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Module Command Error Login Failed


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Make sure that the account details such as domain, username and package are same in WHMCS admin area and in WHM.


If your server have cPanel then use then fill in the password & key field in your WHMCS Admin server section.

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Re-Generate the Access Hash key and update it in WHMCS server area. If this doesn't solve your problem then there is problem in your server PHP settings. Would you like to tell me where are you hosting your website or do you have your own VPS / Dedicated server.

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I have already regenerated the key. That did not solve the issue.

It is a VPS/Dedicated so I can do all sorts of things to it.


On a side note. This is a reinstall of whmcs using a manual backup of the database. I do not think that that caused the issue however.


I also get the following error when attempting to import accounts.

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/virtualo/public_html/billing/admin/whmimport.php on line 0

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Additional info.
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if you own your server then please check your server settings in

Main >> Server Configuration >> Tweak Settings


I have attached a snap shot of security settings under Tweak Settings of one of my server where WHMCS is installed and working fine.


Your WHMCS was working fine before moving it to new location?


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Ok, You said you restored the database right?


In your WHMCS installation directory there is a configuration.php and it contains a line like this:


$cc_encryption_hash = "dfdfdfddfdf4P1s6fdfdfdfdfddfd43434fdd1d90hb3434dTMdfdfdfdfdEUun3434hu";


You have to change this line with the same line in your OLD configuration.php file from previous installation.


When you use the database of old installation then you have to copy this line from old configuration.php file.


I'm sure this will solve your problem. do tell me what happened.

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I'm not sure if this will help anyone... but I was having an issue with this as well. Trying to run any Module Commands failed.


Fortunately, as it seems, a simple fix was:


- under Setup - Servers

- Edit the server you're using

- Tick to use SSL Mode for Connections


I recently recompiled server software to use Curl and Curl SSL.


This was done as part of making some changes to secure the server.

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I have a same problem


we server IP is correct

Server Details Type is Cpanel

Username root is ok and password is ok

and Access Hash

(Instead of password

for cPanel servers) is correct copy from

Main >> Cluster/Remote Access >> Setup Remote Access Key

and set tick Tick to use SSL Mode for Connections


but when we Create/Suspend/Unsuspend/Terminate/Change Package/Change Pasword

show this Error :

Module Command Error

Login Failed


Please Help Me :(

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I have the same problem... I just did an upgrade the other day to v.5.0.3. I went in to a client's account and clicked "terminate" for product and got the same error. I changed the hash code, changed the root password, ticked the use SSL Mode and still have this issue, please help.

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Just remembered. I had someone on one of our clients blogs get in and try bruteforcing the root password so CPHulk blocked the server ip. Therefor a server trying to login to itself wouldn't create the account.


Flush or remove your server from cphulk or the firewall and try again.


I feel foolish for wasting 45 minutes to find that out when it was so simple.

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