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  1. I sent them a ticket 2 or 3 weeks back to ask about the compatibility with the latest WHMCS version and I got a reply back the next day saying it should work fine. Disappointing to hear they have stopped development as it's a much better solution for taking PayPal payments compared to the default WHMCS PayPal module.
  2. Have a look in the hooks folder and get rid of any hooks you aren't using. We saw a similar issue a few weeks back when any invoice action would lead to a time out and it turned out there was an old quickbooks hook trying to connect to a non-responsive API which was causing the timeout.
  3. You could just disable the "Auto CC Processing" option for the client and then set the "Override Auto-Suspend" value accordingly. You'll just need to remember to reactivate the CC processing in a couple of months.
  4. You might have more luck if you use this 3rd party Gocardless module rather than the one shipped with WHMCS: https://in2computing.com/nifty-products/direct-debit-gocardless It allows you to define when an invoice should be marked as "Paid" in WHMCS - either when it is created, submitted, confirmed or paid out. It sounds like the WHMCS module is only trying to mark invoices as paid when they have been "Paid out" in Gocardless. There's also a handy feature that allows you to initiate the direct debit x days before the due date which is very handy as it stops invoices from going overdue.
  5. Thanks for the info. We were one of the early complainers about this new "feature" and are still running v7.6.2 to avoid having it forced upon us. We hadn't come across a way to actually stop the sync from running so this is very useful to know 👍
  6. As far as I am aware this has always been the case, and not something specific to v7.9.
  7. We contacted Gocardless RE supporting the USD currency and they stated that this should be available by mid 2019. We too have customers that are billed in a non-local currency, so I'd be interested to hear what response you get from Gocardless @N8Solutions
  8. Domain name suggestions on the admin home page just to rub our noses in it 😂
  9. Just a quick Monday morning vent.... We've recently upgraded to v7.6 and who suggested it would be a good idea to bring back domain suggestions on the admin area Whois search tool!? All it's done is slowed down the load time of the page whilst it brings back domain suggestions that I can't imagine any WHMCS admin user ever looking at. The Whois tool in the admin area is (was!) used as a quick way to check nameservers, expiry dates and other domain info. It's not used to suggest potential domain names for customers, they can do this in the customer facing domain checker. Can I suggest that when implementing new crud like this, you add the option for us to disable it?
  10. Thanks everyone, this job has now been completed.
  11. We're looking for a dev to finish off converting our custom client area and order form theme to use the new FA5 icons that came shipped with WHMCS v7.6. We've done the majority of work but have a few little kinks that need working out. If you're interested doing the work please let me know and I can send over full details of what needs doing via PM. Thanks.
  12. Just wondering if you ever got this created? We're looking to create something similar but if you've already made the hook we'd be happy to purchase from you rather than making it ourselves?
  13. Hi Chris, That was the issue for that product, it was an old recurring product with the price set to $0.00 It's sync'ing that product correctly but we are now getting this error type - Schema describes string, NULL found instead vendor - Schema describes string, NULL found instead Looking at the logs it's getting stuck with another product although this one does have a price set so I've gone ahead and opened a ticket - PUJ-220693 On a related note, a lot of products being sync'd are no longer in use, so if I set the products as retired in WHMCS, will they still be sync'd over to Mailchimp or will they be skipped? Also, it'd be very useful to have a "resync" option for the module, at present I have to disconnect and then reconnect the integration entering our API key each time we hit an error.
  14. We are having a play around with the Mailchimp module but have run into a problem after entering our API key and the products start to sync from WHMCS > Mailchimp We are presented with an error message stating "The requested resource could not be found." On checking the logs it appears that 1 product has successfully sync'd across to mailchimp but the error is then generated when the 2nd product syncs. Here is the data from the module log: Request: Array ( [id] => product-2 [type] => Web Hosting [vendor] => Web Hosting [title] => Web Hosting - D9 Hosting 3 Months 2 @ $12.95pm [description] => The D9 Hosting 3 month package includes all features set out on our features page including:<br/><br /> 2 GB Disk Space<br /> 20 GB Bandwidth<br /> Host Unlimited Domains<br /> 250 MYSQL Databases<br /> [url] => https://d9clients.com/cart.php?a=add&pid=2 [image_url] => [variants] => Array ( ) ) Response: Array ( [type] => http://developer.mailchimp.com/documentation/mailchimp/guides/error-glossary/ [title] => Resource Not Found [status] => 404 [detail] => The requested resource could not be found. [instance] => 7cf4bd08-80bd-486a-bda5-81a98d658cb9 ) Anyone got any ideas?
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