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  1. When using UsageUpdate function, in what format should the numbers be for disk usage and bandwidth usage (bytes, kilobytes, mb, gb, etc.)? The doc page doesn't specify.
  2. I've been through WHMCS docs about theme customization, module development, etc. What I can't find is information on how we can create custom product management pages. For example, WHMCS team created custom management page for cPanel hosting: Can someone point me to any resources on how to create/edit product pages? Thanks a lot!
  3. I noticed your site says supported WHMCS version is 5.3.11... are you supporting later versions 5.3.13? Ready to buy, but need to make sure it's compatible.
  4. Thanks for quick reply. If you can push all payment data into GA ecommerce (invoices, recurring payments, etc.), you can double, triple price and charge more for it. It will be invaluable to WHMCS users I guarantee it
  5. Hey Panvagil, does your plugin track all payments inside WHMCS or only purchases made through the frontend checkout? For example, does it track monthly recurring payments in GA ecommerce? Thanks.
  6. v1ktor

    "Completed" product status

    Hi, no not order statuses. I need product statuses.
  7. WHMCS does not offer an option for either custom product status or "Completed" product status. All statuses right now are recurring service based statuses, but for any one-off projects or products it's not possible to have it be completed in any way without setting it to "cancelled" or "deactivated". Does anyone have a better solution for this? Or has an idea if it's possible to add new product status with an addon? There's a request for feature already there, so do vote if you need this: https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/option-to-display-custom-statuses-to-the-client If you're whmcs developer and can do this with addon, please let me know.
  8. It seems to be a bit redundant and annoying to send out invoice due reminders when a client signed up for a subscription to be charged automatically. Has anyone figured out a way to stop emails from going out in this situation? Any info greatly appreciated.
  9. v1ktor

    [Addon] Piwik Stats Integration

    The site is broken, does anyone have addon available? Would love to use it.
  10. Has anyone figured out a way to prevent custom invoices from being charged automatically but keeping automatic charging for products/services client signed up for? Profile option to disable c/c charging disables everything.
  11. v1ktor

    Google Adwords Conversion Code

    Inside orderforms folder, each cart has it's own complete.tpl file - which is used when order is completed. So that's where your conversion code should go to track sales as conversions.
  12. Ok, so I have a hook in place for ShoppingCartCheckoutCompletePage. When they reach completion page, hook checks for products in the order and based on product ID and if order status is pending, it sends out a correct email. Because I'm using ShoppingCartCheckoutCompletePage hook, the email should go out right there and then when order is complete. So why does the email go out when dailycron runs in the morning? Thoughts? I'm using internal API inside hook to sendmail with a correct template.
  13. v1ktor

    Relation Between clients and products

    I was researching this too. Apparantely, tblhosting table is used for ALL orders, hosting or not. This is "tblorders" table in disguise really. All order information you need is in this table. packageid = product id This is exactly what one needs to match clients with products with orders using SQL helper functions (thanks to SoluteDNS for telling me about those): http://docs.whmcs.com/SQL_Helper_Functions
  14. v1ktor

    Help with Simple openticket internal API

    Thanks, yes, I copied it before I had a chance to remove var_dump, and unfortunately, I can't edit my post here.

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