current 3 years limit.... in fact, I think it was long-requested 5 years ago when I first starting using WHMCS!

i'm not sure that i'd go beyond the maximum renewal period of the TLD - whether that be 1 or 10 years - because you know that you can buy that service today from your registrar supplier, but if the customer wants to go further than that, then that's a business decision you need to make... on a practical front in terms of WHMCS, you could setup todo reminders to renew the domain every few years if you can't do it in one go now.

if you do down the custom invoice route as suggested by @Remitur then don't forget to also adjust the next due dates of both the hosting and domain to the correct period.

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Thanks everyone, for all your great advice.

I guess I'll have to think about the best way to go with this one.

If my business closed for whatever reason, if I order the full 10 years now, then at least it's paid for and my client won't be impacted. On the other hand, technology being what it is, as @Remitur points out who knows what domains will look like in that time frame? Apparently Tim Berners-Lee is looking to remake the internet, so, yeah, either choice is a bit of a gamble.

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