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WHMCS affiliate program revenue concerns

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Im not asking how much or how many, that is none of my business. I am asking anyone that has actually received revenue of any kind from the WHMCS Affiliate program in the last 12 months to kindly acknowledge so.


I will go first.... i have not!

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Yeah thats my point exactly, conversions are going to be extremely difficult. I really dont have any proof at all that any of those actually converted or not because in most cases the cookie expires before they convert so i lose out. And on a side note i figure since they are now charging me double for service updates then they can quite honestly afford to get their own customers. It would be different if they would credit my account should something convert to offset the new price increase instead of having to wait to meet some kind of payout level, but quite honestly i have lost any interest i getting them business so ill probably just term my affiliate program membership.

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You mean paid out here from WHMCS? Yes, I have made more then a thousand dollars in the last year. I also now see i am getting commissions on "Support and Updates 12 Month Extension" which is new - or i have never seen before. :) (so yeah, if anyone bought their license using my affiliate link - please go get the support update! lol )


One of the ways i get commissions is using a branding-free license BUT i still add powered by whmcs but use an affiliate link.


Helps too I guess that alot of the people who visit my site(s) are hosting companies.


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It would be different if they would credit my account should something convert


I believe at $25 (don't quote me) that you can have the balance converted to account credit.

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  • WHMCS Support Manager

That's correct @wwesn:


  • You must have $50 or more to make a withdrawal from your affiliate commissions balance to your PayPal account
  • You must have $25 or more to add to your credit balance on your account



The "Request Withdrawal" button will appear at $50.00, but if you'd like to withdraw at $25.00 please contact Sales and account credit can be issued.

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Thanks wwesn and John for the clarification, appreciate that.


As per the title change of this thread, it was a perfectly fine title and just shows the GODish complex that someone has, changing a title just to try to let me know he has the powah and is king... how pathetic....

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