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  1. how do you handle transit billing on EC2 VM ? I don't see anyway to bill transit on this version.
  2. very strange ! thought was working for sub accounts !
  3. apignard

    Version 6 and Kayako

    seems same issue with visionhelp desk, seems whmcs change and don't provide much support of how to fix it
  4. apignard

    Live Help by Stardevelop updated - available?

    any idea from whmcs when new version will be release ?
  5. apignard

    PayPal Manager

    hello, will it be compatible with a custom paypal gateway (fork of whmcs one from htb called paypal plus) maybe any price revision as some feature will be include in whmcs 6?
  6. apignard

    WHMCS + amazon SES

    no, i'm using TLS if issue for setup it, post here
  7. apignard

    PayPal Fees

    modulegarden have a module doing this
  8. same here, never answer since 6 months and sent about 10 emails i think
  9. apignard

    WHMCS + amazon SES

    just put info sent by amazon, work very simple and fine
  10. apignard

    Bill server for each resource per hour

    look at advanced billing addons at modulegarden
  11. if the module is not anymore support you can add a hook for fix it with custom_hook.php page
  12. Your VAT check is not working for customers outside europe
  13. apignard

    Negative invoice

    Hello Nate, The problem is there is no way to reproduce it and i don't known why this happen. Customer just get his renew invoice as normal. There is around 3000 customers account in this whmcs and never saw this problem to any others customers. I think we have now this issue on 2 customers. Maybe can add some hook for tracking the billing but i'm not sure how
  14. apignard

    display by default custom field in ticket

    need on admin side so we don't have to click to see it as most time it's not field we forgot to look when it's field
  15. apignard

    Support ticket close only by admin

    Yes but as you said doubt will happen. So i need create new ticket state of answered so ticket won't auto close too and modify the tpl will try that's thanks a lot for the tips

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