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  1. I'm guessing that the domain has not been invoiced yet and therefor the NID is not updated yet. The NID should update after your invoice CRON has run.
  2. @WHMCS John We are also eagerly awaiting the compatibility for Metric Statistics with Plesk.
  3. My bad indeed! I did not notice the log-in prompt (cause I was a logged in dumb dumb).
  4. Ballpark figure: I believe migrating to a different CP will cost us around 2560 development hours, do the math. I can believe that Blesta can import WHMCS data. But data is not the issue when you are using around 25 modules, some custom made. We have even build an API around WHMCS for our customers to use.. Edit: Don't even get me started on Blesta's support for Registrars.
  5. Thanks a bunch! We'll be upgrading to 7.10 and upgrade to 8.X at a later point in time.
  6. May I ask you why? We are currently running 7.8.3 and are planning to upgrade to 8.1 soon'ish.
  7. Just did the math, I should've done it before. Our price is going up by 3000% 😂 This is to silly.
  8. The content of the e-mail via Google Translate seems to imply WHMCS requested this: As a result of your review, WHMCS would like to receive some more information about your experience so that they can respond to your review as best they can while confirming that you have had an experience with their company. Of course you have to know for yourself what you are sharing.
  9. This. And also not this: WHMCS team needs to focus on the core functionality. Let others worry about the looks.
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