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Disappointed with new aWHMCS release


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With the last 1.5 release came much needed Add order functionality for mobile sales persons.


But -

1. Clients cannot be added.

2. Domains cannot be registered (only alongwith another product)


I find it pointless that clients cannot be added but orders can be added.


A WHMCS app should mirror entire WHMCS functionality, bar modules, else it is better to use actual whmcs in the android browser for free.

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Example -

Today I had a client ticket with incorrect invoice for a new order(this was the latest/last invoice generated by WHMCS). As I was on the move I logged in using aWHMCS and went to tickets > opened his ticket.


1. There is no way to go to that client's profile from the ticket.

2. So, I went to Orders and opened his order.

3. There is no way to view the invoice from the order line items section.

4. So I went to invoices section , but it listed invoices in some weird order and the latest invoice was not in first 2 pages.

5. So I went to clients > Search for client > client profile.

6. There is no way to view invoices in client profile.


Finally I cancelled my attempt at doing this using aWHMCS and loaded the WHMCS admin in my browser. I wasted about 15-20 min doing the above steps, and only a few minutes doing it in the browser.


aWHMCS is currently making life harder than making it simpler which is what apps are for.

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Have you followed the error message's advice and contacted us for support? This is usually easily resolved via ticket.


I don't use the above app but was intrigued by your response John, support isn't what it used to be, maybe that's why some might not open support tickets any longer. It just seems like a fight to get any sort of resolve on issues.


I have 5 different bugs in my "Newest" purchase but won't even attempt to bring it to support, support used to be pleasant to deal with, now I cringe anytime I even think about having to open a support ticket for any issue, IMHO

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  • WHMCS Support Manager

Hi jin,

I am saddened to hear you say that. We have more support staff available than ever to help our customers and all the original guys are still working the helpdesk. If you have any specific grievances with our support provision please do contact me directly either here or open a ticket marked for my attention.

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It has been a very long time since the last response to this thread, however it has been a ridiculous amount of time since the last update to the overpriced nonfunctional aWHMCS app.


WHMCS just recently released 5.2.2 stable, please update the app so that clients will be happy with your product instead of looking for a replacement.

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Wow, I didn't even think to check domain registration. yet another case of if it works, don't mess with it.

EVERY single domain, when it comes to synchronization:

Error for (domainhere): An unexpected error has occurred<br>

This only tells me that registering and renewing domains is going to be impossible as well.

WTG, Matt and crew. You broke ANOTHER item that your clients depend on. How long is it going to be before you get THIS one fixed, hmmm?


As I said earlier today, I used to recommend this thing like nobody's business, but given the garbage we're seeing here, the lack of professionalism, the lack of fixes in a timely manner, well, who can blame someone for hoping that a real​ alternative comes out, and quickly.

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