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Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce for WHMCS implement Universal Analytics Enhanced E-commerce features using Google Tag Manager on WHMCS. With this module, you now can track all orders in Google Analytics and Goals Conversion. Optimize your Adwords Campaigns with information about sales orders, revenue, CPA and more!

Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce enables product impression, promotion, and sales data to be sent to Google Analytics. Track Page Views, Events, and Actions on all WHMCS pages. Track the order funnel and revenue, abandoned checkout process, generate page value and improve the data analysis of your audience.

Find out into WHMCS Marketplace list, https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/3118

See our presentation video here.

Main Features

The Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce for WHMCS allows you to analyze purchase activity on your WHMCS. Now you can collect product and transaction information, average order value, e-commerce conversion rate, time to purchase, and other information such as:

  • Track Transactions
  • Track Products adds to Cart
  • Track Products removed from Cart (coming soon)
  • Track Checkout and Purchase Funnel
  • Track Shopping Behavior
  • Track Checkout Behavior
  • Track Product Performance:
    • Product Revenue
    • Unique Product Purchases
    • Avg. Price
    • Product Refund (coming soon)
  • Track Sales Performance:
    • Revenue per Transaction
    • Tax paid per Transaction
    • Refund Amount (coming soon)
  • Track Marketing Promotions:
    • Coupons Usage per Order
    • Coupons Usage per Product (coming soon)
    • Internal Promotion (coming soon)
    • Affiliate Code (coming soon)

Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce for WHMCS lets you see the overall state of the performance of your WHMCS, and provides the ability to enable three categories of related metrics on:

Shopping Behavior Analysis

The Shopping Behavior Analysis report lets you see the number of sessions that included each stage of your purchase funnel, how many sessions continued from one step to the next, and how many abandoned the funnel at each stage. You can evaluate your users' shopping experience from product impression to transaction.



Checkout Behavior Analysis

The Checkout Behavior Analysis report lets you see how successfully your users moved through your checkout process. The checkout-funnel visualization illustrates how many users moved from one step to the next, how many abandoned the process at each step, and how many entered the process at each step.



Product Performance

The Product Performance report lets you see how your products performed from two different points of view.



Sales Performance

The Sales Performance report lets you evaluate sales dimensions and report metrics per sale.



Order Coupon

The Order Coupon report lets you see how your order-level coupons performed.



Domains Purchases and TLD's

Whit Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce for WHMCS you can keep your digital strategy improved tracking the domains purchases and renews. Generate analysis on Google Analytics with the most orders TLD's and more!

Events and Behavior

Keep track the user Events on checkout funnel. See all events steps involved in a transaction such as:

  • Product Impressions: Track Products Impression when a Product Group is visited.
  • Product Details: Track events when the product have configuration options or additional modules
  • Add to Cart: Trigger an event when a product is added to shopping cart.
  • Checkout: Track any event on registration and payment process.
  • Purchase: Collect all data of the order and push to Google Analytics.



Multi-currency Support

This module supports multi-currency orders. You can track any currency used on your orders.


You can purchase this module on WHMCS Marketplace, https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/3118

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    • By boldig
      Is there any way we can change that ticket reports can be taken from different departments, default it just take ticket report from ALL departments in one bucket, how can i seperate these reports so i can get reports from just one department in the ticket reports ?
      Ant idea is welcome
      Thanks a lot
    • By ModulesGarden
      Very long-awaited version 2.0 of Report Generator For WHMCS has been just released!
      ModulesGarden Report Generator For WHMCS 2.0 is not the same module anymore. In fact this version is completely different from version 1.0 because module has been rebuilt from scratch.
      Report Generator For WHMCS 2.0 offers complete functionality which will allow you to generate, manage, import, export, send and print dynamic reports from any kind of WHMCS data.
      The most important change in this version is entirely new way of creating reports. We replaced SQL query builder with flexible drag & drop WYSIWYG creator. Preparing your own reports has never been so quick and simple!
      We also equipped the module with migration tool and over a dozen of predefined reports which you can freely modify and use.
      Owing to Report Generator For WHMCS 2.0 you will be able to explore all details of your business with just a few clicks!

      Changed: Module rewritten from scratch
      Changed: Rebuilt and improved user interface
      New Feature: Drag & Drop WYSIWYG report builder (dynamically generated tables, charts and graphs)
      New Feature: New charts: column & area charts
      New Feature: Export report data to CSV & XML
      New Feature: Export report data to CSV from view page
      New Feature: Predefined SQL expressions at the report builder
      New Feature: Multiple joins at the report builder
      New Feature: Cloning section at the report builder
      New Feature: Data tables in a report views are now sortable
      New Feature: Print view of a report
      New Feature: Generate a PDF report using a cron job
      New Feature: Generate a PDF using special Unicode font
      New Feature: Translation of a database columns and tables from the inside of module settings
      New Feature: Migration Tool that allows you to migrate reports from a version 1.0 of the module
      Changed: Multiple cron jobs replaced with only one cron job
      Changed: Time filtering is now optional
      Fixed: Major bug fixes

