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  1. Why don't you park 3 domains on the primary domain name , instead of doing 4 installs ?
  2. I think he is from Iran and wants to know whether he can purchase WHMCS
  3. Hello, We recently integrated our WHMCS with the new Leapswitch.com design. Site URL - http://www.leapswitch.com WHMCS Link - https://service.leapswitch.com/ What do you think ? Any suggestions / feedback ?
  4. Hello, This was created by CentralCP. If it is integrated with WHMCS the data will be transferred from your servers to your WHMCS. Nothing goes to CentralCP servers except for license verification.
  5. Hello, The WHMCS module is a complete code rewrite. We have also used json API instead of XML API making it faster. 1. The WHMCS Module tightly integrates with WHMCS, so you do not need to add servers any more, you can just select them from your WHMCS installation. 2. The cPanel accounts are connected to WHMCS accounts. 3. It now checks whether your WHMCS and Servers are in sync by checking account status in WHMCS and the servers and reporting discrepancies. 4. The reports are directly added within WHMCS Reports. 5. We will soon add Widgets in Homepage widgets as well to complete the module with same functionality as CentralCP 1.1.0 . We are looking at following features to be added soon - 1. DNS Management 2. Reseller ACL Management
  6. You just need to upload the files to your WHMCS installation and it will show up under Modules. If you order standalone CentralCP you can install it on a shared hosting account, vps or server. As it is now a WHMCS module, it is very tightly integrated with WHMCS and also tested thoroughly for the past 1 month. Try it out and let me know what you think.
  7. Troy, We have made some major changes and now CentralCP is available as a WHMCS module as well. Try it out and let us know if you need any more features/changes. We have multiple CentralCP staff on the forums to assist all testers.
  8. I completely missed this response. Let me see what I can do.
  9. Very true. We setup a new payment gateway for our Indian clients. There is no way in WHMCS to select all indian clients and send an email. We can search by country and then manually select all 1200 clients one by one.
  10. I have submitted a ticket already after which I opened this thread. No one gave me a patch there.
  11. Chris told me via PM that they do not offer patches anymore. I am astounded to see posts after that which claim they received patches. No response from Chris after I asked him the same via PM. Preferential treatment ?
  12. You could add a hook after account creation to use the cPanel API and create a database , database user and assign user to database. http://docs.cpanel.net/twiki/bin/view/SoftwareDevelopmentKit/XmlApi I am assuming you are using cPanel here.
  13. Our clients are facing an issue while creating new recurring payments, via 2Checkout - Error shown - "This file cannot be accessed directly." This has been confirmed as a bug by WHMCS Support, but no ETA has been provided. As this is a separate module and patches/updates to separate modules are not part of WHMCS releases I hope this gets expedited. We do over $XX,XXX business with 2CO every month most of which is via Recurring payments so this is causing a lot of issues. Ishan
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