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New Google Analytics Addon Module (Universal Analytics)

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Most of you already noticed that Google Analytics changed its Official Tracking Code to Universal Analytics.

Some of the new features that Universal analytics provides are:

  • Tracking of multiple visits for a single user
  • Multiple browser tracking (previously a different browser meant a new visit)
  • Cross device tracking – this will allow you to analyze how visitors consume site content across various devices and will really help to show how valuable mobile is
  • Customized dimensions and metrics
  • Customization of session and campaign cookie life time via the UI
  • Native cross-domain tracking between sub-domains
  • Offline activity


A major new feature that comes with Universal Analytics is that you can track your users’ behavior across multiple platforms. Let’s say that one of your clients visit your website from his office desktop, then he visit your site again from his mobile phone while he is in the metro on his way to home and finally, he visit your site from home using his tablet. With the old analytics that would be counted as three unique visits but now with Universal analytics it will count only one unique visit and you will get much clearer understanding of your customers’ journey and conversion path.


Our team was working on this and we are glad to announce a new addon module, the “New Google Analytics”. This addon inserts the new Google Analytics tracking code in your WHMCS installation. It is not just another addon module, with this module you can make several customizations in the tracking code and track not only your visitors but also your customers by the new feature of Google analytics “Track IDs”.


Let’s see what you can do with this addon:

  • Tracking Code: As usual you write your tracking code in format of UA-XXXXXXXX-X in order to start tracking your visitors
  • Tracking Domain: This is an optional field where you write the domain you want to track. If you want to track also sub-domains you leave it in its default value (auto).
  • Cross Domains Tracking: A new feature is the Cross Domains Tracking if you check this field you enable the tracking across multiple Domains (ex. yourdomain.com, otherdomain.co.uk, nextdomain.gr etc). This is useful if you have different domains for shopping cart, for blog etc. This is not for sub-domains as Universal analytics tracks sub-domains automatically.
  • Cross Domains: If you choose the “Cross Domains Tracking”, here you must write the domains you want to track.
  • Track Admins: The “Track Admins” option lets you choose if you want to track your administrators’ front end actions. Usually you don't want to merge your administrators’ activities with your visitors’ and clients’ behavior for analysis.
  • Anonymous IP Tracking: Enable this if you want to remove the last three digits from your users IP address (e.g. 192.168.0.xxx) before Google Analytics store data in its database. According Google, this does slightly reduce the accuracy of geographic reporting.
  • Track User IDs: Check this if you want to track your clients’ behavior. This sends your users IDs to Google Analytics. You must set this option also in your Google Analytics Account -> Property -> USER-ID. Warning: Check Google documentation. In some countries might be illegal.
  • Remarketing: If you want to enable Remarketing with Google Analytics.
  • Enhanced in-page analytics: Check this if you want to enable Enhanced in-page analytics.
  • Ecommerce Tracking System: The new Google Analytics Tracking System implements two different ecommerce tracking systems, the “ecommerce” and the “enhanced ecommerce”. The first one does basic tracking of the check out process, while the later has enhanced functionalities such as full product views and shopping cart tracking. Choose the type of ecommerce tracking you want. Your choice must be the same in your Goggle Analytics account settings. If later you want to change your choice, you must not forget to do the same in your Google Analytics Account.
  • Sample Rate: Set the Sample Rate, by default this is 100 but for website with huge traffic this value must be lower. More information on this you can find at: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/2637192
  • Site Speed Sample Rate: Set the Site Speed Sample Rate. For more information on this check: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1205784
  • Google Webmaster Verification: This is not a part of Google Analytics. It gives you the ability to add here the verification code from Google Webmaster Tools. The code can be found in the Verifications options as an alternative method from the default HTML file method. You have to enter here only the verification string and not the whole HTML code.



As of now in the “enhanced ecommerce” feature we implemented only the check out process but soon we will include the whole cart and ordering procedure. Stay tuned!


There are 2 versions “Light” (which is free) and “Pro” (which has all the features and costs only 4.90 Euros). In the images bellow you will find a comparison table of these versions.

You can find the “New Google Analytics” addon at: http://www.arip.net/cart.php?gid=5




We hope that you will find it useful and we are open for questions and suggestions.


The ARIP Team


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I bought the pro version. Uploaded it. now i cant login to whmcs, it says


The file /home/**/public_html/modules/addons/google_analytics_new/google_analytics_new.php is corrupted.


