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  1. Hi Kian, Thank you so much for this code. Can you change it a bit to include Last Name too, and the Name should include both First and Last name before passing to the script. Also, is it possible to use shell_exec function within this hook to execute the script there? I would also like to confirm if I have more than one products with the same custom field name, then the customfield ID would varies so how I would set if ordered product is 'Hosting' then CustomFieldID would be 4, and if it is 'Email Hosting' then CustomFieldID would be 5. So a if check needed before that statement. Can you assist me to implement this. Once again thanks for this code 😊
  2. Hello Guys, I've set up a bash script to automate few tasks that we did manually, but to complete this we would need to execute this script at the time of accepting an order. From reviewing some online threads, I guess it could be possible using the WHMCS AcceptOrder hook [ https://developers.whmcs.com/hooks-reference/shopping-cart/#acceptorder ] , but I'm not sure how this can be applied to get it work. My requirement is: - We have a custom product, once they have paid the fee and when the order accepted a bash script need to execute. - The client will give an IP address on a custom field at the time of order, and that need to pass as an argument to the script including the client name and email address. - for eg: /root/automate_script.sh $ipaddress $name $email If so, how would I go further doing it? Can someone shed some light on this with an example code, that would be much helpful. Thanks, 🙂
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