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Domain Transfer Notice?

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Due to end user / customer confusion and lack of knowledge, I'd like to put a notice for ALL domain transfer attempts (to and from my company) when they order such service that:


  1. Domain must be unlocked first
  2. Privacy protection must be removed first

Using ENOM module here. How can we put this global notice for such service (transfers in/out)?

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This would probably be a customisation of your hook, have you considered adding in to the domain transfer email?

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The hook? Please explain how I can create a basic hook that only appears if they're ordering a domain transfer.


As for the template, the closest and only template would be the domain transfer initiated one, which gets sent after they pay and initiate the transfer. Doesn't make sense, since they need to be warned prior to initiating the transfer to unlock their domain and remove the privacy (if there).

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for transfers in, i'd be tempted to modify the content of the template - e.g if standard_cart, it would be domaintransfer.tpl... there would be 3 options...


1. use Language Overrides to modify either of the two strings the arrows are pointing to below - these changes won't be lost after a WHMCS update.



$_LANG['orderForm']['transferExtend'] = "Transfer now to extend your domain by 1 year!";
$_LANG['orderForm']['extendExclusions'] = "Excludes certain TLDs and recently renewed domains";


2. you could modify the template directly by editing the domaintransfer template.


3. you couldn't easily modify the content of this page using a hook, unless you wanted to use it to generate a popup window - that would need a modified version of the code in this thread.


of the three, i'd probably use the language override solution as being the quickest, simplest and avoids issues with updates.


with regards to transfers from you, domain transfers are usually pulled - so the request will be generated on the receiving site chosen by your client, and not your site.

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