      Are You Interested?
      ♦ Order Report Generator For WHMCS Now!
      Do You Need More Information?
      ♦ Read More About Report Generator For WHMCS
      Are You Looking For Complete Documentation?
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      View our first, official VIDEO presenting the module - !
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      Would you like to know more about the upcoming modules? Ask on our Forums!
      Do You Need Custom Software Development?
      Specially for you we will adapt an application and its design to your own needs, create adequate addon, entirely new module or even a complete system!
      We can advise how to solve your problems or propose an optimal solution for your business.
      ♦ Contact Us Today!
      We will send you the quote, ETA and more details within 24-48 hours.
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    • By panvagil
      Most of you already noticed that Google Analytics changed its Official Tracking Code to Universal Analytics.
      Some of the new features that Universal analytics provides are:

      Tracking of multiple visits for a single user
      Multiple browser tracking (previously a different browser meant a new visit)
      Cross device tracking – this will allow you to analyze how visitors consume site content across various devices and will really help to show how valuable mobile is
      Customized dimensions and metrics
      Customization of session and campaign cookie life time via the UI
      Native cross-domain tracking between sub-domains
      Offline activity

      A major new feature that comes with Universal Analytics is that you can track your users’ behavior across multiple platforms. Let’s say that one of your clients visit your website from his office desktop, then he visit your site again from his mobile phone while he is in the metro on his way to home and finally, he visit your site from home using his tablet. With the old analytics that would be counted as three unique visits but now with Universal analytics it will count only one unique visit and you will get much clearer understanding of your customers’ journey and conversion path.
      Our team was working on this and we are glad to announce a new addon module, the “New Google Analytics”. This addon inserts the new Google Analytics tracking code in your WHMCS installation. It is not just another addon module, with this module you can make several customizations in the tracking code and track not only your visitors but also your customers by the new feature of Google analytics “Track IDs”.
      Let’s see what you can do with this addon:

      Tracking Code: As usual you write your tracking code in format of UA-XXXXXXXX-X in order to start tracking your visitors
      Tracking Domain: This is an optional field where you write the domain you want to track. If you want to track also sub-domains you leave it in its default value (auto).
      Cross Domains Tracking: A new feature is the Cross Domains Tracking if you check this field you enable the tracking across multiple Domains (ex. yourdomain.com, otherdomain.co.uk, nextdomain.gr etc). This is useful if you have different domains for shopping cart, for blog etc. This is not for sub-domains as Universal analytics tracks sub-domains automatically.
      Cross Domains: If you choose the “Cross Domains Tracking”, here you must write the domains you want to track.
      Track Admins: The “Track Admins” option lets you choose if you want to track your administrators’ front end actions. Usually you don't want to merge your administrators’ activities with your visitors’ and clients’ behavior for analysis.
      Anonymous IP Tracking: Enable this if you want to remove the last three digits from your users IP address (e.g. 192.168.0.xxx) before Google Analytics store data in its database. According Google, this does slightly reduce the accuracy of geographic reporting.
      Track User IDs: Check this if you want to track your clients’ behavior. This sends your users IDs to Google Analytics. You must set this option also in your Google Analytics Account -> Property -> USER-ID. Warning: Check Google documentation. In some countries might be illegal.
      Remarketing: If you want to enable Remarketing with Google Analytics.
      Enhanced in-page analytics: Check this if you want to enable Enhanced in-page analytics.
      Ecommerce Tracking System: The new Google Analytics Tracking System implements two different ecommerce tracking systems, the “ecommerce” and the “enhanced ecommerce”. The first one does basic tracking of the check out process, while the later has enhanced functionalities such as full product views and shopping cart tracking. Choose the type of ecommerce tracking you want. Your choice must be the same in your Goggle Analytics account settings. If later you want to change your choice, you must not forget to do the same in your Google Analytics Account.
      Sample Rate: Set the Sample Rate, by default this is 100 but for website with huge traffic this value must be lower. More information on this you can find at: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/2637192
      Site Speed Sample Rate: Set the Site Speed Sample Rate. For more information on this check: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1205784
      Google Webmaster Verification: This is not a part of Google Analytics. It gives you the ability to add here the verification code from Google Webmaster Tools. The code can be found in the Verifications options as an alternative method from the default HTML file method. You have to enter here only the verification string and not the whole HTML code.

      As of now in the “enhanced ecommerce” feature we implemented only the check out process but soon we will include the whole cart and ordering procedure. Stay tuned!
      There are 2 versions “Light” (which is free) and “Pro” (which has all the features and costs only 4.90 Euros). In the images bellow you will find a comparison table of these versions.
      You can find the “New Google Analytics” addon at: http://www.arip.net/cart.php?gid=5

      We hope that you will find it useful and we are open for questions and suggestions.
      The ARIP Team

    • By easyhosting
      It looks after all the hype when Google ended Google Checkout to set up Google Wallet for digital goods has been a big failure as Google are now retiring Google Wallet for digital goods as of March 2, 2015.
      more information here
    • By nimonogi

      This addon Subscribe, Update and Unubscribe WHMCS Clients to your Sendy LIsts.
      Supports WHMCS v5 or Later
      One Time price with Free Lifetime updates.
      For more details and pricing please visit our WHMCS Addons page.

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