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Hi, I am planning on running a single installation of whmcs/whm/cpanel in order to sell domains on two websites.


Website A is business orientated and website B is gaming related.


Does anyone know of any way that I would be able to offer only a selection of my avalible domains to each?


For example, on website A I would like to only display general, country and business orientated TLDs while hiding silly TLDs like ".cool". On website B I would like to only display silly/gaming related domains like ".win", ".team", ect...


This would significantly decrease availability checking time as well as only list suggestions relative to the customer.


Any suggestions on how to achieve this would be greatly appreciated.



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my initial thought on this would be to have them as two separate installations - that would be by far the simplest way to have generic TLDs on one site; gaming TLDs on the other and avoid the need for any serious modifications to be written... but I suspect you are going to tell me that you don't want to do that. :)


there wouldn't be a way to do what you want solely from the admin settings - so you're then looking at modifying the processes via action hooks and/or template edits... and how complicated that needs to be will depend upon exactly what you need it to do (and where).


for example, at the most basic level, you could use the integration code to create a lookup (on either site) for specific TLDs... that would work fine, but there'd be an issue with suggestions because there is only one installation and hence one set of suggestion TLDs... due to checking times, you can't have too many suggestion TLDs, perhaps 10-20... so I suppose you could choose 10 suggestion TLDs for each site and hide the other ten not applicable to that site from the results... but you wouldn't save much time as upto 20 lookups would still be performed.


maybe if you could use an API solution for lookups, that could give you slightly more flexibility - though that would likely be determined by your registrar choice.

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