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  1. I was going to say that it would be easy to convert it to PDO prepared statements but the Capsule is great too. 🙂 should be easy to use those examples to convert it to the capsule. Hi brian! good to hear from you as well, good to see your still at it. I did alittle bit of coding after WHMCS but finally decided that even as a hobby i needed to call it quits for health reasons so i have not coded anything for pay in almost a year now. Part of me still misses it and sometimes ill whip up something just to learn how to do something new but thats about it. I moved to East Texas and i am loving it so much, its pretty and green and the lake it close enough to toss a rock and hit a fish lol.... But unlike NM, Texas has so many lakes its hard to chose just one, its alot like Texas girls, they are all beautiful its hard to choose just one. lol This is a very quiet rural community where the police chief dresses like a old west cowboy in the old days 🙂, its a very very small town and thats what i love about it. I bought some land here, first time land owner 🙂 and its keeping me busy, building a fence and so forth. I know im retired now but the plan is when i get to actual retirement age all i have for bills is utilities and a small HOA fee every month and the rest is for play time including fishing. So thats the plan.... so they say.. Sorry to be so long winded off topic... hope everyone is doing well and brian! take it easy man and do that voodoo that you do so well 🙂
  2. Hi, i dont know, i have not installed WHMCS since 2018. But its free so try it, if it does not work there are plenty of people on here to help you get it going :)
  3. oops number 3 should have been this file... DDSlideCaptcha_V_1_0_free.zip
  4. 3. This one is the Slide Captcha - This will allow you to use a slide captcha on your WHMCS install. Enjoy the addon phpbb_bub_addon1_4_free.zip
  5. Hi everyone, Its been a long time since i have been around and mostly due to medical and life issues. However since i have decided to retire from the professional side of programming and just doing the hobby deal now i wanted to offer up my old WHMCS addons (not encoded) to everyone for free. I wont be doing any more WHMCS work now that its just a hobby for me so sharing what i have done in the past might help someone in the future, so you may download an use them as you wish. You are free to use these addons without restriction from me, all i ask is that somewhere in the header you at least be kind enough to mention my name as the original artist. I believe that last version i updated these for was WHMCS version 6 and they all worked back then. You may have to do some tweaking for the newer versions of WHMCS. I will be posting several zip files here over the next few days as soon as i can get the file headers modified for the new non restrictive purposes, i believe there are a total of 4 addons i will be posting here. The zip file contains the install txt and all the files you need. It is exactly the way it was when it was for sale, the only thing i have changed are the files license header to unrestricted. Thanks for all your help in the past and i wish you all the very best going forward. 1. This one is called Client Permblock - The purpose of this addon is to give the local admin a way to locally block unwanted clients. With WHMCS there are national fraud features that you would typically report fraud clients to as part of WHMCS. However, if that client should not qualify to be reported to those national companies for some reason then this addon will allow you to keep your own local records. This addon does not do any remote reporting, its only purpose is to allow you to be more proactive and list current WHMCS clients or add non-client information that you choose not to do business with in the future should they attempt to join your business as a client. I had big plans for this addon with more features but just never got around to it. Enjoy the addon client_permblock_addon_V1_1_free.zip 2. This is the PHPBB Bridge addon - This addon allows you to auto register a new WHMCS client to your phpBB community when they complete the WHMCS registration. Enjoy the addon phpbb_bub_addon1_4_free.zip
  6. So basically this is another gap in the sale process where someone using a credit card can do so without a valid email or any way to contact them. But why? Is it to just spend money on someone else's credit card maliciously? They don't receive a product without a contact address, so i wonder what the end game is? brian! wrote: Yes i am thinking this is exactly the case.
  7. I just found the ticket number dated Aug 9th 2016 ticket number is XTC-198003 and here is an excerpt from that ticket. This was from John K. WHMCS (last name removed) So maybe the just dont enforce it for older entries or premium members, not sure.