Hi cyberhostpro and thank you for your purchase. I reproduced the problem. Something went wrong during files compression; I compressed again the files and uploaded the corrected file to the server. Please download your file again from http://www.arip.net and contact me if you have any problem.

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On a side note, if I would get the code added into the my page header, how would I be able to edit this code to integrate with my cookie-law script? For example, google does require the webmaster to implement the option for visitors to agree or not to agree with Userd-ID tracking. As the google analytics account holder and webmaster you need to agree upon before google enables User-ID tracking.

Your file is encoded so I don't see how I can get it to work with my cookie script.

(I have your pro version)

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I dont see any google tracking code added into the source of my pages. It does not seem to be working at all.


Hi DS-Dennis, did you check the "Track Admins" checkbox? If you see your client area while logged as administrator in the back end, then you won’t see the tracking code. So check the Track Admins box and re-inspect your clients' area code.


If you have custom template and/or you want help, then please pm me or open a ticket in our "client area". I will be glad to help you.

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Thank you panvagil, that was the case and after I unticked that option I could see the analytics code in the source of my pages.

That is a nice feature so now I know this works I can tick this option again as I am not interested in my own visits.

I do have an custom template, does that require some coding to think about?


My previous question is also still valid about how I would get my cookie-law script to enable/disable User-ID tracking (or the entire analytics code) if the visitor disables cookies on my site.

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Hi DS-Dennis,

I think you mean the oposite. If you tick the "Track Admin" option then you track also administrators. So you have to untick it if you don't want to track your own visits.


There is no need to do extra coding to your custom template.


As about your question about User-ID tracking and law requirments. This question appeared after I my reply and I didn't notice.

I made a change in the code, so I bellieve that now you can enable/disable the whole Tracking Code according users' prefference (cookie-law). Please download the file again and upload and decompress in your WHMCS installation. Then in addon configuration page put in "Cookie Name" field the name of the cookie (in your case is eucookie). Save your new configuration and check again (don't forget to enable the "Track Admin").


Hope this will solve the problem with EU-law.

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Sir, you are correct again.


The cookie-law requirement does work well now as I could verify by refreshing my page source and noticed the google analytics code appear/disappear when I enabled/disabled my cookie preferences on site.


Now I may have an odd request maybe but I think it is common to enable and use cookies by default given the visitor the possibility to disable them. Currently I have a bar notifying my visitors that the site uses cookies. At that point analytics is disabled. When they hit the "Ok" button to close that bar, analytics will be enabled.


However, on my configuration they notice now another tiny box which they can close, disable cookies or enable again.

I would like to see cookies disabled when they specific disable them in this box, meaning that if they first visit the website cookies are enabled, when they hit the "Ok" for acknowledgement cookies are still enabled but when they hit "disable cookies" it obvious disappears.

I think I have my website listed on my forum profile if you would want to see what I mean.


Thanks for all the help thought.

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Hi DS-Dennis,


I'm not sure if at the first visit of a visitor Google Analytics tracking code should be enabled because this way you track the first visit of visitors who don't wish to get tracked and they disable cookies. If you think diffent let me know.


Also, I like to have the opinnion about this and from other people in this forum.


I know your site. I visit all of our customers websites. The template you use is very nice.

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  • 1 month later...

Hi hideipvpn,


We use the latest version of Ioncube Encoder (8.3), so I think that it works with your loader version. On our servers we tested the addon on PHP Version 5.4.35 and ionCube PHP Loader v4.6.1.


You can test the addon downloading the free (Light) version and see if all are OK and then get the PRO version to have additional functionality.

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  • 4 months later...
  • 1 month later...

We are happy to anounce the version 2.0 of the "New Google Analytics Addon Module (Universal Analytics).


The new version has the following new feautures:

At the end of the order process ("Thank you for your order" page) it tracks and sends to your Google Analytics account the followings:

- Order Number

- Product name

- Product id

- Product Group Name

- Product price

- Quantity

- AffiliateID

- Total Ammount

- Total Taxes

- Promo Code

- Payment Method


We hope that these new features will give you more insights of your users behavior and will help you analyze your traffic better.

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Greetings guys,


Thank you for the update, it's useful however I'd like to report some bugs and improvements but currently your support forums doesn't work. Please advise.


Thank you!


Thank you SeedHost,


There were a firewall malfunction. Now all are OK.


Best regards

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