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  1. you absolute legend !! That's exactly what I was looking for, thank you so much !
  2. ok ill have to come back to this when i have some time. id hoped it would be quite and easy job thanks for your help
  3. I suppose the question is can we put one there at this point i think any way of getting a link on a product page a client can click to go to the login page for that product even in the side bar for a customer logging into whmcs to manage their products with us they click on the product then they have the option to cancel and ideally to go to login page. rather than having the product but then having to go off to another page to try and find a login link which is not really user friendly whether its a button at the bottom, a generic module to allow this or a link in the action bar i dont mind below is an example screen we have
  4. Yes so the product would be a zero trust security product, a user would have to login to the control panel to admin it The site has no module available for whmcs but just would like a link for that product in whmcs to go to the login panel for the product to save the client having to go Looking - and it looks more professional if there were a module where we can just stick in a url to direct the button to that would suffice but most modules are specific provisioning modules that send data to one site
  5. HI Dennis No module at the moment, or the software product doesn't have a module i should say. Im just selling a product in WHMCS, and it would be really handy for clients to be able to go to the product and click that button to be taken to a login page for that product (even if they have to login)
  6. HI John That setting was indeed set to 0, ive changed that to 10 and will give that a test. Thanks for your help.
  7. HI there, thanks for getting back to me The payment has been taken before, and is taken each time ok. its just the date which the direct debit payment is initiated is always the due date, rather than the invoice creation date. this means the direct debit takes about 5 - 10 days to process which is obviously then past all the domain renewal dates, as the domains expire on the due date. im trying to get the go cardless direct debit to start submit the payment the same day the invoice is generated, so that hopefully its cleared, and the domains are safely renewed before the due date
  8. we use WHMCS to collect manage renewals for our web hosting business, we have the gocardless plugin to allow us to integrate direct debits. It seems the submission for the direct debit payment is done the day the invoice is due which is too late for us, as the domains and hosting expire that day, so clients have to wait a week to get email and website back or we have to manually renew everything. We have checked the box Charge Date Preference to take the payment when the invoice is generated which is one week in advance but it still seems to do it on the due date. is there a way of correcting this?
  9. Hey folks is it possible to change the Log In To Control Panel button on the manage service page to a custom url ? i have several products that aren't hosting but you do log in to manage them, i just need each of these products to go to a separate login page when you click "log on to control panel" where the user can then login ( the button doesn't have to log the person in they can do that manually) ideally the link would be on the same button (rather than in the side bar) to keep a standard way of accessing the CP for all products thanks :)
  10. HI there I had a bit of a funny where if an item is invoiced then not paid - the item is then also added to the next invoice for that customer, so they now have 2 invoices with 1 item duplicated on each invoice. has anyone else had this or is there a setting somewhere I have wrong thanks
  11. Thank you Brian that solution worked a treat and was very helpful thanks for sharing
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