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  1. Hey Sparky, I have purchased you products many times before over the years. Would you be willing to add a line of PHP text into a existing payment module in the correct place. I can send you more info if you can do this for me for a fee. Just let me know.




  2. The netearthone module uses the reseller club module as it redirects or calls it internally.
  3. They use a stolen credit card normally... The first thing they normally do is to upload some scripts to hack into the server. some just want to send spam email and others try to get access to the server just to create havock and cause problems.
  4. Roger and Dave please shoot me a ticket if it is for BB3. A chap started it a while ago and gave me the rights to his bridge... I have not looked at it but maybe you could test it to see if it is what you are after.
  5. If your support and updates is not current for your owned license and you try to upgrade that license with the files from your monthly one it will not allow you to update it as it does a check to make sure it is a valid upgrade first.
  6. Check to see who the owner of the files are... My guess would be the user "nobody" which is used by apache. you are probably better to use suphp so that any files created by the software are created by the accounts user.
  7. Are you sure you dont have mod_security? are your resolvers correct on the server?
  8. I stopped using enom for that reason... Try netearthone, there support is alot better and they will cancel a fraudulent domain order and credit back your account.
  9. Actually in the latest version the template clientarea.tpl is displayed and it is located in modules/servers/cpanel directory
  10. If you install it correctly it works fine as I have already done for you. Any problems let me know. Jack if you are reading this please contact me.
  11. Exactly... Anyone using the zomex module and the customPDFinvoice addon, I have just released an update for this. Download the latest version from your clientarea at TsHosting
  12. When the cron runs and tries to generate a pdfinvoice it will fail with the error so yes it should solve that . this exact same scenario happened with the whmcs core file tcpdf.php onthe release of v4.2 and Mat then fixed the core file then. obviously this was overlooked again. with all of the bugs and problems over the last 12 months I have lost almost all faith in the whmcs product.
  13. Take a closer look at your hook and at this link http://au2.php.net/ob_start This function may also help you http://au2.php.net/manual/en/function.ob-get-contents.php Remember when the page is generated by whmcs the same format is used so you may need to exit the script immediately after your output.
  14. The original lower modifier used the php command strtolower in it if you want the original lower modifier shoot me a ticket at my site.
  15. If anyone is using the pdfinvoice addon the please follow these instructions as it may solve your problem http://tshosting.com.au/knowledgebase/90/V533-blank-screen-fix.html
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