  8. Yeah im not sure about that, it may be something new in the last 6 mos or so with new entries. All i know is that when i added that back to the marketplace about 6 mos or so ago i had intended to have it go to my site but it said it has to go directly to paypal. They may not enforce it or they may just have grandfathered in old entries or it may be a premium benefit im not sure. Maybe WHMCS can shed some light on the rule and why some do and some dont. I honestly cant remember if i asked someone with a ticket or just reading the docs, but i do remember getting clarification somehow that it has to go directly to the payment page and cannot go to a website page. Here is the rule when you post a new entry:
  9. They bought the addon directly through the WHMCS marketplace which goes directly to paypal (per WHMCS rules) and so it did not go through any other system. Bear is right its not fraud yet, it could simply be a mistake by the customer who forgot to change their paypal email address but has another domain to use the addon with. If it goes any further south i will for sure report it. I think there is a paypal option on a button code to force them to either have or create a paypal account before the sale, maybe thats the best option going forward. As for now i guess ill just wait to see if the customer contacts me. Dave
  10. If anyone ordered this and did not get your copy, let me know please i had an issue where i could not reach the customer to send them the addon files. You will need to confirm some information for me about the sale before i release the file in order to prove its you. Thanks so much.
  11. Hi, Today i received a payment from a gentlemen for one of my addons. I usually will send the addon file to them via their paypal address seeing how that is the only email address i have. When i sent the customer an email it came back undeliverable. So i checked the email and it came from a domain that is for sale via a domain name broker company. At first i thought that maybe it was a new domain and that the registration had not gone thru yet, or maybe they sold or gave up on the domain but forgot to change their email address on their paypal account. So i called paypal and ask them about the sale. They said there was no history on the account at all, and that the customer chose to pay with a credit card which does not require a paypal account. They also can use any email address they want to use as it does not validate that email they use when paying with a credit card. So this has me really curious as to why anyone would use a credit card and a fake email to pay for a simple $10.00 addon when they should realize that i have no way to contact them at all without a valid email address. Paypal was nice enough to put a note on the account in case the customer contacts them or wants to reverse the charges and they will let the customer know i was trying to reach them. I probably should not release the name of the email domain due to fakers taking advantage of the deal. However, i was curious if anyone else has ever received a payment in such a way. Its very strange, you would think that someone would be chomping at the bit to get ahold of their new addon ASAP. dave
  12. Hi a bit of searching and i found this... https://wordpress.org/plugins/cm-answers/ is this what you might be looking for ? also found this one as well - open source but its written in python/django so there may be some conflicts as to it running on your server setup and i would think unless you knew python you would be lost in trying to edit it. But it looks nice. http://www.dzonesoftware.com/products/open-source-question-answer-software In your google search for Q&A software, i think youll find what you need
  13. Thanks for the clarification yes i was talking traffic Yes with every update on any product the related forums are always buzzing and whats the most popular question i get, "will your plugin work with the new version". It's good to see some familar names still around here and i'm glad to be back even if it's slow For what its worth, i also want to sincerly apologize to anyone that i may have been short with in the last few months before i took my leave. As you know at that time i was battling several serious life issues and also having to battle someone on here who thought he was better than everyone else. One or two of you may have got bitten by me and i sincerly apologize, it was a crazy time and i certainly never meant to treat any of the regulars on here that way. I am very happy to hear that the certain person is gone, we all won that battle The last thing on that subject i would like to add is just what that person told me one time, and now i shall return the favor to him. "Enjoy your time away from the forum"
  14. Most servers have ioncube but many of them run outdated versions so its best to host your own. Now im not so sure how this post might apply to many of us because many of us who run whmcs don't do so on shared servers and we have our own ioncube installed on our vps or dedi server usually in /usr/local/ioncube. However i assume that it's possible that many developers may not use a vps or dedi and i thought i would post this here anyway in the hopes it might help someone along the way. I have always hosted my own ioncube files. I download the loaders from the ioncube site and then create a ioncube folder in my public_html and then just let the server know i want to use those files instead of the default server files with this command in the php.ini file zend_extension = /home/name/public_html/ioncube/ioncube_loader_lin_5.5.so but this time it caused a fatal server error which it has never done before, so after a bit of fiddling i finally contacted my host. They updated my php to php 5.6 (from php 5.5) and the issue went away, they also wrapped my command in quotes like this zend_extension = "/home/name/public_html/ioncube/ioncube_loader_lin_5.5.so" which they say is correct but will work fine without the quotes. Now i don't remember ever seeing quotes before in the instructions but it's working so i guess i will let it be. I just thought this might helps someone having issues, or help you to help your hosting customers. Thanks dave
  15. I just came back from a long break and was asking some questions in another section about my addon, and it occurred to me maybe i should be asking if there is anyone around to use it.. lol It seems that the forum is very slow now days, much different than before. Or maybe i am just not looking at the right sections.. Or maybe (and i have to sit down for this one lol) WHMCS is now perfect and noone has any issues at all.. And by the way, for those i know hello, and for those i dont nice to meet you
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